The Universe is not necessarily karma based but it's energy/vibration based. Not everything we experience in life is due to karma. Before we incarnate, we may intend to have certain experiences that may lie outside of our karma.
Some advanced souls are karma free but they come here and experience difficulties and what we would call, negative experiences. Simply before they incarnate, they intend to have those experiences, and that intention becomes a part of their energy/vibration matrix.
They will attract to themselves whatever they intended to experience. Sometimes evolved souls decide to go through pain and suffering here to help other souls evolve by evoking love and compassion in them or to offer them a chance for nurturing.
There are selfless souls that came here to help awaken humanity. Their sacrifice will generate positive karma for them and at the same time help us to awake from deep sleep.

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22 Nov
When so called "bad" things happen in life, egos tend to deny the reality saying "This isn't supposed to happen." Egos always try to control things, try to control life. The need to control comes from being in the state of fear, something egos thrive on.
Egos may also shift the blame for "bad events" onto others (others involved in the events or even God). This stems from denying one's creative powers and belief in victimhood.
It is funny that most people see events as bad when they happen, yet years later, they may see the events as positive, as something that gave them more understanding, clarity about themselves and that propelled them onto a different, better path.
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20 Nov
A question was asked whether there is past life karma and how we can resolve it. Yes, we live more than once. In fact, we all have multitudes of lives. Karma is not judgment nor punishment. Karma represents either our energetic debt or credit to life.
During our life, we generate positive karma when we uplift life. Negative karma is generated when we hurt life. When we leave one embodiment through physical death, any remaining karma is cycled to next embodiment.
Both positive and negative karma is stored in our energy fields. Negative karma acts as weight that lowers our vibration. Positive karma elevates our vibration and our light.
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20 Nov
God never judges nor punishes anyone because there is need for that. The Universe is ingeniously designed to reflect back what we put out. Our states of consciousness, and that includes our thoughts, beliefs, emotions & actions are constantly reflected back to us as feedback.
Being a mirror, the Universe constantly pushes the envelope and forces us to grow. It propels us to let go of ego based consciousness and to embrace eternal and universal truths such as love, compassion, oneness, forgiveness, etc.
All the struggle and suffering come from identifying with the false self, the egoic self, that sees the reality through tinted glasses that contain false beliefs, programming, conditioning, etc.
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20 Nov
Stop worrying! Worry in simple terms is a misuse of your creative energy that flows through you from God/Source. We constantly receive light from God/Source that is stepped down through our Higher Self.
The white light, that we receive from our own Higher Self is later polarized and colored as it gets filtered through our states of consciousness, our thoughts, our beliefs, etc.
Worrying is placing a filmstrip that contains fear and negative projections and letting white light from God/Source to shine through that filmstrip. The projection later manifests in our physical reality.
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17 Nov
Any negative energy and fears are stored within our energy fields & chakras. They act as blockages and filters that lower our overall vibration. They also make it more difficult to connect to higher realms, to tap our intuition, and Divine guidance.
Shadows also influence us in a negative way. They make it easy to resonate with our lower nature, our egos, and the mass consciousness. They pull us down. The more we have them, the easier it is for us to lose our cool in situations. The negative reactions are also more intense.
Since they lower our vibration, they also make it more difficult to manifest what we want. The higher your vibration, the bigger is your energetic footprint and the stronger are the signals that we send into the Universe.
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15 Nov
During our spiritual journey we go through different levels of consciousness. Each level is characterized by different perspectives and beliefs.
Since all levels of consciousness are valid (as they generate different experience, and all experience is fodder for wisdom for our souls), that also means that all perspectives and beliefs are valid.
When we gain all there is to gain from one level of consciousness and we want to move up, we must let go of previous perspectives and beliefs to be able to embrace new ones.
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