Here’s one, @NewtonMark @sexenheimer @dobes @rohan_p @cameronwilson. I particularly like the phrase “a jumble of gobbledygook”. HT @JustinianNews.

Ross James Bradley before the Queensland Court of Appeal.… (PDF)
@NewtonMark @sexenheimer @dobes @rohan_p @cameronwilson @JustinianNews Said jumble of gobbledegook in close-up.
@NewtonMark @sexenheimer @dobes @rohan_p @cameronwilson @JustinianNews In 2018, Mr Bradley tried to argue that the Census and Statistics Act 1905 (Cth) didn’t apply to him.…
@NewtonMark @sexenheimer @dobes @rohan_p @cameronwilson @JustinianNews In 2017 he sued Malcolm Turnbull arguing that something about the Queen not existing, or something. Also something about vaccinations and the Vatican.…
@NewtonMark @sexenheimer @dobes @rohan_p @cameronwilson @JustinianNews In 2016, something about road tolls and the Vatican again. And “natural persons”. Of course.…
@NewtonMark @sexenheimer @dobes @rohan_p @cameronwilson @JustinianNews And another great judicial live from 2017: “I am satisfied that this appeal should be struck out, rather than having the respondent and perhaps other parties vexed by its ongoing existence.”…

• • •

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11 Dec
Ah yes, “could” is such a useful word.

“I could inflate myself with nitrous oxide until I balloon up to blot out the Moon, rendering overpaid News Corp propagandists powerless.” #planetjanet
Also, Jason Falinski is 50yo so not “young” by any normal definition. Still, if the Liberal Party’s “Aussie Squad” is four broadly interchangeable white men aged 33yo to 50yo with tediously predictable life experiences then I think even the ALP can rest a little easier.
Yes, even the ALP.
Read 4 tweets
10 Dec
I saw a juvenile magpie so I took out a handful of fatty meat scraps to give to it. Within minutes I had ten magpies at my feet squabbling for them. Now I’ve run out, and I have a gang of expectant magpies outside. Some of them, like this one, are watching me through the window.
Please excuse the dirty window.
There’s a bunch of sub-threads off the first tweet here, but I will add here that some currawongs arrived but it’s all too late. Still, they’re having a good peck at the honey seed block that was put out on Wednesday I think it was.
Read 4 tweets
10 Dec
“Budget blowouts: offshore processing costs $1.2bn for fewer than 300 people”…

Which is to say, Australia spends around $4 million on making a person miserable. Including children.
Also, Pezzullo being helpful. Seriously, Mr Pezzullo, you may not be a “walking abacus”, but we do have laptop computers and you or a minion could have just looked it up.
Also, doing numbers are hard.
Read 5 tweets
9 Dec
The House of Reps Inquiry into options for financing faster rail has tabled its report.… Ping @jxeeno @aussiewongm @JohnB @NewtonMark.
@jxeeno @aussiewongm @JohnB @NewtonMark Oh right. The entire set of recommendations is that the federal and state governments should work out to do some sort of real estate scam to pay for high-speed rail… ImageImage
@jxeeno @aussiewongm @JohnB @NewtonMark “Hey guys, real estate prices went up around the Badgerys Creek airport so we should do something like that, somehow. Someone should go work that out.” Image
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9 Dec
HELP ME! Image
That’s better. Image
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7 Dec
Sure, but deaths at Pearl Harbor totalled 2,403. US deaths from Covid-19 is 282,000 and counting. Now there’s a comparison.
If I can be harsh, let’s just say that Pearl Harbor is basically a rounding error when compared with what’s happening in the US today. I don’t say this to diminish the sacrifices of 1941. I say this to express my horror of what is happening in 2020.
More that quarter of a million dead in the US. I have trouble comprehending this. How high would those corpses be piled on the South Lawn? In other contexts this would be a crime against humanity and we’d be taking chained-up people to the Hague.
Read 7 tweets

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