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@NYGovCuomo granted LEGAL IMMUNITY TO NURSING HOMES after receiving PAYMENT from powerful “health care” INDUSTRY group. THOUSANDS OF HELPLESS PEOPLE *DIED* as DIRECT RESULT. Do you know what that is called? 🤔 🔗
“New York officials have scrubbed Gov. Andrew Cuomo's March 25 order requiring nursing homes to take in COVID-19 patients from the state health department website -- ...
“... even as Cuomo's office insists that the order, which has been linked to thousands of nursing home deaths, remains in effect.”
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General Thomas McInerney: Obama Admin committed Sedition-Treason using the intelligence community/DOJ to influence an election and impeach a duly elected President. This is a Military Intelligence Operation. There is no other way. Thank you General McInerney🇺🇸
General Thomas McInerney: Obama/Hillary Clinton are in violation of the espionage act. SAP Programs/Classified Emails/Clinton Foundation. ObamaGate is really about covering up treasonous crimes. MI has everything.
Admiral James "Ace" Lyons (RIP): Obama's secret deal with Iran are Matters of National Security. This is why they fear @GenFlynn. MI is the only way.🇺🇸
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THIS is WHAT #GreatAwakening, Q Team, #DigitalSoldiers, POTUS Trump is ABOUT. #WakeUp! BHO Admin was TAILEND of #Agenda; prior 3 Admins (at least) JUST AS DEEP in SET UP to take Republic DOWN. [They] came TOO CLOSE!!! 🔗
If paying ANY ATTENTION, this should make your blood run COLD! HRC was to be MOP UP CREW to FINISH US OFF! MOST had/HAVE no idea HOW CLOSE to inescapable dystopian REALITY we were - NOT just USA! ENTIRE PLANET! DON’T believe me!!! #ResearchForYourself #WakeUp
If you believe for one freakin second BHO “left government” when he left White House, you SERIOUSLY need to up your #research game! STILL has home on 1600 Penn Ave. Either BHO or Kerry have preceded/coincided/followed DJT’s foreign visits, never stopped...
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@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 4310...
Text: Relevance re: [#SusanRice] [DECLAS] paragraph:
Pointing 2the paragraph's proof of perjury.
2) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 4310 cont.
Text has largely become, enough of a known commodity, that the insert of this new factoid, into current knowns, is seamless.

#SusanRice has perjured herself over & over.
🧐Seems she battling @RepAdamSchiff 4biggest [DS]🤡lier!
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This song has much meaning as I relate it to #TheGreatAwakening movement. I’m blessed to be part of the #Qanon movement. I’m honored to be among my fellow #Patriots. This battle is Good vs Evil. Nothing can stop what’s coming. Nothing. 🙏🏼#JusticeIsComing. #GodWins! #WWG1WGA
TRIUMPH - “Never Surrender"

Out in the streets inspiration comes hard
The joker in the deck keeps handin' me his card
Smilin' friendly he takes me in
Then breaks my back in a game I can't win...

Jivin', hustlin', what's it all about?
Everybody always wants the easy way out!
Thirty golden pieces for the Judas kiss
What's a nice boy doin' in a place like this?

Never Surrender - keep your dreams alive!
Never Surrender - hold your head up high!

Modern apathetics; you got plenty of nothing to say
Some are born to follow: some will make their own way...
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#DeepState #Cabal set us up #COVID19 LONG TIME AGO!!! Read, then watch DZ clip - THEN REVIEW PUBLIC EVENTS since Dec 2019 😱
IF (when?) YouTube blocks video
“Dead Zone” tv show “Plague” 7/13/2003
Season 2, Episode 14
🔗 - AmazonPrimeVideo
🔗 - AmazonVideo, $2 for episode
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Corporate media control [source]:
Bill Clinton_ 1996 Telecommunications Act
[2016 campaign [+CF] contributions [HRC] by media]
Control of information.
Control of narrative.
Control of people.

Thread May 18 2020

2. News: California: Newsom Budget Closes Veterans Nursing Home, But Gives $80 Million To Illegal Aliens [Yet cries out for money from US Government!]… #Trump #News #CoronaVirus #KnowYourRights
3. News: Navarro: China Deliberately Allowed Coronavirus to Spread Outside Its Borders. Navarro said, “China hid the virus behind the shield of the World Health Organization,"… #Trump #News #CoronaVirus
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This is the kind of people that we are up against.

