Here's my thread about a vicious attack on #JohnnyDepp by @THR/@TatianaSiegel27 feat Roberta Kaplan & their article full of inaccuracies,outright lies & projections.Let's start with a fact that a source for their article is not real people who knew Depp but "unnamed sources" 1/26
And here's a reminder that #AmberHeard hired a private investigator Paul Barresi to dig up some dirt on Depp and after months of work & interviewing over 100 people across US & Europe who knew Johnny Depp he found not one single person who had to say a bad thing about him. 2/26
So here's the 1st question who are these "unnamed sources" that a private investigator couldn't find for several months of hard work across the globe or do they even exist which I highly doubt. 3/26
Ok. Let's move to their main innuendo that Depp was able hide his "violent" side and "allegedly" (another magical word that gives you a free pass to write every lie you want) paid off his exes. 4/26
And again a reminder it was #AmberHeard not #JohnnyDepp who was arrested for publicly abusing her partner & put on 2 year good behaviour bond in 2009 and tried to ERASE aka hide and cover up her history of violient behaviour 2 years later when she started dating Depp. 5/
And when her violence became public Amber Heard falsely accused (that what she loves to do a lot it seems) an openly gay officer who arrested her and witnessed her violent behavour towards Van Ree in homophobia and mysogyny. 6/26
Also back to "he paid off his exes" bullshit. Another reminder that here are #AmberHeard's initial demands: she wanted Depp's car, his 3 luxurious penthouses, him to keep paying morgage and utilities, 50k monthly as a spousal support+money for lawyer & accountant. 7/26
She asked all that for her silence about an alledged abuse she suffered and Depp REFUSED TO PAY HER. Again, the man that alledgedly paid off all his exes somehow REFUSED TO PAY HEARD with her direct threaths to made allegations public if he rufuses to pay. Make it make sence.8/26
And saying that him buying his parner of 14 years Vanessa Paradis & their kids a house & giving them money is a bad thing throwing innuendo that he's paying for her silence. No. It's what decent men do being responsibible for their families. But Depp doing so is a monster. 9/26
I guess if he just kicked off the mother of his children and his own daughter and son from his house with no cent he'd be a good guy for the media then, right? Or wait... 10/ 26
Also another projection about Depp being a racist. And again it's for #AmberHeard's racist ass all migrants are unskilled workers like housekeepers, nannies and landscarapers and yes she's the one who used an n-word: "N**** please" - in her text message. 11/26
And another reminder that Johnny Depp stood up for a homeless African American woman an defened her from a location manager Gregg Rocky Brooks - another incident media uses to paint Depp violent as they do with him defending pregnant Vanessa from an agressive paparazzi. 12/26
Here's testimony of Emma Danoff who worked on the set & witnessed the whole incident.Brooks loudly & agressively berated that woman with racial and derogatory slurs and Depp had to stand up for her.He didn't punched or touched him and there're about 40 pics of the incident. 13/26
Also it's worth to mention that it Brooks had another conflict that day when he was aggressive towards a representative of Gilmore & Associates on the set and unsuccessfully tried to hide his violent behaviour from future jury trial. So tell me who's the violent one again? 14/26
Also worth to mention that Brooks happily took a photo with Depp after the incident & posted it on his FB & deleted it only when he filed a lawsuit 1.5 year later to cover up his lies. And Brooks admitted himself he had no physical traumas & has 0 proof of an emotional too 15/26
Let's move to Depp's text to Bettany & how media tried to paint it as he threatened Heard herself. He vented to his friend about not w woman but an abuser - a person who daily mentally & physically tortured him. Same did Rose McGowan about Weinstein wishing him to burn. 16/26
Did anyone blame her for that after what she had to go throw? I don't think so. And I don't know victims who wish well to their abusers. Was it a bad thing to say? Yes, probably. A threath? No. Also all the media delibaretely cut off the most important part of the message. 17/26
Depp clearly said that he would better took pills to numb himself rather than to hurt the person he loved. But I guess this his confession is too inconvinient for the "monster" narrative they're so desperately trying to create. 18/26
And another Depp's message. To his sister Christie about him wanting Heard being removed from Aquaman. Let's start with a fact that his sister has nothing to do with Warner Bros. and has no power over them or their casting decisions. 19/26
And again while media are painting Depp as rich, powerful person with influence he somehow not only failed to remove Heard from Aquaman or ban her from Hollywood he's still remaining the only one from them two who's losing roles-POTC and FB. 20/26
And he's the one who constantly got trashed by the media while an arrested and self-admitted abuser Amber Heard is praised by them & even building with their help and with a help of such organisation like ACLU,TimesUp,metoo a career as an activist. Who's the powerful one?21/26
And talking about media influece - Heard's lawyer Roberta Kaplan who fed media with a false statement which was spread like a fire where she claimed that Depp refused to provide the necessary evidence which lead to continuance and the judge later called her team out on that.22/26
Another outrifght lie that Depp's fan edited an audios with Heard's confession of abuse to his favour.The full 2,5 hours long recording was submitted but Depp's team to the court. It's not hard to find that and there's no need to lie about it either.… 23/26
Btw about editing-again it was Heard who provided only snippets of recordings that fits her narrative like she did with that kitchen video which she sold to TMZ where she cut off the final part where she's laughing & smirking. Full video was presented by Depp's team. 24/26
About smears from his former TMG managers who Depp sued for stealing his money. It's a known fact in a biz that Depp uses earbuds to listen music or noises to get in the character not cause he's too lasy to remember the lines. Dunsts mentioned that in her interview in 2008!25/26
Nad another little lie ( and the only one that was corrected lol)that Depp's recent movie Minamata was filmed in Romania. It was filmed in Serbia and Japan. Anyway it's the end. And #JusticeForJohnnyDepp 26/26
Also Heard's ex lawyer Kaplan said it was all about protection there's not a single word in that letter about Depp staying away from her. And she asked for 3 condos so 2 of them still would remain his property. So she basically wouldn't mind to leave next door to her abuser smh.
Forgot to add about "poor Amber had to face Depp at Comic Con" bs. That poor Amber keep stalking and insisting on talking and seeing Depp long after she withdrew her RO in August 2016. Here're her messages to his agent Carino. The latest one dated by September 23, 2017.

• • •

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