@Heretictus @AncientRedwood @Digitalis_Man You sue, you demand investigations, you vote them out, you demand the legislature investigate & write new laws, you run for office, you publicize the issues with press conferences, meetings, & papers, you call & email & write your representatives, you have rallies, . . .
@Heretictus @AncientRedwood @Digitalis_Man . . . you build coalitions, you create programs to teach people about the issue, you keep pushing your point. Do you think it was any less existential that women couldn’t vote, for example? /2
@Heretictus @AncientRedwood @Digitalis_Man Resorting to using the military to resolve legal issues & particularly those involving elections is to abandon the constitution altogether. There is no basis for doing that now. /3
@Heretictus @AncientRedwood @Digitalis_Man If what you’re asking is what is the immediate mechanism to making Nevada for example redo its election because of its voter roll problems, the answer is there isn’t one. That can’t be fixed now. It can only be fixed going forward. /4
@Heretictus @AncientRedwood @Digitalis_Man We have lost our ability to tolerate for any length of time things that we think are wrong. That is juvenile. That’s one of the things we correctly fault progressives for. It doesn’t mean you accept things that are wrong, of course. It means you have to work to correct them. /5
@Heretictus @AncientRedwood @Digitalis_Man Only children think problems that are complex can be made to go away through easy solutions or by resorting to some overwhelming authority figure or power who will straighten things out quickly. That’s not how life works after kindergarten. /6
@Heretictus @AncientRedwood @Digitalis_Man We need to demand accountability from our leaders & if they won’t give it, then we pick new leaders. We need to appeal to the principles of our fellow citizens to agree with us that reforms are needed & demand that the authorities undertake them or be voted out. /7

• • •

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20 Dec
I know people are angry & upset. I am also. We face an existential crisis in our governance, our institutions & our values. And, it is made worse because our opponents are in denial about this or they know it & are for it. We must face this moment with courage & conviction./1
One thing we must do to conquer this challenge is renew our own commitments to our republican form of government, to our institutions & to our American values. Do not lose hope; do not lose faith in what we believe in; do not lose courage in the face of these adversities. /2
But we also need to be doing some things differently & be doing some new things. Each generation of Americans has had to adapt our great experiment to its times. We can as well. Our values & our institutions are true & good. They will endure if we defend them. /3
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9 Dec
Flynn case. J.Sullivan’s memorandum opinion on the Rule 48 motion to dismiss is completely inappropriate & he knows it. That motion was mooted by the pardon. In order to try & hide that fact, he coupled his order on that motion w/his order on the motion to dismiss for mootness.
He’s making it superficially look like the opinion relates to the mootness (pardon) motion, but it does not. It’s an opinion on the Rule 48 motion, not the mootness (pardon) motion. By putting those two motions together in one order, he obscures that distinction.
This is even clearer when compared to the other minute order he issued at the same time, which ruled that all the other pending motions were moot. The order on the Rule 48 motion should have been grouped with those too. It’s moot just like they are because of the pardon.
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2 Dec
Not voting absents you from the democratic process.

No matter how flawed, how damaged, how frustrating, CLING to the democratic process & your sacred right to vote.

Never surrender them. Hold on to them as if your life & the fate of republic depend on them - because they do.🇺🇸
These men fought & died, so we could vote. Never surrender the vote. /1
These men fought & died so we could vote. Never surrender the vote. /2
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2 Dec
Pardons for political contributions case. So here is a link to the partially unsealed ruling from Judge Howell today about this investigation. She is the Chief of the DC District Court. She handles the grand jury materials/issues.


After reading the redacted ruling, I can tell you a few things. First, Judge Howell did NOT find that any lawyer engaged in "crime-fraud" and permit the seized materials to be reviewed on that basis. Rather, she said there was no attorney client privilege in the messages. /2
So a little explanation. When the govt seizes your documents or devices & it finds that you have communications with a lawyer, there are procedures to screen the trial team from those potentially attorney-client privileged communications. /3
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1 Dec
Flynn case. So this afternoon the govt filed a consent (meaning Flynn already agreed) motion to dismiss his case based on mootness due to the pardon from DJT. Motion is here:

The pardon was filed as an exhibit to the motion. It's here: drive.google.com/file/d/1TN4G02…

This pleading legally advises the court of the pardon, which does in fact moot the case. There's NO legal basis for Judge Sullivan to deny this motion. Think I might have been tempted to file something other than a "motion" myself, so as not to be actually asking for anything. /3
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22 Nov
So people know where I stand: I don’t read Q or follow anything Q. I don’t “believe” in Q. From what little I’ve seen indirectly, it appears to me to be a LARP and/or a troll. I definitely don’t & won’t take it seriously. If you do, that’s your prerogative; it’s a free country./1
In terms of the “Deep State,” I have a perspective on that. I’ve lived & worked in & around DC since at least 93 dealing extensively w/the federal govt - by representing people against it. /2
I do not believe in an intentional conspiracy of any kind by or amongst government employees or appointees & other DC centered peoole, much less one involving pedophiles. /3
Read 5 tweets

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