The organizational capacity and the genius of the founder of the marahaTTa nation appears only very rarely. Further the appearance of one needs a supporting staff to project success. By oneself most genius can only go so far as the case of bAjIrAv-I suggested. The lATeshvara is
not exactly in their league nor does have the staff of the great rAjan. Thus, the lATeshvara, however good he may be by himself, is more vulnerable to the consequences of following bad advice. He may not willfully commit to bad advice but most bad ideas are like the virus. They
can catch you like a disease. Like the story of the current CoV, both you and your enemy might catch the memetic viruses but like duHshAsana's son rising before abhimanyu the enemy can can get up before you & club you to death. I posit that H will go through such a turn when the
laTesha accumulates enough missteps from bad ideas. To give another analogy evolution privileges what is good for survival over what is actually true. Similarly systems select for what actually builds power over what makes one feels good by some metric designed to be feel good
If that wobble or crash comes when the rebound from the coV happens (probably around 2024-2025) then H could be in serious trouble. If they push it beyond that then battle might still be open. Of course I'd be happy to be wrong. There is a good chance for trouble in mlechChaland
and H should be positioned suitably to exploit it for their gain. It cannot happen by committing the same mistakes that or letting in the same ideas that might shake the mlechCha-s. I'd be happy to be wrong of course and time would tell.

• • •

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24 Nov
3 gAyatrI-s of netra-tantra tradition. 1sr is to its focal devatA amR^iteshvara/netranAtha. 2nd to mahesvara as the culmination of the pAshupata tradition or identified with sadAshiva of the Urdhvasrotas. 3rd is to koTarAKSha-bhairava of the dakShiNasrotas @goghritaM Image
Thus, the conception is of triadic shiva that is inherited from the older pAshupata substratum and also probably reflecting the vaidika antecedent of the tradition in the form of the tryambaka mantra. But why the association of amR^iteshvara with netra - it reminds one of the eye
of mitra and varuNa in the shruti and the one-eyed rudra of the sAmaveda (ekAkSha; also reflected in ekanetra among the saiddhAntika vidyeshvara-s) or Odin farther afield in the IE world. This becomes clear only from the Himalayan tradition that has greatly declined & secondarily
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21 Nov
While some have expressed surprise that this question should be negatively answered concerns let us emphatically state concerns are valid. 1st there is nothing strange about the consumption of bovine excreta and fecal matter. It is a common adaptation seen across pastoralists of
different origins. We know our Indo-European strand of ancestry on the steppes did so; African cattle-breeding tribes do so; it will not be surprising if the Harappans & south Indian Ash mound tribes did something like that given that they were cattle rearers too. Urine & fecal
matter, each probably had their own adaptive significance. In the case of former some metabolites might have had useful physiological effect. Well collected mid-stream urine would not have much of health issues due to being mostly sterile. The shit might have had value in
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20 Nov
Grant and
Lee, Patton and Eisenhower, MacArthur and Bradley, Westmoreland & Schwarzkopf. It was impossible not to be humbled and moved by the tradition those men represented, the service and sacrifice that had helped forge a nation, defeat fascism, & halt the march of
totalitarianism. Just as it was necessary to recall that Lee had led a Confederate Army intent on preserving slavery and Grant had overseen the slaughter of Indian tribes - iti kR^iShNAnAM rAjA mlechChAnAM saMrAT...
One good thing the ardhakR^iShNamlechChesha did was to return the evil genocidal Churchill's image back to the brits. If one psychoanalyzes that sentence one gets a feeling that he was quite different from other mlechCheshvara-s. Ironically, both he & nAri~NgapurSha wanted to do
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6 Nov
This important work on the ethnogenesis of the Mongols has been finally published. A few comments follow:…
First around 3300 BCE and before. The red is the Afanasievo: the 1st Indo-European invasion of the East. What is striking (to me at least) is that
some of the Bactria Margiana (BMAC) ancestry is seen in the East (brow) the black and green are ancient north east Asian and ancient northern Eurasian. Next, around 2000 BCE+-200 yrs the second IE invasion of the east took place now likely by an Indo-Iranian group. This brought
the Sintashta ancestry (orange) into Mongolia. Another new ancestry appears in the form of the Baikal bronze age people in cyan. Even in the bronze age we see some admixture with the BMAC & Indo-Iranians. In the early Fe age by 1000 BCE we see that the BMAC is strongly resurgent
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5 Nov
The almost all of our deva-s are ugra, and can manifest as ugradevatA-s. For example in the teaching of arjuna he says it is gods who slay who inspire worship:…
He says that brahman, dhAtR^i and puShaN are left out because they are not slayers. He's wrong
about puShaN probably because the Mbh is already far removed from the RV where puShaN was capable of causing fear -- the bharadvAja-s invoke him in the midst of battle. Ironically, his greek ortholog Pan is the root of panic & is said to have put fear into the Iranians on behalf
of his yavana votaries when they clashed at Marathon. Hence, one could argue that the distinction of ugradevatA is mostly not a big deal as most deva can manifest as ugradevatA-s. That said the there are some frameworks that are better for the kshatra mindset than others even in
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5 Nov
One also see widely different perceptions of the geopolitical consequences of this American election. Whatever people think, it is a big +ve for India's enemies TSP and chIna. What is not known is how much they can capitalize on this gain to harm India. It is also a +ve for the
deeply cultivated rudhira assets of the Occident in India. There will be lot more support for action such as that which took place in response to CAA. Again the capacity for them to capitalize this gain to hit H in a big way as long as the lATarAja rules in indraprastha is still
unclear. I do understand the final result has not yet been called and all this is based on where things stand. However, it would be prudent for the H bhAgurAyaNa-s to be on the highest alert starting next year. The stuff of note will be in the detail, the panjandrums who were
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