Good morning, Cicely. This is Chris in the Morning on KBHR 57AM. For those of you that stayed up late enough last night for the clouds to break, you were greeted with a spectacular display of ye ol' Aurora Borealis. (thread)

Just Look at You via @YouTube
The show will continue tonight and visibility should be excellent, if not a bit chilly. Wear your mukluks if you're heading out there - it'll be -11° F. Ron and Eric tell me that a group is meeting at 9:00 PM out by Eagle Lake to take it all in.
Which reminds me: for our Japanese guests that are here for the show and staying at the Sourdough Inn, "Akachan o tsukuru kōun!" and may all of your children be gifted!
Just just think about it, kids. The sun belched up a plume of plasma on Monday which our little planet smacked into last night like a bug on a windshield & the collision into our Van Allen belt is kicking up a holy ruckus of beautiful proportions. #NorthernLights
It's easy to think our planet is a pretty sedentary orb but it's not. This little blue spaceship that we call home is on a journey - it's hurtling through space at 67,000 mph, and right now, we're punching a hole through literal stardust.
Now, the Tlingit believe the Northern Lights are the dancing spirits of our ancestors. And I can't help but think that as our universe has been created & destroyed and reformed once again, we are all just made of the stuff of stars. Sounds like they had it figured out all along.
So as we continue on our journey through space, let's not forget to join in the dance, Cicely....see you tonight.

Road to Nowhere via @YouTube

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8 Dec
Good morning Cicely. This is Chris in the Morning on KBHR coming at you on a chilly, chilly morning - it's 12 degrees out there, kids! #northernexposure (thread)

Khruangbin - August 10 via @YouTube
As the Holiday Season is upon us, my mind turns to what was once referred to in Old English as 'Christes Masse' - the Festival of Christ. Of course, these days, that holiest of days is less a celebration of the Messiah and more of consumerism... Image
But you know, who am I to judge? Today's Playstation 5 is yesterday's frankincense and myrrh...

Beyond being a time of anxiously awaiting to see what old St. Nick has stuffed in your stocking, this is also a time of storytelling. Image
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Good morning to you from the 49th state! This is Chris in the Morning on 57AM KBHR coming at you from the Minnifield Communication Network in beautiful downtown Cicely. #northernexposure thread

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I don't know about you guys, but I've become a bit obsessed with politics lately. And it's a bit ironic, of course, because I'm not even allowed to vote. As you may recall, many years ago I spent some time in the State pen back in West Virginny for boosting a '71 Firebird... Image
...and well, that left me as a sort of persona non grata with respect to election participation. So, like some forbidden fruit, I'm now drawn to the process, perhaps moreso, because of my inability to partake. But despite my inability to cast a vote, I'm not short on opinions.
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Hola Cicely,
Chris in the Morning on KBHR 57AM coming at you from the Borough of Arrowhead. It's a nippy 35 degrees out there this morning, but we're going to get up to a positively balmy sunny 55 later on. (thread)

Mambo Baby - Ruth Brown via @YouTube
It's #Debates2020 night here in Cicely! Yes, the candidates for mayor are squaring off for the 1st time & the town is buzzing with excitement. For those unfamiliar, mayoral elections have been a hotly contested event since Edna Hancock unseated Holling Vincoeur's long-held reign. Image
Yes, we have a mayoralty race, folks. To which I can only add, alea jacta est. 'The die is cast', the battle is joined. Hold on to your hats, Cicely. We're about to bear witness to that sacred rite... Image
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28 Sep
Goooooooood morning, Cicely!
It's Chris in the Morning coming at you from the KBHR studio in beautiful downtown Cicely, Alaska - 57AM on the dial. For some reason, I was thinking of karma when I awoke this morning.

Taxman (Remastered 2009) via @YouTube
Is karma just a disconnected cosmic happenstance, or does it have more to do with principles we all know and understand, like causality? Now, I'm no lawyer, but If we refer to the Brihadaranyaka texts of ancient Hinduism, I think I could make a compelling defense for the latter. Image
To wit,

"Now as a man is like this or like that,
according as he acts and according as he behaves, so will he be;
a man of good acts will become good, a man of bad acts, bad;
he becomes pure by pure deeds, bad by bad deeds"
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27 Sep
Good Sunday morning, Cicely -
It's a brisk 31 degrees out there this morning so get your java brewing, wrap yourself up in your favorite blanket and set a spell while we watch that big ol' sun rise...#northernexposure (thread)

Solea via @YouTube
With these cold nights now descending upon us, the leaves have started their annual fireworks show, and I'm reminded that while we busy ourselves with our lives, our jobs, our little fights and disputes, this blue-green orb we live on is going to just keep turning on its axis... Image
Now, back in West Virginia, my Uncle Roy Bower used to look up at the stars and planets and the immensity of it all and just get overwhelmed. Maybe this is why he kept ending up in the pokey - the confined space and regimented schedule was more to his liking...
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25 Sep
Buenos dias, Cicely -

So I owe everyone an explanation and an apology. Several months ago the toxicity of everything going down, including on this little blue-bird site, started jamming up my chakras in a way I'd not felt in a long time. #northernexposure (thread). Image
As you may remember, the last time I felt that way, I jumped on the Harley & let her take me as far away as she would go, got naked, crawled into a cave & blissed out on enough peyote to stun a small bull.

Toots & Maytals Louie Louie via @YouTube
While I don't have a clear recollection of how well that worked last time, let's just say that it failed pretty dismally THIS time. As it turns out, you can't run away from your problems, and you can't run away from the world's problems either. Image
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