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22 Nov, 18 tweets, 6 min read
To all in the media who think "Trump will lead the Republican party" It again shows that the media has no clue. For Trump to lead the @GOP his followers would have to be literal drooling morons. I have toured this country for 30 years doing comedy and they aren't. Not all of them
The dumbest Trump follower can still recognize the incompetence that flows through anyone that gets near Trump. From the Four Seasons Landscaping ClusterTrump to the Guillani hair spray paint anti infomercial. Hell, we can go all the way back to the Inaugural and "Crowd size"
Trump has a problem with size. From the debates where he said "There's no problem there let me tell you" If there wasn't, you wouldn't have to say it. So The media has it wrong, not only does Trump embarrass himself, he embarrasses everyone who supports him. They will abandon him
That's not to say that a new slime monster from the swamp that is the current @GOP will rise up with a new playbook, written by this bright orange fuck up. If you took Trump's game and had someone with intelligence use it, we're screwed. If they adjust this morons style it's over
But after performing for everyone in the country for 30 years, it's evident that we are ALL tired of this ignorance spewing, bloviating, daughter coveting, brainless turd of a human. Trump will fade fast. Once they show all the crimes he's committed, it's over, bet. Biden won.
To those that STILL think the election was stolen, I'm going to ask you to think. How did that happen? The DEMS want everyone to vote, no limits. The @GOP did all they could to limit the vote, to the extreme move of dismantling sorting machines at the post office, seriously?
IF you believe that the DEMS stole the election after signing up more voters, suing for more ballot boxes and stopping voter suppression, than you probably need to empty the drool cup hanging from your chin. Trump fired the guy that handled protecting the election from fraud!
Trump fired him because he did his job STOPPING election Fraud! Trump wanted a guy that would COMMIT election fraud. Trump has lost 30+ cases trying to flip the election, he talks but has no substance, no healthcare, no wall, no infrastructure, no evidence against Biden/Obama
He talked about all of it, "It's a scam unlike anyone has ever seen!" Evidence? Nothing? He never brought anything but bullshit and the best Trump could do is have his "Lawyer" go to a press conference, talk about "My Cousin Vinny" and melt his head like the bad witch, pathetic
Trump turned the @GOP into a non entity, a party without platform, possibility or positivity. Trump taught the republican party that there are no consequences for your actions. The @GOP misread that, we are trying to survive, we are trying to make it through this national tragedy
A tragedy Trump created, call it what you will "Kung-flu" whatever, but the deaths of 300k Americans and 300k more coming are squarely on the doughy padded shoulders of the worst President in American history, bar none. @fox news @TuckerCarlson @seanhannity are complicit
Science deniers, conspiracy douche-bags and Militia LARPERS aside. Most Trumpers are like my Aunt and Uncle, they are good people, conned by a guy with a lifetime of conning. My Uncle gets it now, he's stunned at how much of a weak-assed, whiny coward Trump has been since losing
Oh, and where is "Q"? What happened to this overseer that knew who was a pedophile and where the baby blood smoothies were made? You guys said "COVID DISAPPEARS AFTER THE ELECTION!" Huh, 177,000 cases yesterday. Maybe "Q" got it and it's hard to locate pedophiles on a ventilator
Trump started calling Dems "Snowflakes" ended up calling Libs the "RADICAL VIOLENT LEFT!" How TF did that happen? The same kale eating, gay marrying, fur hating, abortion loving, pale vegan weenies are now brutal American Isis? WTF? They waited in line for hours, didnt open carry
Like the neckbeard, psychopaths that tried to kidnap a sitting governor. A black man was killed, we stood up so that doesn't happen again. When it does, we'll be back. "Anti-Fascist" is the most pro America label you can have. I'm proud of it. Send the FBI cuz I am Anti-Fascist.
I wouldn't relax, Trump may try... hahaha "May." Trump WILL try something nuts, He'll turn over tables and piss on the curtains and the Dems, just like in 2008 will come in and clean it up, get farmers contracts back, fight climate change and steady the economy. It's all good
In fact, I'd like to thank @realDonaldTrump, Fat Man, you really showed us how important our democracy is and how fragile. We had gotten complacent, we knew the best qualified would win in 2016, we were dead wrong. The evil circus clown did. We wont make that mistake again, bitch
Trump will disappear. He'll end in a bizarre Taco bell fueled heart attack while smelling the mold in the rooms at his shit resort. Or in prison, with Rudy in the next cell, coloring his hair with shoe polish smuggled in Ivanka's anal cavity. But the next 60 days will be shite.

