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Happy birthday in Brexit land! 😡

I spent around 5 hours on this website yesterday trying to help an elderly relative who wanted to send a parcel with birthday presents.

And I wanted to share the joy with you all, because or highlights the #BrexitDisaster!
We have all heard about issues companies have been facing, importing & exporting has become a nightmare and many businesses had to close down.
But even private people who want to send parcels to relatives have to fill out customs declarations with custom codes for each item now.
Imagine what happens if say an old wee granny wants to send a birthday present to their grandchild.

Let's pack a parcel!

1. Find the perfect presents.
2. Wrap it all up.
3. Take it to the post office.
4. Be sent home with your parcel as you forgot the customs declaration.
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Remember when Brexit was sold to people as a fight back AGAINST large multinational corporations on behalf of the little guy?

Which size business do you think is coping best with the costs of extra red tape?…
In Nigel Farage's victory speech on the night of 23 June 2016, he called it a "victory for ordinary people" having "fought against the multinationals".

Does that match up with the small businesses which are now collapsing?
If only someone had warned that Brexit would give large multinational corporations an advantage over small businesses who wouldn't be able to cope with the extra costs....
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If I were @UKLabour leader, I would work with the @TheGreenParty and @libdems on an official electoral pact to remove all chance of tory victory. As PM, I'd modernise democracy, strengthen its checks and balances, implement fair tax, end tax dodging and send the corrupt to jail.
I'd make the state more efficient by introducing universal basic income. I'd make public provision more efficient by moving it back in-house. I'd transform the business landscape and personal freedoms by joining the Single Market and Customs Union.
I'd make it illegal for foreign nationals to own UK TV stations and print media. I'd make media editors personally liable for correcting falsehoods, with prominence matching the original presentation. I'd make it an offence for a politician to knowingly mislead parliament.
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So this is a common comment from people who still seem to think that it would be business as usual at the Golf Club after you crashed the buggy into the water hazard and then took a dump in the middle of the pro shop after a skinful of stella, a thread 1/ #BrexitReality `
The single market is a trade bloc, a trade bloc is an area in which all participants agree to trade on the same terms with the same regulations which lessens the burdens of trading with different rules for each country. Bottom line standardisation reduces cost & friction 2/
The deal struck between the Johnson Goverment and the EU, which Lance voted for enthusiatically in the European Parliament ended all standardisation with the single market, this at a stroke threw up the same non tariff barriers experienced by North Korea. 3/ #BrexitReality
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BBC: "survey of 185 UK and EU supply chain managers

say they have faced delays getting goods into UK

45%have faced delays of more than two days“
#BrexitDisaster #BrexitReality #Brexit #RejoinEU
"There have been problems (...)
In some cases, the food is either not leaving the places in the UK where it is produced, or rotting at border posts for several days. The government has set up a £23m fund to help compensate fishing firms for their losses.“
#BrexitReality #Brexit
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Buckle up, friends. This week was just a taste of the #BrexitPropaganda on the way to distract us from #BrexitReality

"They're starving us"
"They're stealing our business"
"They're colluding with Biden against us"
"They're victimising expats"
"They're trying to destroy the UK"
Brexit has no benefits, except for the rich offshore backers and media owners, and the client politicians who crawled to power off the back of it.

Xenophobia and sits at the very heart of the culture war they constructed to tear down the values-based society the majority want.
This culture war keeps intact their coalition of hate, and you can be absolutely sure that everyone in that coalition will do everything in their power to demonise 'the other' and keep our country imprisoned by their hate.

So please, buckle up and find some way to deal with it.
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So: BAD:

1. Some in the EU, angry at life-saving contracts not honoured, consider idiot move"

2. Others in EU point out idiot move. EU doesn't do idiot thing".
and GOOD:

1. Some in the UK dupe the people with lies into idiot move
2. Lies exposed. People not allowed to vote on idiot move
3. Idiot move implemented. Business, economy, freedoms shattered
4. We must celebrate our idiot move because the EU cancelled an idiot move!

#BrexitReality could never win a popular vote unless people have been whipped up into a nationalist frenzy.

They will do their most to fan the flames of every disagreement. Separation. Schism. Anger.

I won't have anything to do with it. And neither should you.
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Oops ...
"Credit ratings agency Moody’s says the trade deal struck between Brussels and London is skewed in the EU’s favour. It largely lacks substance in areas vital to the UK economy, like services. As a result the UK economy will be significantly smaller over the longer term."
Here's the thing: Both the Tories and Labour avoided the issue of services like the plague. Why? Because freedom of movement for services also required freedom of movement for people. So they both pandered to xenophobes by putting goods at the top of the agenda. .... Insane!
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"The Government’s own trade specialists are advising British companies to lay off British workers and transfer their jobs to the EU".

