The Ohio State QB history is so perplexing. Since 1980, they’ve had 20 different QBs lead the team in passing & list includes some elite college guys, but the only one to start more than 5 games and finish with a winning record in the NFL is… Mike Tomczak, who went undrafted.
Meanwhile, of those 20 QBs, 13 were drafted, but just two in the first round — two of the all-time busts.

Art Schlicter & Dwayne Haskins.

Schlicter, 0-8 as an NFL starter.
Haskins, 3-9.
Cardale Jones won a national title. Troy Smith a Heisman. JT Barrett, Braxton Miller, Terrelle Pryor… all terrific college QBs. They combined for 18 NFL starts.
And you can’t peg this to a coach or system… This is a 40-year track record where the most successful post college QB from one of the top programs in the country is Kirk Herbstreit.
I also want to say… there is ZERO reason to think any of this should matter for how teams evaluate Justin Fields. These are independent variables. It’s just inexplicable that this has happened over such a long period of time for so many QBs.

• • •

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19 Nov
Me and @aadelsonESPN spent 4 months talking to more than 4 dozen people for an autopsy on FSU's fall from dominance. I hope you'll read the story. But wanted to share a little more insight here, too. A quick 🧵……
@aadelsonESPN First, this story is unique to FSU because Tallahassee is a unique place & the Seminoles are a unique brand. But many of the lessons of FSU's downturn are evident in what's happening at Texas, Michigan, Nebraska and elsewhere. Making a CFB program work at an elite level is HARD.
@aadelsonESPN The key to success is two-fold: You have to have the right people win the right roles, and all those people have to be pulling in the same direction. That sounds simple but it's not. Think of the motivations for each power player in FSU's story...
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Hi, Coronabro here. Let's talk a bit about how things are going with college football and the virus. A thread...
With the Saban news & another round of game postponements, it's getting tougher and tougher to suggest this is all going well. But is it going badly? Was playing a bad idea? It's hard to say because we have no established metric for success. That's by design.
But lets start with Saban. Could he coach on Saturday? It's funny that this was not a question when Mike Norvell had to sit out, but here's what @CFBHeather wrote yesterday.
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15 Oct
Highest % explosive plays (vs FBS, min 2 games)

1 Bama, 21.65%
2 UNC, 18.91%
3 Miss, 18.61%
4 UF, 18.03%
5 Clemson, 17.92%
6 BYU, 17.89%
7 VT, 17.14%
13 GT, 14.63%
36 Okla, 12.4%
28 UGA, 12.13%
42 Pitt, 11.84%
66 UVA, 8.56%
68 Cuse, 7.66%
72 Cincy, 6.43%
Lowest % explosive allowed
1 Marshall, 5.15%
2 Baylor, 6.37%
3 UGA, 6.77%
4 Army, 7.45%
5 Miss St, 7.46%
6 BYU, 7.52%
8 UNC, 7.52%
9 Clemson, 9.18%
10 Arkansas, 9.88%
15 Pitt, 10.42%
25 Miami, 11.73%
48 FSU, 13.27%
50 Aub, 13.51%
65 Lville, 16.3%
71 Wake, 20%
72 Miss, 21.92%
Net explosive play rate
1 UNC, 10.46%
2 BYU, 10.37%
3 Bama, 9.79%
4 Clemson, 8.74%
5 Marshall, 6.88%
6 ULL, 6.77%
7 UF, 6.12%
8 UGA, 5.36%
17 ND, 3.32%
19 NCSU, 1.96%
20 Miami, 1.94%
31 VT, 1.09%
50 A&M, -2.07%
54 FSU, -3.01%
67 UVA, -6.32%
71 Navy, -9.5%
72 Wake, -11.08%
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14 Aug
Spoke with Miami U president Julio Frenk today. He said Miami has had zero positive tests in last 3 rounds of testing. Some other tidbits... (thread...)
Frenk is former Minister of Health in Mexico. On the current situation: "I've had a long career in making decisions and this is the toughest because of all the unknowns we still have and how dynamically this is evolving."
On the future of the season: "I don't think we've made any final decisions. ... We're aware that the pandemic is still a huge and very serious threat. If we see things changing, we're ready to change and be adaptive. We're not locked into a rigid decision making frame."
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15 Jun
This tweet got me thinking a lot about how we tell the human stories of college athletes and it’s really required me to take a hard look at the process. Adam’s larger issue is 100% right but I want to address "tragic stories overcome” trope, which runs deep. A (long) thread (1/x)
First, since he's mentioned in Adam's tweet, let me say that there's no nicer human in this biz than Tom Rinaldi, so NONE of this is a critique of him. Rather, its a critique of me and (hopefully) a point to consider for all of us who tell stories for a living (2/x)
I like to fancy myself a feature writer. Maybe not a good one, but it's the part of the job that gives me the most satisfaction. The best advice I've ever gotten is that all stories are stories about people & features let me tell the best people stories. (3/x)
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2 Dec 19
Quick thread on the ACC’s terribleness.

Wake Forest had 10-win talent this year if it stayed healthy. It didn’t.

BC had 10-win talent last year, but there were holes, too, and it fell short.

NC State was very good in 2017 but not quite at Clemson level.
Those results shouldn't be surprising because while smaller ACC programs have done a great job of developing talent, it's nearly impossible for them to develop talent AND depth, so everything has to go perfectly for them to approach Clemson.
Cuse, Miami, FSU, UNC & VT have all had 10-win seasons in the past 5 years & UVA could do that this year. NC State, Lou & GT have had 9 win seasons.

The problem is, outside of Clemson, it hasn't been repeatable.
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