I wonder if the best way to get people learn programming (and mathematics) is by showing people how it can help in something they are really interested in. Of course I'm from an older generation & in my youth few people had access to computers. There were a subset of guys who
wanted to become engineers as it paid well. They used to learn programming in some local sheds where it used to be taught mostly without computers. They would write out code on paper with pencil and on the last day of their course get once chance to enter into real computers
to see if it ran. I found that utter bizarre & unappealing. Hence, rather than following their course I bided my time carrying out biological/astronomical/mathematical/chemical experiments with a hand calculator.But once I got access to a computer I knew exactly what I wanted so
it was relatively easy to instruct the computer in a language that it understood to make it do what I wanted. That way there was a on a goal that drove learning to speak that language. Likewise, if you have use for mathematical manipulations to the degree your IQ permits it can
drive your acquisition of that knowledge. However, I someone had try to instruct me about hardware then start from binary numbers, printing hello world and so on with no objective in sight, I would not have been interested& not stopped paying attention. Likewise with math.

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9 Dec
I have been wanting to do an ongoing thread. To an Arya the entire shruti is inspiring but there are particular sUkta-s and mantra-s that especially so (other students of the shruti might create their own parallel thread of this kind if interested). It is hard to say this is the
most inspiring sUkta. However, to me there is some set which might be called "among the most inspiring" or "the essence of religion". From that set I'll place as first sUkta: RV 2.12: yo jAta eva prathamo manasvAn... of gR^itsamada shaunahotra: It is replete with sublime mantras
It is also found as AV vulgate 20.34. Within it one of the most inspiring R^ik-s are:
dyAvA chid asmai pR^ithivI namete
shuShmAch chid asya parvatA bhayante |
yaH somapA nichito vajrabAhur
yo vajrahastaH sa janAsa indraH ||
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6 Dec
To take of at angle from the original intent of the thread author: Mahanolobis shouldnt be seen in the same light at chAchAjI. Both had their occidental influences. Today some people call statisticians like Mah and Fisher as "racists" but those are modern fancies of left-liberals
Mah's academic research was of high quality and some of it is still used today like his distance measure. His ideas on collecting "big data" & making computation a part of Indian research landscape were on their mark even if implementation failed. Often a good researcher is not a
good administrator and when one becomes "famous" 1 might stop doing hands one research and indulging in administrative travel -- as JBS Haldane said regarding Mah. Has happened to other good Indian scientists too. The uncle on the other hand had deeper issues. He was born in a
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5 Dec
This the mUlamantra of a deity from the yoginItantra period. If you did not have much specific knowledge of the history of yoginItantra-s would you guess who the deity is and which sampradAya the mantra comes from?
The same tantra gives the following dhyAna of its deity along with the 4 yoginI-s.
He is described as having 4 heads, with 3 eyes, of blue color, very fierce, stationed on a corpse with with a garland of skulls, holding a skull, a skull-topped brand, a bow and arrows. The 4 yoginI-s accompanying him are pAtanI of silvery blue color; mAraNI emerald white color
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24 Nov
3 gAyatrI-s of netra-tantra tradition. 1sr is to its focal devatA amR^iteshvara/netranAtha. 2nd to mahesvara as the culmination of the pAshupata tradition or identified with sadAshiva of the Urdhvasrotas. 3rd is to koTarAKSha-bhairava of the dakShiNasrotas @goghritaM
Thus, the conception is of triadic shiva that is inherited from the older pAshupata substratum and also probably reflecting the vaidika antecedent of the tradition in the form of the tryambaka mantra. But why the association of amR^iteshvara with netra - it reminds one of the eye
of mitra and varuNa in the shruti and the one-eyed rudra of the sAmaveda (ekAkSha; also reflected in ekanetra among the saiddhAntika vidyeshvara-s) or Odin farther afield in the IE world. This becomes clear only from the Himalayan tradition that has greatly declined & secondarily
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23 Nov
The organizational capacity and the genius of the founder of the marahaTTa nation appears only very rarely. Further the appearance of one needs a supporting staff to project success. By oneself most genius can only go so far as the case of bAjIrAv-I suggested. The lATeshvara is
not exactly in their league nor does have the staff of the great rAjan. Thus, the lATeshvara, however good he may be by himself, is more vulnerable to the consequences of following bad advice. He may not willfully commit to bad advice but most bad ideas are like the virus. They
can catch you like a disease. Like the story of the current CoV, both you and your enemy might catch the memetic viruses but like duHshAsana's son rising before abhimanyu the enemy can can get up before you & club you to death. I posit that H will go through such a turn when the
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21 Nov
While some have expressed surprise that this question should be negatively answered concerns let us emphatically state concerns are valid. 1st there is nothing strange about the consumption of bovine excreta and fecal matter. It is a common adaptation seen across pastoralists of
different origins. We know our Indo-European strand of ancestry on the steppes did so; African cattle-breeding tribes do so; it will not be surprising if the Harappans & south Indian Ash mound tribes did something like that given that they were cattle rearers too. Urine & fecal
matter, each probably had their own adaptive significance. In the case of former some metabolites might have had useful physiological effect. Well collected mid-stream urine would not have much of health issues due to being mostly sterile. The shit might have had value in
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