They are useful idiots to the police state

The same type of people that listened religiously to Mein Führer and snitched in their neighbors until none were left

Soon we will have to make a choice for me it is now
This traitor reported a group of taxpayers enjoying THEIR parc
Look closely...

He works on AMERICAN productions as a camera man

Therefore suckles off the teet of the American economy

Travels to BEIJING...

AND known sex tourism hotspots

Get that?

Takes USD and spends it in...

Then snitches on neighbours within their RIGHTS!
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#POTUS is and has been the most successful President of the United States. It has moved the masses of our country and world wide. That's what the DS hates the most! As much as they have wanted to knock him down, he remains like a standing oak.
[They] have released a "pandemic" to finish him! This 👑🦠 United the people WW! The Invisible Enemy has weakening. With or without vaccine, the American people will continue their course of freedom & progress and will rise to save the economy and the future of their children
Q !!
May 15 2020 10:30:43 (EST) NEW

This will never happen!
People are rising up!
[They] are traitors, criminals & losers!
Gallows are ready
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2. News: Neurosurgeon: Face MASKS POSE SERIOUS RISK.

If you wear a face mask, contract a sickness, you can't fight it off as effectively as if you had normal blood oxygen levels.

It could create a “DEADLY CYTOKINE STORM" in some… #Trump #COVID19
3. News: NEW JERSEY: Latest Coronavirus Insanity: Surfing Is Allowed But Swimming Is Not… #Trump #News #KnowYourRights #CoronaVirus
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Remember that time #Anon asked #Q for #Q+ to tweet #ObamaGate and @realDonaldTrump tweeted #ObamaGate so @jack got really butthurt & kept throttling the numbers, but they climbed to 2.27 Million anyway, because #Patriots, so he just shadow banned the whole hashtag? Good. Times.
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This is the last time a SHADOW PRESIDENCY and a
SHADOW GOVERNMENT will happen in the United States of America. #Patriots are in CONTROL!
#ObamaGate #TickTockBarack #GotRope #DarkToLight
Future World Music - Victory Of Life (Volume.11 Preview - early 2011)
Q !!
May 10 2020 00:07:52 (EST) NEW
What are they trying to prevent?
Who are they trying to protect?
#ObamaGate #TickTockBarack #GotRope #DarkToLight #QAnon #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
We are Ready!
Drop the HAMMER Q+!
NEVER MORE ANOTHER TRAITOR is going to usurp the Presidency of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!
[Hussein] will pay!
#ObamaGate #TickTockBarack #GotRope #DarkToLight #QAnon #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
Darkness To Light
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1)Just a reminder about all the #DeepState moves you are seeing played out without thought to disguise, and why that is, and why we are here.. And How it all just shows the plans (THEY) have for us, making it quite clear that, we are in a fight for our
2) very survival, its not a game, its not a what if or a maybe. There is no fence to sit upon, there is no left, no right no inbetween, there are only 2 sides US vs [THEM].
The fight began long ago, we are at full engagement there is no wayback only
3) forward. We win or we all's that simple and never before has the totality of our destruction been so within sight, as its always been hidden in plain sight. Thats how they fight from the shadows & they use symbolism to communicate. The
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The World is Watching
Making Rhode Island
Patriotic Again
Where We Go One We Go All
From above the world near Las Vegas, Nevada USA!
Making Rhode Island
Patriotic Again
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It's time for a Meme Swap... Show me whatcha Got! #Qanons #meme #Patriots #pepe then we play cards... 🤣
@JanelleCantre12 @Angel171614 @mikewolfpack100 @ClearanceCosmic and everyone else... throw them up here!
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Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called "The Pledge". The magician shows you something ordinary: a deck of cards, a bird or a man. Perhaps he asks you to inspect it to see if it is indeed real, unaltered,normal.
But of probably isn't
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Check out these comments by #Rudy regarding #Flynn. He said #Flynn knows where the bodies are buried when Obama asked him to lie about #ISIS. BOOM! #TheGreatAwakening
Who knows where the bodies are buried. Rudy. Wait till this leads to the exposure of #Weiner’s laptop which likely had so much #SexTrafficking evidence & #Blackmail on it that it’s exposure will shift the public narrative immensely as we inch closer to critical mass. #Checkmate
This specific post is a gold mine for explaining the situation surrounding @realDonaldTrump. @POTUS has been working with these guys on a decades long sting for a long time. #Barr #Rudy #Rosenstein #Mueller all goes back to his informant days.
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@QanonWTP I am persuaded that the #DeepState #luciferian Lizards..aka "bad actors" most likely threatened with #DraconianLaw.
Since I was born into such a Family Bloodline, this one I know very well.
THEY used it against @GenFlynn.
THEY use it against all Good People of Faith and true...
@QanonWTP @GenFlynn ...#Patriots who would easily sacrifice their life rather than bow to THEM.
#DraconianLaw will take your Family out, starting with your children, one by one, right in front of you., because THEY know THAT would inflict maximum harm to you.
I've seen it done to those who have ...
@QanonWTP @GenFlynn ...broken the secrecy in SRA (satanic ritual abuse). Horrifying.
I thought my Maternal Grandma was a safe person just to tell her to keep my cousins away from my father. I was a selective mute. That's all I said.
The Circle and my father punished me severely for this breach. I...
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@EccEveryday Facts Matter.

