I have no issue facing the fact that we have been unable to stop Brexit from happening but no amount of desperate self delusion spouted by MPs will hide the fact that Britain has damaged its own prospects by leaving the biggest trading bloc in the world!
There is nothing in the short or medium term that can make up for the financial hole that this government have led the UK into. The EU is not going to fall apart it will only get stronger. To abandon the privileged position of being a powerful voice inside it was stupid!
The only thing we can do is damage limitation at least in the short/medium term. Everything is now harder for virtually every business sector you can think of. But more than that I believe the UK will get lonely in its isolation.
The sad fact is we are already diminished in the eyes of a world which elsewhere is actually embracing closer alliances and partnerships with their neighbours.
The most obvious and urgent global challenge - climate change - can only be tackled successfully in partnership with our neighbours.
Issues such as resolving fair tax policies to make powerful international corporations pay their share can only happen by cooperation.
The flows of people we can expect to see looking for something better will grow because of climate change. Again finding human and generous responses to these crises are best done by partners together, something I hope EU members will continue to strive to find solutions.
There is nothing to celebrate today. I don’t want to end the year pessimistically. I think we will find a path back but it will take time and resilience and as #BrexitReality unfolds and lives are touched and the demographic shifts perhaps we will see a way to make the change.

• • •

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23 Dec 20
Kelvin Mackenzie’s tweet just goes to show that the only weapon for brexit extremists to retain their power base is hate - the spreading of hate. They lost all the rational arguments. These are the same people who wanted to use wave machines to repel dinghies with human beings.
They are the same people who told lies about the city of Liverpool. They are the same people who wanted to cut money from disabled people. They are the same people who don’t approve of feeding deprived children.
They are the same people who approved of the bedroom tax knowing that without the right balance of housing stock available that homelessness would rise.
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19 Dec 20
Thanks to the ridiculous general election we have a government who are delivering nothing but mess mess mess! I don’t care what any of you say it was absolutely the right thing to fight for a second referendum and parliament should have supported that instead of damaging the UK!
It was the only pathway to returning to a level headed sensible politics! I hope there are politicians and ex mps who will genuinely search their consciences and understand the bad choices they made in indulging the English nativist brexit fiasco with their indifference/support
I have examined my journey and I conclude that fundamentally we followed the only campaign path we could. The British public are now waking up to the fact that they were conned. It was the job of all MPs to look after their constituents first and not their own jobs or parties.
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12 Dec 20
I keep hearing a naive argument from Tory MPs & their cheerleaders that no deal won’t affect so many businesses but they are being completely dishonest about the realities of business in the 21st century. We are all interconnected and rely on the overall health of the economy 1/
Those companies who export are directly affected - if they lose business

1. they lose jobs
2. They stop investing
3. They pay less tax
4. They spend less in their GB based supply chains which in turn leads to 1-3 in those companies
5. They spend less with service companies which in turn leads to 1-3 in those companies
6. The laid off staff in all 3 parts of industry have less money to spend in the local economy which in turn leads to 1-3 in those companies

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12 Dec 20
So many parts of this totally outstanding. But mainly it reminded me why we started organising in earnest in our communities in 2018 and got behind a second referendum. We recognised that the push from government was from the start always going to lead to this precipice. 1/
There was never a soft Brexit option and as we learned more and more about the nitty gritty it was a totally pointless option anyway. The strings were being pulled by the ERG, the tail was wagging the dog. 2/
There were too many politicians in parliament unwilling to tell the truth to their constituents, and that is what we tried to do. To get our local MPs to tell the truth by trying to shine a light on the truth within our constituencies. 3/
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11 Dec 20
The brexiters journey in gifs

Boris Johnson in referendum campaign - 2 speeches
After he has chosen a side
Core message - blame the foreigners
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23 Nov 20
Learned something new watching #hospital which was about the amazing organ transplant work they do. It seems that Eu governments pay for their citizens to get specialist treatment in the UK, so putting money into the system and also sometimes supply organs for British patients.
There is also a reciprocal arrangement whereby British patients can be sent to the EU. These cooperative arrangements have averted premature deaths.
So after all that scaremongering that brexiters did about health tourism making Brits think they are being had by those forens, it seems in fact, the NHS - and therefore British patients and taxpayers - benefit in a very genuine way from overseas patients.
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