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Today is Vaikuntha Chaturdashi. A day dedicated to both Lord Shiva & Maha Vishnu. The significance of this day and the vratha to be observed is described in a very detailed manner in the Kartikamasa mahatmya of the Vaishnava khanda in the Skanda puranam. (1)
On this very day during the Sathya yuga Lord Maha Vishnu went to Kashi to have a darshana of Mahadeva. Before proceeding for the darshana he took a bath at the Manikarnika ghat & in the process took a 1000 golden Lotus with him to worship Shiva. (2)
Vishnu took a 1000 lotuses to perform the Sahasranama for Shiva (1 lotus for 1 name). In order to test Vishnu's devotion, Shiva secretly takes away 1 lotus before the worship. Nearing the end of the Sahasranama, Vishnu realizes he is short by 1 lotus (3)
Vishnu wondered if the shortfall in the lotuses was due to a error in counting of the lotuses or error in reciting of the 1000 names.

He concluded there has been no mistake in reciting the 1000 names. The mistake must've been the in counting the lotuses. (4)
Vishnu had resolved at the outset for a worship with a 1000 lotuses.

"How shall Mahadeva be worshiped when lotuses are short by one. If I go to fetch one, I will have to break the rule of continuous sitting. Now what should be done?"

Vishnu was worried with this thought (5)
Vishnu praised as Pundarikaksha by the Rishis i.e. the Lotus eyed one. In a stunning display of devotion, Shri Maha Vishnu proceeds to dislodge his own lotus shaped eye with his index finger & offers it to Shiva in place of the missing lotus. (6)
Mahadeva moved by Maha Vishnu's gesture says there is no one in the 3 worlds that is as devoted to him as Vishnu is & declares him as the protector of the 3 worlds.

Shiva also declares that those who worship him but not Maha Vishnu will certainly fall into Naraka (7)
Vishnu asks:

"O Maheshvara, the duty of protecting the three worlds has been assigned to me. Daityas are very haughty. They have enormous strength. How can they be killed by me?"

To which Shiva answers :

"This discus Sudarśana is capable of cutting down the great Daityas. It is given to you by me. O Lord Viṣṇu, accept this. Work a havoc among Daityas with this, O Lord."

Shiva then hands the Sudarshana Chakra to Shri Maha Vishnu (9)
Since then Lord Shiva came to be known as Chakradanamurthi. It is one among the 25 manifestations of Lord Shiva known as Panchavimshatalilamurti. This event is depicted in stone at the Srikanteshwara swamy temple at Nanjangudu. (10)

Now regarding the details of the Vratha.

Lord Shiva says :

"In the year named Hemalamba, on the 14th day in the bright half of the glorious month of Karttika at the time of dawn, on the Tithi pertaining to Mahadeva (i.e. the 14th one) in the Brahma Muhurta.. (11)
.. you (Vishnu) took your bath in Manikarnika after coming here from Vaikuntha. Then the Linga of Vishveshvara was worshipped with a thousand lotuses. Hence it will become a favourite of mine. It shall be famous in all the worlds as Vaikuntha Chaturdashi" (12)
Shiva says:

Vishnu worship should be performed by persons of all castes. They shall observe fast during the day & perform Vishnu's worship in the evening. Afterwards Shiva's worship is to be performed. Otherwise Shiva's worship shall be futile. (13)
For the purpose of the worship of Vishnu, the Chaturdashi extending to the night should be taken. The devotee shall worship Shiva at the time of dawn. (14)
Devotees who worship Vishnu at the outset with a thousand lotuses and then Shiva afterwards are indeed living liberated souls. (15)
Lord Shiva gives more details regarding the Vratha.

"After taking the bath in the evening in Pancanada (Panchaganga ghat), the devotee should worship Bindumadhava (original temple destroyed by barbarian aurangzeb). (16)
... he who takes his bath in Vishnukanchi shall worship Anantasena. Thereafter he shall take his bath in Rudrakanchi and worship Pranavesha. (17)
First the devotee should take bath in Vaniteertha & then worship Narayana. Thereafter he should take bath in Retodaka & worship Kedaresha.

At the outset the devotee should take bath in Yamuna & worship Venimadhava. Then he should take bath in Ganga & worship Sangamesha (18)
This is the significance of Vaikunta Chaturdashi. This is followed by Kartika purnima tomorrow. Its is on Kartika purnima that Lord Shiva assumes the form of Tripurantakamurthi & slays evil asuras Tarakaksha, Vidyunmali & Kamalaksha (collectively known as Tripurasura) (19)
Today is the perfect occasion to chant the Vishnu Sahasranama followed by Shiva Sahasranama. The benefits to be had by performing them today increase by several manifolds.

