I channel successful creators in my personal life and @gumroad

Here’s what I’ve learned from them in the past six months, in their own words.

Stages of the Builder’s Journey – a Blueprint for Aspiring Creators:
Don’t wait until you have a big following (i.e. start now)...
🔷“I had fewer than 300 followers when I started”
🔷“I had fewer than 400 followers when I started”
🔷“I had fewer than 500 followers when I started”
Create without a plan (i.e. just be creative)...
🔷“This started as an experiment”
🔷“I wasn’t trying to build a business”
🔷“I didn’t set out to become a creator”
🔷“This wasn’t something I thought I’d be doing”
Put yourself out there (i.e. publish)...
🔷“I wrote online”
🔷“I started blogging”
🔷“I posted what I was thinking”
Get good at something specific (i.e. build skill)...
🔷“I did it for a long time”
🔷“I wrote and taught for a decade”
🔷“I earned credibility through experience”
🔷“I did the same thing over and over again”
Repeatedly help others (i.e. add value)...
🔷“I gave away what I was learning for free”
🔷“I started to get a reputation for helping people”
🔷“I learned the hard way and relayed it to others”
Engage with people and listen closely (i.e. pay attention)...
🔷“People started saying, ‘Can you help me do this?’”
🔷“People wanted to learn from me specifically”
🔷“I was asked the same questions over and over again”
Feel the heat in the market (i.e. notice imbalances)...
🔷“I couldn’t encapsulate everything in one reply”
🔷“It was impossible to explain in a short comment”
🔷“It started to become a supply-and-demand issue”
🔷“That spillover became the opportunity”
Locate proof of demand (i.e. create deliberately)...
🔷“I posted a thread and got a big response”
🔷“I proved there was an opportunity to elaborate more”
🔷“There was interest about a subject I knew well”
Pick a topic (i.e. find your niche)...
🔷“It's something I love”
🔷“Other people respond to it”
🔷“I have a lot of background in it”
🔷“It’s a thing I know how to do well”
🔷“This comes naturally to me and I get excited about it”
Build for the sake of building (i.e. take a leap of faith)...
🔷“I took baby steps”
🔷“I had no idea whether it was going to make money”
🔷“I knew what I wanted, so I decided to write my own”
🔷“It wasn’t until later I realized I could sell something”
Package your expertise (i.e. build a product)...
🔷“People were paying for what I was doing”
🔷“I bet other people would too”
🔷“I started thinking about how I do it”
Time box the effort (i.e. give yourself a deadline)...
🔷“I decided to publish on Christmas Day”
🔷“I challenged myself to finish in a month”
🔷“I gave myself three weeks to write the whole thing”
Focus and commit (i.e. go all in)...
🔷“Every day I wrote at least half a page”
🔷“I worked hard to summarize everything I knew”
🔷“I was writing on weekends, nights, mornings, and lunch breaks”
Build in public and in private (i.e. incorporate feedback)...
🔷“I got extra eyes and filled in weak spots”
🔷“I brought on a professional editing team”
🔷“Other people made the product a lot more valuable”
Press publish (i.e. go live)...
🔷“When I was done I said, ‘Here’s this thing I’ve built’”
🔷“The great part was people getting value from it”
🔷“I was surprised by the success of the launch”
🔷“It was far more successful than my expectations”
Let one product inspire others (i.e. repeat the above)...
🔷“I would just love to keep doing what I love”
🔷“The true reward of the work is I get to do it”
🔷“There’s a saying, ‘The destination is the journey’”
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Nearly thirty years ago, at the end of my eighth-grade school year, I received an award named in honor of Ray Kroc. The prize was one share of McDonalds Corporation common stock.

Here's the story of that one share:
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I didn't parlay the gift into millions. Instead, I learned patience and a practical lesson about Uncle Sam.
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Strunk & White's "The Elements of Style" is the best-known instruction book on writing in English.

I organized and distilled chapter five, "An Approach to Style (With a List of Reminders)," from 6,500 words to 1,300.

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There’s no key that unlocks the door...
🔷No infallible guide to good writing
🔷No satisfactory explanation of style
🔷No inflexible rule by which writers may shape their course
These reminders state what most of us know and at times forget...
🔷Style is an expression of self
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I channel the worldviews of interesting people on Twitter.

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I believe it’s valuable to channel people of all stripes and persuasions, and in that spirit, I’ll continue to share summaries of writers and thinkers, artists and creators.

In one place, read the philosophy of @JoeBiden, win or lose:
America is full of possibilities…
🔷We have respect for hard work
🔷We have determination, resilience, and grit
🔷We have opportunity to go as far as our dreams take us
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An hour into a conversation with @karaswisher two years ago, @elonmusk told a story I still think about whenever I hear CEOs talk.

Two years earlier, Elon said he was "going to take apart a tunnel-boring machine" and "improve its efficiency between 500 and 1,000 percent."
In response, an unnamed tunneling consultant was quoted as saying, "Give me a break. You think someone can take apart a Boeing plane and put it back together, improving it by 500 percent? Elon’s got a very steep learning curve."
Which is exactly what Elon thought too. At the time, he said, "We have no idea what we’re doing. We’re going to get this machine, take it apart, figure out how to make it go much faster and still be safe. We’ll see how much progress we can make."
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@david_perell is halfway to writing 100 articles in 100 days.

Here's my latest summary of his last 15 articles, distilled from 8,000 words to 800.

Installment 2⃣: David's Big Ideas on the Creative Process, Knowledge Management, and Effective Writing
If you want to start creating, but you don’t know where to begin…
🔷Start with curation
🔷Give yourself license to experiment
🔷Gather links and write recommendations
🔷Differentiate yourself by adding commentary
🔷Add an interpretive layer to the links you gather
Curate your intellectual environment…
🔷Collect information
🔷Notice small details
🔷Start to recognize patterns
🔷Classify the world in unusual ways
🔷Stand out with your vivid personal monopoly
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Feeling cooped up?

1/ Here's what it’s like to live on a U.S. Navy submarine: Image
2/ Take away sunshine, plants and animals, news and sports, proximity to loved ones, fresh food, and the occasional drink of alcohol.

Replace those things with enclosed spaces, vertical ladders, 130 people, three showers, and a disconnected cell phone.
3/ The sub leaves port with 3,000 rolls of toilet paper. Hours later the hatches shut and the boat submerges hundreds of feet underwater.

Every day for the next six months, the crew will consume ten pounds of coffee, sixty liters of Crystal Light, and 70 pounds of flour.
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