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#NarrativeWarfare is the concept whereby by asserting a claim you attempt to obtain something from the other party. #Marxist version asserts false claims. #Christian should assert true claims. Here is how to take the offensive on social media >> 1/x 🧵
If they talk about gun violence, talk about #Democrat #Violence, because 99% of mass shooters are registered Democrats in the USA ... and all Antifa and BLM are Democrat voters
If they talk about slave reparations, talk about Catholic reparations for stealing our lands in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, etc...
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Thread 🧵
Truth Versus Propaganda
#Propaganda - They said women got trapped in #LoveJehad and made to join ISIS.
#Truth - Only 66 from India joined ISIS which includes men and women as per #CIA report. Image
The CIA report is further supported by another researched media house which puts the number more or less at 60.
Out of the total 60
Males - 26
Women - 13
Children - 21
Joined ISIS in Afghanistan. Image
#StratNews reveals 10 women and 21 children surrendered in Afghanistan. In a total of all these, only 3 women were non muslims
1. Sonia Sebastian (Ayesha)
2.Merrin Jacob Pallath ( Maryam)
3.Nimisha (Fatima Isa)
Two #Christian's & one #Hindu. ImageImage
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✝️ ⛪️ I speak to a lot of Christians when I do outreach.

Today, my Christian friend Benny writes a thread to show that kindness towards #animals should be an important part of any Christian's moral outlook.

#Jesus #Christianity Image
1/35 - Christians often claim that God endorses meat eating when He grants them dominion over creation in Genesis 1.

🚫 But this is NOT what “dominion” means.

“Dominion” simply means sovereignty or rulership. But there can be bad rulers as well as good rulers.
2/35 - ❓ The question is what kind of dominion God wants us to have.

In Genesis, God doesn’t give us dominion so that we can act as tyrants, subjecting our fellow creatures to horrifying abuses in order to satisfy our material pleasures.
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American Jewish Congress President @JackRosen's statement on President #Erdogan of #Turkey’s condolence call on terror attacks in #Israel, issued on 11 April 2023 as Jews and Muslims observed #Passover and #Ramadan2023 amid attempts to create tensions in #Jerusalem. Full text: /1 Image
Amid a clamor to condemn #Israel for taking firm action to keep #Muslim #Christian, and #Jewish holy sites safe and open to worshippers, and in the fog of disinformation that seeks to incite hate leading to terrorism, President Recep Tayyip #Erdoğan of #Turkey has reached out /2
to the Government and people of #Israel and offered condolences on the murder of two British-Israeli sisters and a young Italian lawyer who fell victim to senseless violence and hate. /3
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Thread: 1/The US conducted a raid yesterday in north west #Syria, killing a senior #ISIS leader responsible for planning terror attacks in the Middle East and #Europe.
2/The attack happened in a region controlled by #Turkey, where many #Antiochian #Greeks used to live. They were known for their contributions in education, medical services, and goldsmithing, but few of them remain today, and they suffer daily from #Islamic groups operating under……
3/ It's troubling to see a #NATO country supporting one of the most notorious groups in the world, and we call on the #Greek and #Cypriot governments to use all the leverage they have to save and rescue the #Greek #Orthodox and other #Christian groups that still live in this……
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“An endowment of King Stefan Uroš I of Serbia, was built from 1259 to 1270, near the source of the Raška River in the region of Ras.”

#Sopocani #Orthodox #Christian #Church ImageImage
“In 1331–1346, during the reign of King Stefan Dušan, the church expanded and took on characteristics of a cathedral, expanding the art and decorations seen in the exo-narthex of the church.” ImageImage
“The classical art style of the church is largely influenced by late Byzantine art, such as that of the Basilica of San Vitale” ImageImage
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I hope your #Pesach preparations are proceeding apace! As we all prepare for Pesach, some of our #Christian students and staff may be preparing for their own week of holidays, which, however, does not coincide with Pesach.

