#Christian #Patriots who love #America and oppose the #marxist #takeover of our Country. -- We need to start forming leaders to defend the USA. Plan CONFERENCES in January on the day of the Inauguration. Explain how to defend America by whatever means are just! ACTION! >>
Here is a summary of talking points for your conferences
1. Christ is our King, and we owe him everything, esp gratitude for America
2. We must show it by loyalty + service even unto the risk of everything.
3. True liberty is liberty to be Christian.
4. Marxism is opposed to this
5. We must recognize the Masonic tactic of diverting our loyalty to Christ to their projects.
6. Instead we must insist on Christ and Christian civilization, which is not Judeo-Christian, but Christian.
7. Must recognize that America has been infiltrated by those who hate Christ.
8. Must recognize Election Fraud is just the tip of the iceberg of treachery in America
9. We must therefore organize Christian controlled response to take back America and MAGA as a Christian nation
10. In case of usurpation, this means we cannot go silently into the night
11. Therefore, in such a case, we must organize Christian Patriots, convince Mayors to levy Constitutional Militia, take back 1 town at a time, declare liberty from the govt of the Marxist Usurper, stop paying all taxes to his gov and to any state govt in league with him.
12. Must move levied militia from town to town to take back America.
13. For this it is necessary to have Christian Leaders
14. Exclude all who worked for FBI, CIA, or NSA or DHS as most of these will be traitors
15. Have mayors deputize Militia to arrest traitors
Remember, there are 100 Million Patriots who voted for Trump, and the US Military is only 1.3 Million, though 95% of those will be on our side! -- Its slam down victory. So after securing your state liberate other states, then march on the Swamp government and arrest them all!
Finally, remember these are talking points for a LIBERTY CONFERENCE. If Trump is inaugurated, emphasize that the conference is to prepare Christian to act if Marxist rebellion breaks out, as the Dems are successionists at heart. If Trump is not inaugurated, #2ndAmericanRevolution
And remember, in case of Marxist succession or Marxist takeover, the only ones with the legal right to take control are the Patriots. Mayors have the right to levy Militia and citizens have the right to arrest mayors who refuse to do so. Police must be patriots, or arrest them 2.
In the mean time, within the limits of the law, acquire all the fire arms and ammunition and military supplies you can lay your hands on! Prepare for peace by preparing for war!

• • •

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