My tweet March 18:

Where? Where do you get tested?
Reply from Mark Urban (BBC)
No simple answer to that yet Michael, it will still be largely hospital based. They are still very short of testing kits, but I would be surprised if testing doesn’t rise well above 25k a day in time
March 20
Day 5 No change.All food and drink tastes like metallic sick. Shakes. Aches. Beware paracetomol o/d. Sweats.
March 21
Day 6 Someone has outsourced their barking dog Lukewarm water is a definite comfort. Not so many aches and shakes.
Mar 22
Day7 Can’t stop my thermostat from crashing:icy hands, hot head.Freezing cold sweats.Under the covers for bed-breaking shakes. Image of war hero biting on a hankie, while best mate plunges live charcoal into the wound to cauterise it.Emerge as dawn breaks over grape stalks
March 23
Day 8 Have had no chest pains No persistent cough So all along it could have been a heavy flu and not corona. Today the fevers are ebbing. In their place a deep muscle exhaustion. In every corner.
March 24
Day 9 starts with morning of endless thirsts. Fevers controlled by meds. Even my eyelids complaining they’re tired. Every other muscle from toes to scalp shouting, And me. And me. And me. And me.
March 25
Day 10 Salivary glands have packed up. All usual diluting, softening, moistening functions gone. Pancake mode offers relief: that is, lying as flat as one for as long as possible.
March 26
Day 11 Gallons of water. Extreme feebleness. Heaven can be a blob of houmous.
March 27
Day 12 The year’s seasons roll by in a night: sweats, freezes, sweats, freezes. Wondered whose mouth I had: I didn’t remember it as made of sandpaper. Water is as good as ever.

• • •

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2 Nov
Just in case there are people who want to make me into a lock down zealot, I'll just say that I don't know anymore than any other non-expert whether that's the right thing to do now, or whether it should have been better some time ago. That's for real experts.
What I am much more clear about is that if test, trace and isolate, along with masks, wash and social distance had all been in place in March and continued to be in place, we would have and could save lives and #longcovid
A crucial factor to feed into this is the relative success or failure of medication for people who get Covid. Word of mouth from a consultant told me that in the early stages, they had great difficulty in figuring out how or why this virus works in the body and what could beat it
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2 Sep
At the time that 'Rule Britannia' was written, 'Britons never...will be slaves' was a triumphalist cry that 'we' were superior to those who were slaves - the peoples forcibly taken from Africa to the Caribbean and the Americas where they were bought and sold and forced to labour
There have been loud objections to the satirical use (or misuse) of the Nazi slogan 'Arbeit macht frei' as it was felt that it was an insult to the descendants of Nazi victims. Surely 'Rule Britannia' is as much if not worse an insult to the descendants of slaves.
Benjamin Zephaniah made clear on @BBCRadio4 #WorldAtOne that these kinds of words and statues that celebrate the perpetrators of slavery stand in triumph over him and are an insult to him @BZephaniah
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15 Mar
1/ The immunity principle works on the basis that a person produces enough antibodies to consume the virus and the body retains the capacity to produce these specific antibodies should more of that virus enter the body.
2/ The problem with e.g. the polio virus was that it even though some people seem to have immunity, a socially unacceptable number of people did not. The 'herd' did not produce enough people who were immune. Only the vaccine which artificially produces immunity...
3/ ...cut the 'success' of the polio virus down and in many countries 'out'. The vaccine works on the basis of creating a 'false infection' ie very mild, but the person produces the antibodies which then in most cases are there in the body should some polio virus turn up.
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11 Dec 19
1/ Hi John. You DM'd me in October with this:
"All meetings and letters will be available for public scrutiny . No antisemitism by anyone will be left unchallenged . As indep advisor I will not be giving a running commentary on Corbyn, Williamson , Rees Mogg or anyone else ....
2/But I put everything in writing, so you will have the opportunity to assess.
@LordJohnMann 3/You said that you wouldn't 'be giving a running commentary...' and yet, when I look at your timeline, it's full of retweets and comments. You've given the example of Rees-Mogg: not a thing. Why would that be? @LordJohnMann
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10 Dec 19
Hello again, John. Do you remember you DM'd me, reassuring me that you were dealing with the Rees-Mogg matter and that you won't be commenting on individual cases. So far, though, nothing in Rees-Mogg and lots of comments on individual cases. @LordJohnMann
@LordJohnMann As this was several weeks ago and we have an election coming up, it does seem like a very strange case of selectivity going on. You seem to have left out or overlooked Rees-Mogg (and other cases) from your tweets. @LordJohnMann
@LordJohnMann To be honest John, given that you are (as far as I know) being paid by us to be the 'Antisemitism Tsar' I'm finding it troubling that you're not interested in Johnson's history of antisemitic tropes, editing of 'Taki', Rees-Mogg's jibes, Cummings's dog-whistling of Goldman Sachs
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3 Dec 19
On Oct10 you wrote to me: "As indep advisor I will not be giving a running commentary on Corbyn, Williamson , Rees Mogg or anyone else." Nov 15 on your time line you commented on an individual case of a Tory candidate you deemed to be antisemitic. What's going on? @LordJohnMann
@LordJohnMann If you are in fact commenting on individual cases, could you please comment on Suella Braverman, Crispin Blunt, Toby Young, Priti Patel, Toby Young, Rees-Mogg and Dominic Cummings. Look forward to reading what you have to say: @LordJohnMann
@LordJohnMann The thing is, John, you are a public servant. We are paying your salary to investigate antisemitism. Twitter is a public place where you put out statements. I have correctly quoted you but it's in contradiction with what you are doing. Can you explain #PublicLifeStandards
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