The week commemorates the last week before the Christian prophet Yeshu's execution.

This “Christian Holy Week,” more commonly known as Shavua Ha’Kadosh Ha’Christian, is fixed to days of the week according to a special calculation, with the first and last days falling on "Sunday,” their word for Firstday.

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Shocking #LRO investigation!
Once @ArvindKejriwal right hand, toxic Hindu hater #Assam MLA @AkhilGogoiAG n @AAP4Assam received #GeorgeSoros dirty money thru web of NGOs to destabilize North East by fueling violent socio-political agitations @AmitShah @himantabiswa details here👉
Total 12 groups/ NGOs/ parties are part of d cartel. We hav seen massive, bloody anti CAA protests in Assam/ NE which forced cancel Indo- Japan summit scheduled in Guwahati as violent protests broke out soon after CAA passed in parliament, Guwahati city was defaced n scores died+
#GeorgeSoros Open Society Foundation is the largest donor of The National Foundation of India (NFI). NFI is funding their foreign funds to The Ant and The Ant is funneling those funds to the account of Pathikrit thus violating FCRA Act 2010+
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My trip to a Christian Market
#PublicSchool #Report
By Shlomit Ben David, age 10

Last week my family and me visited New York, where many Christians live.

My dad asked if I wanted to visit a #Christian #ethnic #neighborhood and I said yes because I am very interested in all #different #cultures. In the Christian neighborhood there were special places for Christian people to enjoy.

I saw treyf restaurants, Christian shuls, Christaica shops, and even a special #Christian #market where they buy their special treyf food. I asked if we can go into the market and my dad said yes.

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hm. I had some thoughts about the *provisional nature* of scientific truth. let's see if I can get those into a thread.

right-wing propagandists like to pretend that #science (or Science™, rather, "science" as a buzzword and slogan) is a source of _absolute truth_.

this is a fallacy: all scientific findings are *provisional*. scientific models are built on empirical observations about the world; they're generalizations based on a body of knowledge that is _always_ accumulating fresh data. scientific observation has never stopped.

as as result, there is *always* a possibility that currently accepted scientific models will be rendered obsolete by fresh information. NO scientific model is immune from the possibility of upset.

there's two general sorts of person who don't grasp this about science.

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the Duggar Family (@duggarfam) are an infamous family of Christian extremists who were superstars (with their own TV show!) of right-wing Christianity for a time. they're still stars; they still keep up their grifting activities, posing as ideals of Christian parenting.

(cont'd) partial screenshot of the Google page that results from sear
right-wing #Christian grifters, in general, have worked for *decades* at the pretense that they're ideal parents. @MattBruenig's terrifying wife, @ebruenig, is one such grifter; @MattWalshBlog exploits his family for his fascist propaganda; they are two among myriads.

there's a lot of money in it, for one thing. right-wing Christianity and entrepreneurial money-grubbing are inseparable activities: just about *every* prominent American #Christian is someone dedicated to _worldly success_. they're politicians, pundits, business moguls.

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fanatical Christians, right-wing Christians, are big on *demons*. @PastorMark serves here as a handy example but he's got a hundred thousand soulmates here. American extremist Christianity, in particular, is obsessed with devils and demons and other such evil beasties.

indeed there's a vibrant lucrative *trade* in demon-related services, in the right-wing Christian grifting community. it's one of those slightly shameful, guilty side-cults and superstitions that help sustain American Christians. (@MattWalshBlog, ever been "exorcised"?)

here's a video clip from a "Global Vision" thing (q.v. the "Global Vision Bible Church", @globalvisionbc), affiliated with @pastorlocke), talking about casting out evil spirits:

Christian fanatics are practically *forced* to traffic with demons.

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this video has been making the rounds—a fairly typical sample of memetic #Christian nonsense, spewed forth on TikTok, meant to buck up the sagging spirits of other believers. "why am I unhappy? because of Satan, who's a loser anyway, &c."

the young woman who's spouting the memetic Christian nonsense has more or less *memorized* this line of talk, from one of the countless thousands if not *millions* of sources of Christian propaganda that pervade American society: radio, TV, the Internet, print media...

