Allow me to debunk a nonsensical scare story in the @spectator yesterday, claiming electric cars are impossible because they would lead to a complete replacement of the electricity grid.…
We have another winner. Another retired professor (this time a physicist) who thinks he understands the green industrial revolution better than these young kids that come up with crazy ideas that are more inventive than insulation and driving less.
Prof Kelly laments that Boris Johnsons 'green industrial revolution' is doomed to fail.

'Nowhere is the flaw in the government's plan more clearly exposed than in the announcement that sales of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars will be banned by 2030.'
First, we would have to place 'thousands of chargers a day'. 'Is this really realistic?' Kelly asks rhetorically.
I'm always flabbergasted by people that think building chargers is somehow more difficult than building cars. Just imagine how big, heavy, and complex a car is compared to a charger!

Believe me, if we can manage the cars,
we can manage the chargers.
Then comes the 'coup the grâce':

'every time an electric car is charged, it requires more than double the amount of electricity an average home uses now. ... We would need to completely upgrade electric wiring in our homes, streets, substations, and transmission lines.'

The proof? 'Most cars charge at 7kW for a typical 8 hours.'

Uhm: 7kW*8hours = 56kWh. Enough to drive 200 miles.
BUT on an average day a car only drives 20-30 miles!

So it only needs to charge at 1 kW or charge for 1 hour.
This simple fact invalidates the whole column.
More importantly, scientists who actually study electric vehicles know they will use smart charging:….

That way they avoid causing peaks on the grid and actually help to use solar and wind more optimally.
This is apparently news to Kelly.
He goes on to lament the plans were made by 'climate scientists who have little practical understanding of their proposals'.

I have news for Kelly: there's usually people like me involved who have actually been studying the practicality of those proposals for over ten years.
Implementing the green revolution is certainly not trivial. But it would be a bit easier if elderly gentlemen like Kelly, who really have no idea what they are talking about, would leave the discussion to actual experts who actually study this for a living.

/end rant
Question to followers: who should I tag in debunks like this? I was thinking of @bobbyllew but could imagine he's already swamped. (Sir ?) Anyone else?

(Already tagged a couple of people btw. but forgot my friends @M_Steinbuch and @carlovdweijer.)
As @ChrisA25708864 points out in the reactions, one of the parties agreeing with me on all this is @nationalgriduk.…

But what do they know about the grid, right? They are only the grid operator. Not a retired physics professor working for @thegwpfcom.

• • •

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14 Nov
* Selling Climate Change to Trump Voters *

I recently tweeted about telling the climate story better (). Now I want to take it to the next level.

I will use Haidt's research into the moral roots of liberals and conservatives and Pinker's into progress.
I think the first step is letting go of the hatred of progress that many 'progressive' intellectuals display. Here @sapinker (whose presentation I will use in the following tweets) says it eloquently.
This rejection of progress hampers our effort to address climate change. Instead of working on solutions people become numb and hopeless. Doom prophets should replace their smug negativity with some actual research and test their doom and gloom hypotheses.
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14 Nov
Pretty incredible story that I completely missed: after Chevron was ordered to pay $9.5 billion to clean up willful contamination of the Amazon in Equador, they moved all their assets out of Ecuador and started to demonize the NY lawyer Donziger.
This human rights lawyer Donziger was found to be a fraud that payed off a corrupt judge in Ecuador. He's also in contempt of court and is disbarred. He's awaiting a trial at home with an ankle bracelet for over a year now. BUT...
This is all based on the findings of ONE pro Chevron judge called Kaplan and the pro Chevron prosecutor and judge that he appointed.

Dozens of judges, 200 lawyers, 37 disbarment organisations, 55 Nobel laureates and an increasing number of celebrities disagree.
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10 Nov
In the face of conspiracies and global problems, scientists need to become better storytellers.

Of course facts come first.
But conveying them in a way that is engaging, memorable and inspiring is important too!

I found that out the hard way and I have some advise.
Thirteen years ago I felt like I was just making money, not improving the world. I took a sabbatical in search of meaning.

I found that solar, wind and electricity storage where improving in predictable ways that promised cheap, clean and abundant energy forever. It inspired me.
I decided to dedicate my life to accelerating the transition to sustainable energy and mobility. To make a name for myself I wrote a book about electric vehicles.

After many months of long days researching and writing I proudly presented the result to a good friend and editor.
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2 Nov
But lo and behold: this 2017 study was updated by the authors themselves in 2019 and what did they conclude?

Emissions between 61 and 106 kg CO2eq/kWh.

It's hard to overstate how outdated it makes this 'new' study by VDI. And I'm disappointed that @handelsblatt didn't see this.
Of course battery emissions will continue to go down (also - not surprisingly - faster than VDI assumes) as production becomes optimised further and as renewable electricity is used in mining and factories.

Basically emissions of EVs can go down to zero.…
By now most people know 90% of biofuels are a bad idea and they are best reserved for hard problems like aviation.

But combustion engine proponents have one last trick up their sleeve: eFuels!

The idea is simple: go to other countries and produce fuel using green electricity.
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2 Nov
German quality newspaper @handelsblatt reports on new anti-EV study by German society of engineers VDI (@VDI_News).

VDI states that electric vehicles emit more CO2 than combustion engine vehicles due to battery production.

But VDI uses wrong numbers for...
battery production. Image
For those who don't know me: I research energy systems & mobility at the @TUeindhoven and specialize in comparing CO2 emissions of electric vehicles and combustion vehicles.

My recent study about that in German:…

and English:…
My main problem with the VDI study is that they use wrong numbers for battery production.

They assume producing a 48 kWh battery emits 8,9t of CO2.

That means 185 kg/kWh (8900kg/48kWh). Image
Read 5 tweets
31 Oct
I think climate change should be our international top priority. So why do I help to discredit the recent article in the @guardian about the Arctic methane 'bomb'?


Truthful arguments last longest.

We should not panic or cower in fear but ACT: we have the solutions.
It's the same reason I attack:

Outdated scenarios like RCP8.5 (too often called baseline/reference)

Nonsense like 'Planet of the Humans'

Lies like EVs/solar/wind solve nothing

Untruth just muddies the waters and makes it harder to act.
IF we should give global warming the same priority as e.g. a World War we would soon have it under control.

Of course it is not a 'war' because we only reduce death/suffering and increase prosperity for all. Also the enemy is within so shooting him or her is not a solution.
Read 6 tweets

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