There is one main problem with this idea, too many of the Democrat base has been taught that not loving our country is the morally superior position. They stopped loving America long before Trump came along. Trump is just exposing this hypocrisy with his America First rhetoric.
When Reagan tied together patriotism & America's success, many Democratic Party voters were not yet anti-American. Some were there, but patriotic rhetoric from Reagan in the 80s called to many Democrat voters & won them over for his 1984 landslide.
Since that time, Dems have focused very hard on convincing their voters that a successful America is not the solution to their problems; but that America's success is a threat to them. That they are not part of America & will miss out on the fruits of American success.
The Dems rhetoric to achieve this has been varied but mostly based on Identity Politics. Convincing voters that they will not share in America's success because they are "Other" and America's success only goes to the right kind of Americans.
Identity Politics is usually a game supported by a vast majority group & it is the only group that benefits from Identity Politics. Minority groups always end up further outside the mainstream when Identity Politics is played.
So why would Dems take this approach?
Because Democrat leaders want to ensure that their constituencies don't benefit from America's success...
They want a self fulfilling prophecy that America's success does not help all of these groups that remain separate from the free market economy.
Dems want to anchor their voters' boats so they don't rise with the tide. So they can use it to blame everyone whose boat is rising with the tide.
Making these voters more & more dependent upon policies that prevent a rising economy & prevent America's success.
The Dems only hope is to convince a majority of the population that they are "Other" a segment of people outside the population of the nation. It is obviously not possible to have a majority of people in a nation who are a small disenfranchised & oppressed minority.
So the Dems have relied upon an alternate strategy, to maximize the number of "Other" groups though Balkanization of the nation. To divide people into as many possible groups who don't identify as American first. Then create a coalition of all these groups.
It is the motive behind their framing of "privilege".

If you have privilege, you don't deserve what you have.
If you don't have privilege, you deserve more than you have.

Driving jealousy & division to create more people who identify as "Other".
The Dems have maximized this allowing their activists to jettison their main privilege, being Americans in a successful country, to claim oppression as their identity.
Whether it is based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other factor of the moment.
These groups then compete with each other for influence within the Democratic party by fighting to score Intersectional points. Where each group claims their 'oppression' is worse than everyone else's & gives their opinion greater moral authority.
We can't defeat the Democrats by appealing to patriotism anymore. They have convinced too many people that patriotism is a vice and that patriots are inherently evil for placing America ahead of some other progressive value of the moment.
We can only defeat this by helping all of these Democratic constituencies see that they are part of America.
That America's success is their success.
That America's failure is their failure.

That the Dems encouraged their failure, to ensure their loyalty to their party.

• • •

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20 Nov
Chicago State U professor indicted for stealing $650k from 2011-2016 that was supposed to be funding minority representation in the pharma industry? Was it really meant to do that? Or was it just a slush fund disguised as a student group?
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Apparently she headed this group from 2004 and the began attempting to wrestle control of it from her in 2014 leading to law suits by the association which is the Student National Pharmaceutical Association.…
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PA Supreme Court rules 5-2 that not allowing election observers to observe the election doesn't violate Pennsylvania election laws.
But 3 of those 5: Donohue, Dogherty & Wecht were all elected in 2015 while Dems were stuffing ballot boxes in Philly.…
This isn't conjecture, election judge Domenick J. Demuro plead guilty to stuffing ballot boxes with votes for cash & then adjusting voting records to account for the extra votes in 2014, 2015 & 2016 for Democrats in judicial races. #ButNothingsHappening
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Interesting, we were talking about Brand & Zhao in May of 2019 but their case stayed below the radar...

Zhao was also paying for Harvard fencing team members to travel to China w his sons. Possibly giving Chinese intel a chance to gather info on them.
Bought the coach a house...
Even implications that money was being donated to USA Fencing to be laundered to coaches too.
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NY state AG sues Sothebys for helping a client avoid millions of dollars of sales tax on art deals...

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His company Porsal Equities, LTD, was incorporated in the British Virgin Islands & looks like a typical shell company. The collector was the one listed as running the company. Southeby enabled him from 2010-2015.
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McCabe testifying today, I forgot about it with everything else going on this week.

We may be why he delayed this testimony until after the election...
McCabe claims he may not be real accurate because DOJ would not let him review his notes & emails that might contradict what he says today...

( I am watching this on tape delay because I didn't get to watch when it started.)
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If you aren't watching DOJ's cases in Philly, John Dougherty & his brother PA Supreme Court Justice Kevin Dougherty you might not see that they began this before Trump.
They rigged the 2015 SC elections then unconstitutionally redrew PA's Congressional districts to steal 9 seats.
9 seats in Congress that helped them control the House of Representatives for impeachment!
Combined with the same Supreme Court that tried to extend the deadline for mail in ballots to assist in the rigging of the election.…
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