...a myriad propagandists and grifters of the @PastorMark / @pastorlocke / @Franklin_Graham sort make enormous amounts of money teaching children (of all ages) to talk in exactly this way. this is what keeps right-wing Christianity in business: memetic *self-pity*.

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During the #busy #holiday #season it is important we not overlook our #Christian #minority in their celebration of Yom Saint Patrick Ha’Kadosh.

Although it coincided with Purim last year, Yom Saint Patrick Ha’Kadosh is not the Christian Purim.

Yom Saint Patrick Ha’Kadosh is the yahrzeit of Saint Patrick Ha’Kadosh, a Christian tzaddik who died on 20 Adar II, 4221.

His yahrzeit is celebrated according to the Pope Gregory #calendar on 17 March, which this year falls today, on Adar 24th.

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#Congress n #Hinduism

#Hindus still couldn’t understand Congress even after :

Article 25, 28, 30 (1950)
HRCE Act (1951)
HCB MPL (1956)
Secularism (1975)
Minority act (1992)
POW act (1991)
Waqf act (1995)
Ram setu affidavit (2007)
Saffron terrorism (2009)
They legalised conversion by article 25

They snatched religious education from Hindus through article 28 but allowed religious education to #muslim and #christian in article 30

They snatched all temples n temple money from Hindu by enacting HRCE Act 1951
They destroyed Hindu families by divorce law, dowry law under Hindu Code Bill but didn't touch muslim Personal Laws. Allowed them polygamy so that they cud keep increasing their population.
Brought Special marriage act in 1954 so that muslim boys can easily marry with Hindu girls
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let's enlarge on this matter: the fact that @jordanbpeterson or @elonmusk or @jonathanchait feel *entitled* to spew the same sort of abuse on @Twitter that any of their gutter fanbase might offer up. Peterson's a dramatic example, because he's supposed to be a professor.

Western professional standards, especially American standards, have been in freefall ever since @RonaldReagan and the gang of crooks that the @GOP planted into the White House in 1980 led to a general *normalization* of trashy, boorish behavior from people in leadership.

@RonaldReagan and his cronies were, for the most part, scumbags—corporate criminals and Christian extremists for the most part. the @GOP _coup d'etat_ in 1980 led to a general coarsening of the texture of American leadership, which took a turn for the arrogant and brazen.

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it's getting late; I should think about bed, but I'd like to close with some thoughts about this and that. let's see what I come up with in a few tweets. I like writing for #Twitter! @NateSilver538 thinks he's above this place; really he's the ooze dripping out the sides.

first: have people noticed the British-American *ratchet effect* with right-wing Western politics? I sure have; the "gender critical" movement has shown it off to good effect.

you've got the British secular "experts", and the American Christian moonbats who listen.

as the existence of frauds like @RichardDawkins and @bindelj amply shows, the British intellectual establishment is jam-packed with reactionary, bigoted cranks. they supply what thin tissue of rationalization they can for the #Christian reactionaries who help support them.

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there is a Jewish Israel, and there is a a Christian "Israel", which is not exactly the same as the state of @Israel, but Christians attempt to pretend that the two things are the same.

this is important to establish. there is a specifically *Christian* idea of "Israel".

Christianity is not Judaism. nor is Christianity an *upgraded* or *improved* Judaism—in fact, Christianity's values are crude and simplistic compared to Jewish values—and to Muslim values. Judaism and Islam have far more in common with each other than with Christianity.

"Western civilization", the thing that @jordanbpeterson and @pegobry defends, has this goal: use Judaism to destroy Islam, then destroy Judaism and replace it with its own absurdist formulae. Christian values are too rigid and inflexible to support a functioning society.