Stay tuned.

@EccEveryday BIBLICAL
@EccEveryday For I :Eric-Ivan: Pelea; the live-life claim the Armor of God, His Sword, His Breastplate, His Helmet,
His Sandles, His Belt, & His Shield.

You will fight but the Lord will deliver you into my hand this day.


@WinifredAdams @GitmoChannel

Game Over
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New QDrop! # 4044.
That’s 3 exclamation marks and 4 question marks.
(Oh! 4044 is also 444😳)
2. New QDrop 4045.
(Just plopping so frens can see. I’m not available right now to review). Enjoy #Patriots!
3. QDrop 4050 QAnon Trending in in Deutschland even with 24/7/365 censorship! #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE ! ❤️
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Today's Word:


The fictional term used to change the conversation about a cult that rapes children, murders #LGBT people, abuses women, slaughters #Christians and #Jewish people.

It's not irrational to fear Islam.
Like several other words that don't follow root word definitions, this too is a fake word which asserts hatred and dislike of Muslims rather than the true meaning of a phobia.

It is a term used to beat down detractors of Islam by leftists in America for political purposes.
It is quite literally not possible to have an "irrational" fear of a cult such as Islam. When you are a LGBT person, like myself, this is a religion that regularly slaughters thousands of people like me each year. It's not irrational at all to fear these people.
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I honestly have the most loving, honest, caring wife. God I was blessed with such a beautiful soul #MariedLife #MyFavoriteGirl
This is my amazing wife. She’s not 100% in the Qmmunity but she’s showing great progress in political common sense & I think it’s important to let people break free at her own pace. But I’m confident she’ll be one of us by the election 🤣 love you babe! @Say_Cay1990 love you!
Please give her a follow, she follows #Patriots back. Thanks guys, show her some love and let her know how real all of this is, she’s in wait and see mode like many people I have waiting for the first domino of arrests. @Say_Cay1990
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My cop buddies said they were told to prepare for civil unrest this weekend. Anyone know if these protests are organic or paid?
I wanted to hear all your opinions, thank you so much. I do think it’s organic which is amazing. I’m just waiting for those Soros run protests to try and intimidate us Patriots and I know we will laugh hysterically. But if I know that they will too which worries me most.
But I’d bet 100/100 if the lines were drawn now, we’d whoop ass by a big margin. Globalists+United Nations military+corrupt DAs/politicians+Mercenary groups in no way beats an entire awakened & engaged group of packing #Patriots in this climate. Line is drawn, tread lightly
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#Patriots UDFA RB J.J. Taylor gives off Dion Lewis vibes, which I don't throw around lightly. At 5-5, 185, Taylor is a compact RB with great contact balance, elusiveness, and receiving skills but subpar long speed.

Could watch him run angle routes out of the backfield all day.
Taylor is also a really effective ball carrier on screens and you can throw it to him in the flat and watch him go. He's got great power behind his pads despite his size due to a lower center of gravity and great balance.
As a runner, Taylor's ability to stack moves together and react quickly to incoming tacklers is impressive. His short-area burst to make multiple cuts in a sequence is great. Jump cuts, spin moves, jukes, etc.
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