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20 Nov
It's crazy, as bad as Trump lost, he's forcing us to watch him lose everyday til he leaves. Every day.
Still stunned that a man who went bankrupt six times. Who bankrupt CASINOS! Who has 27 sexual assault allegations. Who wants to date his daughter. Who was impeached, Got 1 vote
A man WE HEARD SAY "They let you do anything, grab em by the pussy!" We heard it! We heard him say he KNEW people were gonna die, he called it the plague! HE LET AMERICANS DIE! Put farmers on welfare, because he's the shittiest negotiator ever seen. How'd he get 1 vote? but 70m?
Everyday of the last 4 years was a nightmare, tax cuts for the rich, shithole countries, mexicans are rapists, his destruction of our rep worldwide, disbanded THE PANDEMIC RESPONSE TEAM! Pulled out of the WHO, during the worst pandemic in 100 years! Pulled out of the Paris accord
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16 Nov
I’m gonna explain why I’m a democrat now. I had voted for Reagan and for HW Bush. I may have even voted for W, after 9/11 as a sympathy thing. I wasn’t informed, I was sucked in by the constant Republican fear mongering that they have done my entire life.
With Reagan it was “The Russians, Carter will get us killed” Regan’s dead and Carter is one of the purest souls we have in the American lexicon. Since Obama became President I have immersed myself in politics, much to the chagrin of people in my life and people who like my comedy
. If I lost you, I don’t care. You are who I was, following party and dogma instead of facts. You’re gonna get us killed.
The republican party is actually the party of limited government, which sounds great, I’m sure Genghis Khan loved that there were no rules.
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15 Nov
Now that we’re here, Sweet Potato Hitler lost the election. There is no evidence, there are no smoking ballots, software in the machines has been checked and rechecked and the Head of Homeland Security said there was no fraud and yes, there were observers Dem & Rep countrywide.
To the point that all of his legal cases were laughed out of courtrooms across America. I’d like to remind you , In 2016, Jared Kushner had a back channel server in Trump tower connected to Russia, they met with Russians over dirt on Hillary and asked Russia for jacked e-mails.
In 2020, Trump put unqualified sycophants in charge of huge agencies. The post office was decimated for one reason, to take your vote and win the election for Trump. They actually ripped sorting machines apart to stop Americans from casting their vote. Do you get that?
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3 Nov
Tomorrow. That word has never felt so heavy. When Trump was announced as the winner in 2016, my lovely wife was standing in front of the TV like she wanted to fight it. Then she burst into tears,"WHY? How is this possible? This scumbag, this pussy grabber, this joke? How?"
How? How did it happen? The second Trump got that he won he had a weird look, not of terror but a definite " Oh shit!" I instantly started writing "Amerigeddon" knowing that this guy was gonna fuck up like we had never seen. Come on, you bankrupt CASINO'S, where people walk in,
hand you money and walk out? You fucked THAT up? No way he's gonna handle trade. He was an adderall fueled bull in a literal China shop with trade. Now we're subsidising farmers with billions. Trump lost contracts for years. He blew it and moved on. It's what he does always. Dons
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1 Nov
I AM in a bad place, we have a despot, a man who has desecrated the office of the presidency while he pisses on America like a russian hooker. We have the highest deaths worldwide and the highest infection rate, while he golfs. Please don't watch buy, see, or listen to my comedy
anymore. Your stupidity at ignoring what's in front of you, how you lie to yourself and others is not just actively ignorant but destructive to a country, that before Trump was a beacon of freedom. Obama/Biden brought us back then you racist fucks voted in a reality TV hack
You follow a man that divides us daily, YOU follow a man that takes children from their parents, as a deterrent to others trying to find a better life. YOU follow a man that has done NOTHING while 300 THOUSAND Americans die. He has added 7trillion to our debt and made the
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26 Oct
Sunday night conspiracy thread. Do not read this

Ask yourself, why would Trump, who knew the virus was deadly and admitted it on tape, do nothing? Not even order PPE, which would be a basic humanitarian thing to do.
Why open back up while the curve was flattening? Why? Insanity?
Trump has gone out of his way to do everything wrong, marginalizing Fauci, refusing masks, opening schools, getting sports going, and the more it goes wrong, the more he doubles down. He wouldn’t even pass a stimulus. Which leaves HIS OWN VOTERS hurting. Why? He’s cruel, stupid?
Or since Trump has been doing business with Russia since 1987, is it possible that all of this is for Putin? We know nothing of their meetings or phone calls, he’s ripped up translators notes. Trump had offered him a 50m dollar penthouse in Trump Tower Russia, and Trump said if
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