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let's talk more about this business of bigotry being *fun*—an endlessly variable, endlessly *exciting* parade of crackpot theories and bizarre notions about colorful stereotypes that dazzle the childlike imaginations of @NateSilver538 and @jonathanchait and other bigots.

I've been kicking @NateSilver538 a lot the last couple days, so I'll switch to @jonathanchait—peddler of transphobic rubbish that he's learned from his *own* "echo chamber". Chait, like Silver (and @mtaibbi &c.) lives in a little intellectual bubble saturated with bigotry.

@jonathanchait is hence *unable to tell* that basically all the information that he ever gets about trans persons is worthless garbage. there's an enormously well-funded right-wing machine for churning out transphobic propaganda, with heavy extremist #Christian support.

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let's talk about the wacko racist crap a little bit. it's not just @NateSilver538 farting out tales of Chinese evil scientists creating all the world's diseases. the whole @elonmusk / @mtaibbi / @MrAndyNgo / QAnon-ish set is super into whackadoo nonsense about "cabals".

the "gender critics" of the @bindelj / @Docstockk camp are super into conspiracy theories of their own; @HJoyceGender copied antisemitic fantasies from Jennifer Bilek into her own work, blaming the existence of "TRAs" on some murky Jewish doctors' plot or other.

@HogwartsLegacy is an *entire game* pitching antisemitic blood-libel trash to the fascıst #JKRowling / #HarryPotter / @RGalbraith fandom—bigots are Rowling's chief base of support, and the Rowling fanbase no doubt overlaps heavily with the @mtaibbi / @NateSilver538 fandom.

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#Chag #Purim sameach to everyone!

As you may have noticed, as your Christian colleagues ask for numerous days off again, we are now in the midst of yet another #Christian #holiday #season.

As we all celebrate Purim, Christians are celebrating the Christian holiday of Christian Purim! Christian Purim is observed the last day before the beginning of the Second Christian Omer, which is also called Christian Elul.

The #Pope #Gregory #calendar used by #Christians is manipulated to ensure that Christian Purim always takes place on Third Day (which is referred to by Christians as “Tuesday”).

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Tomorrow some of your Christian students may be observing the Christian holiday of Yom Saint Valentine Ha’Kadosh, more commonly known as Christian Tu B’Av.

It is one of their important religious ‘Feast Days’ that even the least frum observe.
The holiday falls on Shvat 23rd this year, which is 14 Febuairiy according to the #Christian #holy #calendar #of #Pope #Gregory.
Even though we are all accustomed to celebrating love on Tu B’Av in the summer, Christians have a tradition of celebrating Yom Saint #Valentine Ha’Kadosh as their own #cultural #day #of #love #and #friendship in the bitter cold of winter.
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🔆An #FBI internal official use memo (Approved by the FBI's chief lawyer) has been leaked to the public, outlining the FBI's investigatory playbook for 2023.
#USA #BIDEN #FBI #Christian #WhiteSupremacy…
1. The #FBI’s Richmond Division would like to protect Virginians from the threat of “white supremacy,” which it believes has found a home within #Catholics who prefer the #Latin Mass.
#USA #BIDEN #FBI #Christian #WhiteSupremacy
2. An intelligence analyst within the Richmond Field Office of the #FBI released in a new finished intelligence product dated January 23, 2023, on Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists (RMVE) and their interests in “Radical-Traditionalist #Catholics or RTCs.
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1/12: Analysing politics in #Ethiopia is to try to capture a moving target. Our scholarly approach and understanding have over decades been "blunted" by the incessant fundamental political events happening every so often: large scale conflicts, mass atrocities, revolutions, etc.
2/12: This constant stream of political shocks has become a “normal”, leading to a heedless state of mind and blunting our methodological and analytical approaches and frames in understanding long durée political evolvement in #Ethiopia.
3/12: The developments over the past few years, should however be a wake-up call for us all. Throughout a turbulent history, some core metaphors and narratives have underpinned and projected a notion of this enduring historically imposed or imagined community called #Ethiopia.
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