The patriot body in America can and will take a lesson from the scriptures re: the Body of Christ.

We all have our strong suits

Some of you will donate

Others will man email accounts

Some will simply contribute by retweeting our messages and praying ceaselessly

Some might
donate frequent flyer miles

Some of you may have gear and goods that will be needed. Even a large stock pot or 3 boxes of deer hunting ammo

Heck some of you might donate a deer!

I don’t know if America will go kinetic. I pray not and have prayed the same prayer since 2010
I love people and REALLY don’t want to hurt anybody

But it is not we who left the program and undermined this nations values and cherished traditions and systems

It is not we who punch strangers and terrorize children and the elderly. This team doesn’t torch businesses
We are trying to honor the generations who came before us and in so many cases sacrificed everything to build these 50 states: from Omaha Beach to the Donner Party, from Dr Martin Luther King Jr in Selma to offering to rescue Russia’s missing nuclear sub. We are Americans. We are
loving and good. We vanquished the Nazis then turned right around and airlifted supplies to Berlin thus keeping millions of our recent enemy alive

We invaded Iraq then built them every type of infrastructure imaginable. When they knocked down the power poles to steal the copper
we erected new ones within days.

What other country would initiate massive humanitarian airborne relief to a country who the world suspected of harboring the perpetrators of 9/11* ?

We did.

We are sinners, yes. But our hearts are not reprobate

(*I am a 9/11 truther)
When confronted with tumult along this journey let us never forget who we are.

Americans didn’t kill JFK. The deep state did. And look at how we the people reacted: we wept and mourned as a nation because we cared.

And we still care.

We are so rich in strength and honor
I pity those who would be so confused by satan as to try and take us down.

As a Christian I abhor war. As an American I want a President who also has no desire to randomly waste lives. As a patriot I will hold the line.

And as a writer, I will remain here with you all.
I will remain here to inform you, educate you, gut-check you as needed, uplift you and make you laugh.

And all I am asking is that you man-up, stop hand-wringing, understand a Tom Clancy book is playing out. And through it never give up on POTUS and NEVER give up on yourself ❤️

• • •

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22 Nov
Let’s consider for a moment the vanguard personified in President Donald J Trump.

•He could wake up one morning and decide fed up being censored. He calls Jenn’a office and later that day signs an Executive Order that temporarily shuts down a multi billion dollar company
•President Trump’s veto power is the only thing preventing Nancy’s House from firing up the printing presses to the tune of $100 billion per month. Every dollar printed takes a penny from YOUR pocket
•President Trump has balanced beautifully bolstering the US Armed Forces while holding the line, veto pen in hand, against grossly bloated kisses to the military industrial complex. Really just sweetheart deals where a Rep gets jobs, a general gets a G5 and we get screwed
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21 Nov
The leftists want to add two “states” to the Union.

Washington DC snd Puerto Rico. They want to do this to lock-in 4 Senate seats that will remain democrat. The Senate will be lost to conservatives forever

They want to add more Justices to the US Supreme Court. SCOTUS will
never rule in favor of conservatives or traditional American values again.

If allowed in power the democrats will almost overnight and by unconstitutional fiat declaration turn every lawful American gun owner into a felon. Did you know they want to place a $200 tax on every mag
that holds more than 10 rounds. For many Americans that would wipe out what little money they have saved. Some gun owners would immediately and without recourse owe $10,000 in tax for sheet metal or plastic boxes that contain a feeder tray and a spring.

Health insurance would
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21 Nov
Regardless of who occupies 1600 in January these are the issues for which we must prepare:

•A mass uptick in violent crimes.
•Labor strikes resulting in product & service shortages
•Exacerbated cancel culture
•Red state will get redder/ blue states will be
•Explosion of home church culture
•Continued attempts by the left to normalize sexual deviance and/or sex-crimes
•Supply side food shortages
•Whimsical or punitive “lock downs” by blue state governors
•mass unemployment
•heightened social media censorship
•Social division based on things like a red hat or paper mask
•Further division within families
•Travel restrictions
•The emergence of social media credit scores (they already exist)
•Any number of FFs

Everything listed=magnified 1000x if Biden pulls the scamlection
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20 Nov
I feel like sharing with you folks what amazing places God has allowed me to travel in recent years.

When I refused to trust Him, my job was miserable anonymity; lonely in the underbelly of Hollywood

When I started trusting him He led me to these guys 👇🏼👇🏼
There are amazing people who you don’t hear much about. Without whom the shows simply... don’t happen. I love this guy
One of the greatest men of God I know

The other guy is Pastor Caspar

just kidding. Pastor Caspar IS the amazing man of God ❤️
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2 Nov
Land brokers around the country cannot process deeds quickly enough.

In certain areas of the West the wait for well drilling services is through February.

Up here there is still no ammo. Stores that normally carry over 1000 guns are down to a few shotguns & deer rifles.
If God is placing the irrefutable unction upon your spirit to purchase a generator or buy your cousin’s extra AR, or that hand cranked wheat milling machine, do it.

Folks if I knew what was coming I would flat out tell you and cut through the baloney. But I don’t know.
What I do know is that God placed His hand upon me years ago while still living & working in LA. That guiding hand led me to serve the patriot community for 5 years with the overarching goal of helping to prepare & strengthen your hearts and minds for times such as these.
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1 Nov
1. Lord I cannot sleep. Again. Laying here praying for our country & wondering what the future holds. Your Word promises us that through discernment You protect your people while punishing the evil & the reprobate. It isn’t so much myself I am laying here suffering insomnia over-
2. it’s my family. The ones who year after year won’t listen to me. And in some cases the ones who have turned their backs on you. Lord I am grateful that I couldn’t see how burdensome this knowledge would be when I pursued it so vociferously through the past decade. I probably-
3.would have chickened out. But you have been with me, God, through each turn in the road and I left leaning on my own understanding behind a long time ago.

Please give this nation the courage of our convictions, I pray. And convict those without any. If it be your will that the
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