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23 Dec, 16 tweets, 7 min read
I doubled down on angel investing over the past 6 months.

Invested $600k in the past 6 months into 8 startups... for anyone interested in startup investing - a few standout companies and spaces
🇮🇳 INDIA - 2 of the co's were in India, I believe both will be $1B+

@mydukaanapp is building shopify for india (3M+ stores created in 5 months)

@wiseapplive gives teachers a digital classroom (to teach & earn money) that works even on 2G phones. 5x'd growth since we invested.
Remote Work -

I think there is both a huge opportunity AND a ton of garbage in this space right now.

Because 30M engineers all simultaneously experienced the pain points of remote work, and started building tools to solve it.

Lots of crap, but a few gems..
Remote Work 💎

@usebubbles - I take like 1000 screenshots a day, and then do 10 steps to show it to my team.

It's janky and requires a ton of back & forth. Bubbles makes this experience so smooth. It's one of those tools like Figma.. once you use it, it's hard to go back.
@DashworksAI - put a big check ($250k) into this one. Every remote co needs an intra-net (to easily search for files, people, or read announcements).

Idea been tried a million times, but nobody's cracked it. Like every work chat tool before slack. I think they have a shot.
At Home Fitness is also blowing up due to COVID.

@myYogaTeacher is a company we found that is doing at home yoga instruction. Super clever. They match you with yogis in india so you can get 1:1 classes from an expert, at half the cost of a group class. Better + Cheaper = Win.
@FitnessAI_ is a co I invested in because @jakemor is a A+++ founder. It's an app for people who want to build muscle faster.

Personal Trainer = $100 per HOUR
Fitness AI = $100 per YEAR

Uses whatever equip you have at home.

Better + Cheaper = Win.
For both of those companies, they're already doing 7 figures a year in recurring revenue...How do they get to $100m+/year?

They need roughly 1M customers.

65M americans have gym memberships.

Will 2% of those people have a membership to a digital fitness app? I think so.
And sometimes I just close my eyes and invest:

eg. Bet on serial founders who've built $1b companies before (eg. @gaganbiyani 's new ed tech company)


Join later stage deals of co's that have escape velocity and the founder is friendly & lets me in (eg. @italic)
Now lets do some Good Decisions / Bad Decisions:


@zlwaterfield the guy is a monster! great scout. I think he referred like 20% of this year's YC batch

@RomeenSheth super deep, strategic thinker. I'm impulsive & gut driven. He is logical & analytical. Great balance
BAD Decisions. I've got 4

1/ I took a "wait and see" approach a few times, and ended up investing later, at a 2-3x higher price point.

Better to be early & be OK w/ being wrong more often.

2/ I wish I owned more of each company. Right now avg ~0.8% , going to aim for 1.5-2%
3/ I created a rolling fund so any accredited investor can invest alongside me.

We hit $2.5M really fast (3 weeks) so I panicked and cut it off at 75 investors.

I shoulda kept it open to get to the 99 max cap allowed.

Going to re-open in Jan to fill the last 24 spots!
4/ SECONDARIES - I really wanna own secondary shares in @stripe, @coinbase , etc.. But haven't ever done this before and need to learn how to do it properly. plz teach me if you've done this a bunch.
thank you to all the founders who let me invest in your companies. Startups are one of the only asset classes where it's not just the investor who picks the asset...the asset also picks the investor.

The game theory of that ^ dynamic is fascinating.
At the end of the day, startup investing is like an MBA that pays you.

You get to learn about business & technology, while making money (aiming to ~4-5x our money in 10 years)

Companies or spaces I want to be in - but was late to the party: 😤

- Collectables: @OnRallyRd , @RealWhatnot , @MasterworksIO

- FinTech: (eg. @pipe)

- ClimateTech

- Vertical Labor Market (@rigup, @JoinIncredible

- AI Girlfriends (@MyReplika )

• • •

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21 Dec
Reading this article, the story sounds pretty wild. But I spent a weird amount of time with Martin Shkreli, and I’m not surprised the journalist fell in love w him

A few years back my team built an app called Blab. It was like clubhouse before clubhouse.
When he first joined the app I had no idea who he was. I just saw that his live streams instantly had 3-4K viewers. More than anyone on our tiny platform.

I googled him and it came up: “Martin Shkreli, most hated man in America”

I assumed he was bad news
And he was... but also he wasn’t.

He was a douchebag, but he was in on the joke. He was a dick, but he was also very entertaining.

In the mornings he would live stream himself analyzing stocks or walking through drug discovery pathways.
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21 Dec
So I thought the whole "paid newsletter" thing was dumb.

So naturally, I tried it out as an experiment.. The results were kinda nutty. The newsletter started bringing home $49k per month (!) -- Here's the backstory
"what was the newsletter about?"

Well - for the past year, I've been doing a podcast called My First Million. Gimmicky name, but whatever.

It's a pod where me and @theSamParr (and friends like @awilkinson @_jacksmith etc.) brainstorm business ideas based on trends we see
Anyways - the podcast has gotten pretty big. We do over 350k downloads/month.

People like listening to us shoot the shit, brainstorming ideas.

But as the nearest schmuck will tell you - ideas aren't shit without execution!

The problem is - execution is less sexy.
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16 Dec
How to find a mentor, in 3 easy steps, without making a fool of yourself
#1 - Work on something interesting. Just by picking a unique project/mission, you will get interesting people interested in you.
#2 - Don't ask someone to be your mentor. It's awkward.

Instead - ask for their opinion on a specific situation.

Eg. I just graduated & am debating between these two jobs. I'm torn. I respect you, what would you do?
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13 Dec
1/ OK - Here's a free startup idea that can make ~$10M/year in profit.

No coding required. Just pure hustle.

If someone legit wants to run with it. I'll put up the cash - you do the work.

Here's the idea (and the numbers behind it)👇
2/ Let's create "The Combine" for youth sports.

This is a mashup of two things that parents are obsessed with:

1/ competitive youth sports
2/ standardized testing.

Let's break it down...
3/ Parents in America spend a small fortune ($20B/year) on competitive youth sports.

They pay for things like league fees, equipment, travel to tournaments, photos, coaches/trainers etc.

This starts as early as age ~6-8.
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10 Dec
Check this out. @DavidDobrik just created a puzzle.

1/ The puzzle costs $30
2/ 1st person to finish the puzzle & take a pic wins $100k
3/ He sold 7500 in 1 hour

7500 x $30 = $225k in 1 hour.

I think it hits 50,000 units. $1.5M revenue

85% margin $1.2M profit
Having free, mass distribution opens up so many doors.

This product will make him a million bucks, while also making him more popular

So he can do something like this again.
ht to @benmlevy for showing me this
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4 Nov
Media predicted a landslide (wrong)

And most people who vote Biden feel like the vote should be closer to 100:0 rather than 50:50

1) How are all the experts SO wrong, AGAIN?
2) Why does half the country want to vote for Trump??

here's my 2c:
being wrong is usually a case of having incorrect assumptions.

I see 4 assumptions I think most people got wrong. Let's call these the 4 Myths:
Myth #1: People vote based on policy

Reality: People for the more charismatic candidate

Trump is the most charismatic candidate ever.

The more charismatic candidate usually wins (Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Raegan etc.)

Television enabled this. Social media was steroids
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