Two people can't be together, love, communicate, and care for each other without occasionally suffering for each other, but if you listen to Twitter, you'd think none of that happens.

You'd think any sign of inconvenience spells the end of a relationship. Many will fall for it
When you are dating, sacrificing for your partner seems like a small deal.

"Is it not just my time? Just an appointment. It's nothing"

After marriage, reality sets in, and sacrificing becomes reality, not theory. Many times, it becomes a lifestyle
You give up getting that shoe because your partner has a need.

You eat a new diet you don't like to support your partner, most cases, a condition that requires a change of diet

Picking up extra shifts at the hospital for your family is sacrifice. It happens almost everyday
The thing is this; it takes two to tango

Sometimes, one partner takes advantage of the other person's sacrifice and does not make any. That's where the problem starts.

It does not even have to be equal (50;50) in reality, It almost never is if I'm being honest
It is each partner giving 100%,

If you have the 50/50 mentality, you might be tempted to keep count which might spell trouble for your relationship or marriage

Seeing your partner sacrifice when the opportunity presents itself is what motivates you to do more
I'm not saying be a doormat for your partner
I'm not saying put yourself on fire so that the other person stays warm

No. There are times you can see yourself die inside because of the sacrifices you are currently making.

Talk to your partner about it, speak up.
Let them understand how it is beginning to affect you, we are not infinite beings and everybody has a limit.

If your partner is a sacrificial as you are or puts your need at times above theirs, they'd see reason with you and do their best to lessen the burden

Keeping silent or accepting disgrace while your partner keeps cheating on you is not part of this sacrifice. It is an insult to your relationship or marriage and in my opinion, the fabric of that relationship is broken fundamentally

Being the doormat is a no no
It is both parties accepting discomfort occasionally so that they both move forward

If you are in a relationship with someone who refuses to make sacrifices for you, you need to seriously consider both your futures. Are you prepared to do all the sacrifices?
The truth is this, sometimes, we are selfish to some degree, we struggle with it

There are times that sacrificing does not come easy at all, even for the smallest things

If you are unwilling to sacrifice anything at all, then maybe you are not yet ready to be someone’s partner.

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