This is Boris Johnson's Brexit.

Reverse Brexit
#ToryCorruption #ToryCovidCatastrophe #ToryBrexit…
"The Department for International Trade (DIT) advises that the best way to circumvent border issues & VAT problems is to register new firms within the EU so they can distribute their goods far more freely."

Boris Johnson's Brexit

"It's cheaper for retailers to write off the cost of goods stuck in the EU.. either abandoning or potentially burning them".

Boris Johnson's Brexit: Sunlit uplands where it's cheaper to burn stock than resell it.

Reverse Brexit…
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Meet Ben everyone, he thinks that leaving the single market and the customs union, part of his Brexit plan, is not why fish exporters are facing massive challenges with exporting,so is he correct or is this a bit fishy? A thread 1/ #BrexitDeal
Well Ben is a huge fan of the UK exiting with absolutely no trade deal at all on WTO terms, this would of course mean that as well as all the customs and non tariff barriers to UK exports he would also be piling tariffs on top as well. 2/ #BrexitDeal
So would things be better for the UK fisherfolk under a no deal exit to WTO terms? Well, no, because on top of all the customs paperwork and added red tape of the Johnson deal you would also have significant tariffs, and this would also be a product of Brexit 3/ #BrexitCarnage
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The wholly foreseeable effects of leaving the EU have been clear for years - erecting trade barriers leads to less trade.

Johnson's Brexit surrender deal is done, businesses are going bankrupt and Brexiters are still celebrating it.


@LBC #r4today #PoliticsLive
@LBC Barnier on Brexit border friction:

"some things have “changed for good” as a result of the UK’s policy choices, “there are mechanical, obvious, inevitable, consequences when you leave the single market and that’s what the British wished to do”

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1. So many stories coming out revealing that Brexiteers sold Brexit on lies and that reality of Brexit is turning out - just as experts had warned - to be a fiasco and an enormous act of economic self-harm for UK. I’ll keep track of some in this Brexit reality thread🧵 👇
2. Brexit reality: Scottish fish 🐟 exports 👇
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I watched this, and the good news is that the in the UK, the army isn't out in the streets yet and they haven't started arresting political opponents.

But other than that, the team behind Brexit and Trump have done an amazing job in setting the scene for decline and fall.
Also 'demonise the press'. Who needs that in the 21st century when you can just buy it instead?
"They know how to use hate and fear. Fear of foreigners, immigrants and minorities".

Sound familiar? Image
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"FARCICAL proceedings, rubber-stamping a CRUCIAL Bill in an afternoon"😱
What's most striking =treaty's ASYMMETRY: We are a service economy running goods deficits & service surpluses, yet this treaty gives the 27 free access here for their goods but gives us nothing..
❌NOTHING in return on services:
❌NOTHING for the City or Edinburgh;
❌NO passporting
❌NO equivalence
❌NO recognition of qualifications
❌NOTHING on data adequacy
❌NOTHING for the digital or creative economy, hard hit by the loss of free movement.💔😭
As for exports of UK goods, on top of the NEW BORDERS & BUREAUCRACY, our negotiators have LOST on:
Rules of origin, on SPS & on testing & certification.😭

EU exporters to us face no similar costs here, so it is not just asymmetrical, it is LOSE-LOSE😭#BrexitReality #BrexitDeal
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Hmm. I missed this.…
For anyone keeping score. Brexit just cost us £6Billion in one day.
That's 60% of our yearly EU membership fee. In ONE DAY.
Why? Because Boris Johnson's Brexit Deal didn't get full equivalence on financial services.
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LORD FOX #BrexitDeal #BrexitReality
2. Double regulation means double cost! Any UK company wishing to export to EU now must comply with both new UK regulations & standards & EU ones—an extra set of design, testing, certification & admin costs. Eg Chemicals = £1 bn of EXTRA cost!
What are Govt doing to alleviate millstone hanging around British industry?
3. Rules of Origin: #BrexitDeal does not allow for parts imported from regions outside UK & EU to be counted towards local content = diagonal cumulation.This will make it hard, or impossible☡😭 for...
our more complex MANUFACTURERS to avoid being hit by heavy tariffs from EU.😭What are Govt doing about that?
..undeniable issues. This Conservative treaty makes things WORSE for:
Finally, it is clear..there are many further deals to be made😱😭
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@SpecCoffeeHouse @NicholasTyrone I think you have missed the essential point that we have now passed peak Brexit. From now on only the disastrous reality will come at us from all sides. 57% already were Remainers on the day we joined. Soon a huge majority will hate Brexit. I expect poll tax riots response level
@SpecCoffeeHouse @NicholasTyrone Already the biggest vote winner, fish , has turned out to be a disaster. We’ve ended up with a FTA smaller than the UK itself. Gibraltar joined Schengen, Falklands shafted. UK regions never wanted It. #BrexitReality . #Brexitbenefits , there are none. #Brexitears from now on
@SpecCoffeeHouse @NicholasTyrone Remember too, this was a Tory internal civil war foisted on an uninterested country that they only won because of the #Austeridiocy policy falsely foisted after the financial crash. It was a protest vote. There are no benefits to Brexit. It’s a #ToryBrexitShambles .
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The Mails dangerous propaganda:

1. Fireworks were fine en masse on VE day, Brexit day, and are clearly not political.

2. It wasn't the EU flag, it's the Council of Europe flag, we were a founder member.

3. What on earth is the issue with the NHS logo?

Their staff have literally given their lives, under a disorganised Govt to save lives. Inc: that of the Mails cheerleading favourite son.

4. The BLM logo. Here the tongue biting exophobes take any opportunity to attack anyone who may alter their 'white Tory' first narrative.
5. Attack Khan. Attack Khan. Attack Khan. Repeat to fade...

6. Accuse the BBC & the Police of establishment shenanigans. When the facts are that the outcome of the Acuri report was deemed suspicious by many, & the BBC run frequent client journalistic lines with pro Tory/Brexit
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I have no issue facing the fact that we have been unable to stop Brexit from happening but no amount of desperate self delusion spouted by MPs will hide the fact that Britain has damaged its own prospects by leaving the biggest trading bloc in the world!
There is nothing in the short or medium term that can make up for the financial hole that this government have led the UK into. The EU is not going to fall apart it will only get stronger. To abandon the privileged position of being a powerful voice inside it was stupid!
The only thing we can do is damage limitation at least in the short/medium term. Everything is now harder for virtually every business sector you can think of. But more than that I believe the UK will get lonely in its isolation.
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LORD PURVIS was wondering what a cynical govt wd do if knew it could only get a POOR #BrexitDeal🤔👇

▪leave it to the last minute
▪issue a misleading press statement
▪only allow minute scrutiny
▪seek to prevent post-legislative scrutiny
▪refuse to publish impact assessment
The INDEPENDENT UK Trade Policy Observatory assessment stated:
“Even with the FTA announced on Christmas Eve, Brexit INCREASES UK-EU trade COSTS, REDUCES TRADE btwn them, & requires resources for form-filling, queuing..These in turn, lead to change in consumption which..
UK residents’ welfare.”
It goes on to a sobering conclusion:
“Exports of value added will fall by nearly 5.5% relative to a pre-Brexit scenario & GDP by 4.4%.”
My noble friends Lord Fox and Lady Kramer will outline this in more detail.
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2 days to go. 1 downside of Brexit per day for a year. That’s more than one downside for every £million the NHS didn’t get. Reply with suggestions (I can’t do it all!) #Brexit #BrexitReality
1 day to go. Daily Brexit downsides big and small lined up and ready to go. More than a bus-side in a year. Reply with suggestions. #Brexit #BrexitReality
1. Health insurance for travel in the EU countries is no longer free for UK citizens, once your current EHIC card expires (if you have one). #Brexit #BrexitReality
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Remember: because we held all the cards, they needed us more than we needed them, and the genius move of keeping no deal on the table as "no deal is better than a bad deal'", whatever Johnson brought back from Brussels was the best Brexit deal possible.

So what did we win?
More on the issue that was, according to Brextremists and even @bbcnews, so emblematic of the importance of "sovereignty" to #BrexitBritain - fishing.

"We have been sold a basket of stinking mackerel, and red herrings"

#BrexitReality #BrexitDeal

@lbc #bbcwato
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If there are no new non-tariff barriers, why has Boris Johnson tried to recruit 50,000 customs officials?

#BrexitReality #BrexitDeal
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Thanks to the ridiculous general election we have a government who are delivering nothing but mess mess mess! I don’t care what any of you say it was absolutely the right thing to fight for a second referendum and parliament should have supported that instead of damaging the UK!
It was the only pathway to returning to a level headed sensible politics! I hope there are politicians and ex mps who will genuinely search their consciences and understand the bad choices they made in indulging the English nativist brexit fiasco with their indifference/support
I have examined my journey and I conclude that fundamentally we followed the only campaign path we could. The British public are now waking up to the fact that they were conned. It was the job of all MPs to look after their constituents first and not their own jobs or parties.
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