This is said by Lord Shiva himself.

Vaikunta Chaturdasi good wishes to all of you once again (20)


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26 Nov
Good wishes to everyone performing Tulsi Vivaha Puja today. Puja at our place 🕉️

The greatness of Tulsi has been reiterated in many of our Puranas. The Padma purana especially has many references in praise & glory of Tulsi. We'll see what they are in the next few tweets. (1) ImageImage
The Srishti, Brahma, Uttara & Kriyayogaasara Khanda of the Padma purana praise Tulsi to the hilt. Time & again they reiterate on the benefits of having a Tulsi at home & performing puja to her.

An illustration from Brahma Khanda of the Padma Purana depicting Tulsi puja. (2) Image
Rishi Suta says that the servants of Yama do NOT come a house where there is a grove of Tulsi. Those who plant the Tulsi do NOT ever see Yama. All the sin of those who plant the Tulsi, nourish it, attend upon it, look at it & touch it, perishes. (3) Image
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Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras, people of mixed castes, women, widows, girls, heretics, a brahmacarin, a householder, a forest dweller, an ascetic, performer of sacred rites who have Tripundra marks are undoubtedly liberated souls. (8) Image
The one who wears the Tripundra while performing Shraddha, Yajna, Japa, Homa, Vaishvadeva and the worship of the deities is a purified soul and he conquers even death. (9) Image
The Tripundra on the forehead extends from the middle of the eyebrows to the tips of the brows on either side.

With the middle & the ring fingers a line drawn in the opposite direction is called Tripundra.

For each of the 3 lines there are 9 deities everywhere in the body (10) Image
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23 Nov
A THREAD on the greatness of Bhasma

सितेनभस्मनाकुर्य्यात्त्रिसन्ध्यंयस्त्रिपुण्ड्रकम् ।
सर्वपापविनिर्मुक्तः शिवेनसहमोदते ॥

He who observes Tripundra with white ashes during the 3 Sandhyas everyday becomes free from all sins & rejoices with Shiva ~ Vishvesvarasamhita (1)
The Vishvesvarasamhita of the Shiva Purana explains in detail the great benefits to be had by applying Bhasma & Tripundra. It also explains in great detail the significance of the Tripundra; why, how & where to apply it. (2)
Sage Suta in the below Shloka says the Bhasma are of two types. One is known as Mahabhasma (great ashes) & the other is called the Svalpa (the little) . The Maha Bhasma is classified into many different types. (3)
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23 Nov
To understand the psyche of those launching an all out attack against Ayurveda, read this thread.

At the end of the day what the patient cares for is relief from his suffering. He doesn't care the route taken to achieve this.

It is moronic to pit one system against another.
Am not a medical researcher, so don't expect clinical research data points from me. I & many others like me can only share our own experiences with the 2 system of medicines. More often than not, where allopathic treatment has failed, Ayurveda has worked.
There were occasions where Ayurveda did not work too. Look at the end of the day it is all about providing solutions to the patient without reducing him to a pauper. Allopathy does that.
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21 Nov
Degenerates who keep blabbering about "modernizing" ancient Hindu rituals just so that their kids will take a liking to it. How screwed are these people in the head? Isn't there enough modernity around you already? Its your parenting style that needs changing, NOT rituals.
These people talk in a manner as if they are doing everyone some great favor by performing rituals. No you aren't. A ritual is performed for many reasons. Entertainment isn't one of them. Seek it elsewhere. These ppl won't even spare the last ancient connect we have, our rituals.
Your father didn't change the rituals for your acceptance, neither did your grandfather for your father, nor did your great grandfather, nor did the 100's of generations before him all the way up to the very 1st Rishi you descended from. Who are you to tinker with rituals?
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20 Nov
Worst part is this is not the 1st murthi to either be damaged or go missing in this temple. In the 3rd pic you can see a murthi of Bhairava in place of what originally was a big murthi of Keshava. Notice base of the Peetha, depicts Garuda vahana. Archeologist Dhaky confirms this
In so many ancient temples one will come across such anomalies regularly. Original murthis either smuggled or broken, replaced with another piece.

Placing Bhairava in place of Keshava. Vaastu shastra be damned. No one cares for such things anymore. It can have malefic effects.
The original Keshava murthi at Dodda Gaddavalli would have been something like this. Countless Hoysala era murthis like this lay smuggled all over the world.
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