Five hours ago Joe Biden said climate change will "threaten... literally, the existence of our planet" — if, that is, we don't take global action

That is as false as anything Twitter or Facebook have censored

And nobody in media have fact-checked it

Until now

First, climate change does NOT threaten "the very existence of our planet"

That is ridiculous. Not even the most ridiculous apocalyptic environmentalists say that

There was once the idea that Earth could become like Venus but nobody even believes that any more
A well-known climate scientist once told me that he & colleagues had attempted to model what it would take to create a Venus atmosphere on Earth with CO2 emissions. It required dedicating more that total GDP globally to the task simply of pumping CO2 into atmosphere
But Venus aside, there isn't even a science *fiction* scenario where climate change "literally threatens the existence of our planet"

How would such a thing even occur? There's not even a mechanism. The worst anyone could imagine was Venus and Venus still exists.

Moving on..
Biden said, "Without clear approach from other... emitters... storms will continue to worsen"

False again!

- Deaths from hurricanes have declined 90% in 100 years

- Every major scientific review says deaths from disasters *will continue to decline*

In fact, deaths from natural disasters are at their lowest level in 120 years

Just 2,900 people died from natural disasters in the first half of 2020, which is far lower than the average figures for the last decade

Neither the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) nor any other reputable scientific body predicts a reversal in the long-term trend of declining deaths, even if temperatures rise another three degrees or more.
“If you read IPCC reports, there’s no hint that we will be overwhelmed and incapable of responding,” notes world-leading IPCC-cited expert @RogerPielkeJr

“Even under the most extreme scenarios of climate change, future disasters will look a lot like today’s.”
Won't storms become more frequent?No!

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts the maximum intensity of Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms will rise 5% in the 21st Century but their frequency *will decline* 25%…
“Hurricanes in the future may be more intense than today’s hurricanes but in the context of a 90% reduction in vulnerability, our disaster preparedness dwarfs the change in whatever your favorite hurricane metric is.”

What about fires, sea level rise, tipping point catastrophes?

- Well-managed forests survive fires fine

- 0.6 m (2 ft) sea level rise over 100 years very manageable

- Wars, disease, asteroids are far, far greater threat


Climate change is real but it's not the end of the world

And we have many far worse problems:

- 2B trapped in extreme poverty

- 70,000+ drug OD deaths/year

- Untreated mentally ill homeless

- Housing shortage

- China

- Recovery from pandemic
And while things are going in the wrong direction on the above problems, CO2 emissions

- peaked in Germany, Britain, and France in mid-1970s

- peaked in U.S. over a decade ago

- may have peaked globally…
And there is no scientific scenario under which climate change returns humankind to the living standards of 250 years ago, when most of our ancestors were poor farmers, life expectancy was 40, and only a small minority of people were truly free.…
If journalists who spent the last several years fact-checking @realDonaldTrump on climate change hope to retain any legitimacy, they must call out and criticize Biden's grossly inaccurate claim.
If @Jack @Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg @Facebook are going to flag content for being inaccurate, much less "misleading," for non-partisan and non-political reasons, then they must flag Biden's statement as totally inaccurate.
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11 Dec
The New York Times is claiming in a long, front-page story today that recent fires killed "countless ancient redwoods" in California

The claim is false and should be immediately corrected

There is no evidence that the fire killed even a single ancient redwood tree

As background, I love ancient redwood forests and helped save California's last significant grove of ancient redwoods in private hands between 1996 - 1999

This summer, I was the first to debunk claims that fires had killed ancient redwoods…
“The protected trees, some 2,500 years old, were nearly wiped out by loggers in the 1800s,” claimed CBS News’ @JonVigliotti

“Now human-caused climate change has damaged or destroyed many of these ancient giants.”
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30 Nov
As a lifelong environmental activist I am horrified that some young people say they may not have children because of climate change

The truth is that *most* trends relating to climate change & the environment are headed in the right direction!

First, some context: humans are doing better than ever:

- extreme poverty declined from 44% to 10% btwn 1981 - 2015;

- infant mortality declined from 43% to just 4%!

- Life expectancy rose from 40 to 70

- Human population growth rate has crashed; we're having fewer children
We are more resilient than ever:

- Deaths from natural disasters declined over 90%

- We produce 25% more food than we need — our largest surpluses in history

And there is no scientific scenario for either of those trends to reverse themselves, even with high levels of warming
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25 Nov
Fact check: False!

US carbon emissions have been declining, including under Trump, thanks mainly to the fracking revolution.

It had nothing to do with our allies.
In the U.S., the share of electricity coming from coal declined from 45% to 25% between 2010 and 2019 not because of "our allies" but because natural gas become cheap due to the natural gas fracking revolution
In fact, the carbon intensity of energy — the amount of carbon emissions per unit of energy — has been declining for *150 years*

It has nothing to do with "our allies."
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21 Nov
Nuclear waste is the best kind of waste. All of it ever produced can fit on a single football field. It never hurts anyone & never will. It will be recycled in future reactors

Nice to see stridently anti-nuclear @SenatorReid acknowledge that it is safe where it is!
By contrast, solar produces 200-300x more waste than nuclear plants

And all of these solar panels will go to the landfill since it’s not economical to recycle them:
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16 Nov
Everything they say about renewables is wrong. They

- worsen poverty & inequality

- send our wealth to China

- destroy the environment

If Biden cared about jobs, national security & climate change he would fight for a Green Nuclear Deal!

Please share!

I am happy to report exciting news!

- We have promoted Zion Lights @ziontree to Europe Director of Environmental Progress!

- We are proud to help @Madi_Czerwinski launch her Campaign for a Green Nuclear Deal!…
Zion joined EP in June to campaign for the construction of two new full-sized reactors at Sizewell in Britain.

Her work shifted the narrative around nuclear in the UK and made the case to lawmakers in the country’s leading newspapers.
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30 Oct
Massive pro-nuclear victory!!

BBC reports that the British government will give the green light to build two new reactors at Sizewell!

This is a huge victory for Environmental Progress & in particular @ziontree our Europe Director

Please share!…
@ziontree I met Zion last year when she was spokesperson for radical UK climate group, Extinction Rebellion

When it became clear Sizewell was the most important nuclear project in the world, I reached out to her, and ended up hiring her, a story I describe here.

@ziontree Zion campaigned relentlessly for Sizewell, writing articles for Britain's largest newspapers, participating, appearing in public debates, and organizing a pro-nuclear swim protest in front of Sizewell to underscore the safety of nuclear…
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