Let’s revisit 2020 courtesy of my most popular tweets! (“Let’s not,” you reply, but you don’t get any say in this matter.) Right, let’s see what Twitter Analytics has to say. He we go...
January 2020: My top tweet was a link to my @zdnetaustralia story about bushfire misinformation on Twitter, which is delightfully meta. @Timothyjgraham’s research did me well.
January 2020: My top tweet with media in it was this one. I don’t think we ever found out the answer.
February 2020: My top tweet was this one about Indonesian President Jokowi speaking in Canberra. So many people didn’t get that I was being sarcastic.
February 2020: My top tweet with media in it was this bit of excitement about a PJCIS hearing. February was not a good month.
March 2020: My top tweet was the start of my angry thread about misleading telephoto lens images of people at the beach. You can find that whole thread at threadreaderapp.com/thread/1243794….
March 2020: My top tweet with media in it was my photo of skywriting over Sydney’s inner west, “Wash your hands.” This pic got a decent run in the news media.
April 2020: My top tweet was this wonderful quote from @WhoresofYore. You should serious follow her. That whole article is still well worth reading.
April 2020: My top tweet with media in it was this excellent @davpope cartoon. Remember COVIDSafe? Lol.
I even used that image of Peter Dutton as a profile pic for a while.
May 2020: My top tweet was about the delay between COVID-19 lockdown decisions and seeing their effects in the case numbers. Certain People With Significant Media Profiles still don’t fucking well get this.
May 2020: My top tweet with media in it was a set of photos from Sydney’s Thaitown, where students with no income were handed food and cash. This still breaks my heart. Amusingly, some publications ran these as if they were in Bangkok.
It continues to appal me that Australia simply cut off international students, but it doesn’t surprise me.
June 2020: My top tweet was a really pathetic joke about politics. I am ashamed.
June 2020: My top media tweet was me explaining cardboard boxes to @RevRichardColes. You know, the ones everyone always has when they’re being sacked. Being retweeted by a former Communard and media priest is good for the stats, apparently.
[Break to freshen up my drink.]
July 2020: My top tweet was about teaching crabs to read. July was weird.
July 2020: My top tweet with media in it was a critter. During 2020 I gained a much greater appreciation for the tiny critters at @bunjaree, as well as all the birds and mammals.
August 2020: My top tweet was a complaint that there are too many things in the Solar System. I stand by my comment.
August 2020: My top tweet with media in it was my discovery of Cthulhu on Jupiter. I hope someone is following this up.
September 2020: My top tweet was a straightforward comment about Prime Minister Scott Morrison.
And that tweet was followed by a second poll.
September 2020: My top tweet with media in it was the start of my live coverage of the AusCERT 2020 Cybersecurity Conference. How excite.
I am quickly forming the view that Twitter’s concept of what is and isn’t a media tweet is a bit... odd.
October 2020: My top tweet was another bad joke about the government, although I’m not ashamed of this one.
October 2020: My top media tweet was a thoughtful critique of a doctor’s clever analysis of Donald Trump’s health.
November 2020: My top tweet was a link to an article which I still consider to be a fine piece of writing. Also, Hyperloop continues to be bullshit.
November 2020: My top tweet with media in it was another @davpope cartoon. This one, at the time the whole deal with her secret boyfriend was in the media, was just glorious work.
@davpope Also, that was only a few weeks ago.
December 2020: My top tweet was a link to one of the most 2020 stories of 2020. I dare 2021 to top this effort.
December 2020: My top tweet with media in it was a plug for my end-of-year podcast. Gosh. If you want to listen to this podcast, go to stilgherrian.com/edict/00127/ or search for “The 9pm Edict” on your favourite podcast app.
So there’s my top tweets for 2020.

It would be remiss of me not to say that if I’ve helped you make it through that shitty year then please feel free to chuck a few dollars into the tip jar at stilgherrian.com/tip. I’ll try to help you through 2021 too. Probably.

• • •

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3 Jan
OK, Kids, what’s this stuff? Image
Yeah so @techoglot was first in with this joke, which I chose to not make. No further tweets of this kind are necessary.
Looking at the Royal Botanic Garden’s lichen page, I believe it’s two different types of lichen, and that there are way too many kinds of lichen for me to explore just now. rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au/Science/Our-wo…
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2 Jan
Not only is this map appalling misinformation by including stale data, it’s also using big scary icons a kilometre across to mark a single shop where a COVID-positive person might have been present for 10 minutes. Thoroughly irresponsible scaremongering.
Literally NONE of these places are exposure sites “today” because any potential for infection happened back when a COVID-positive person went there and was later detected.
For a far, far better visualisation, look at @jxeeno’s @COVID19NearMeAU where locations are shown as single points and you can turn off the historical stuff. covid19nearme.com.au/state/nsw

By all means take precautions, but stop being such drama queens. Unless you can sing Puccini.
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2 Jan
Having been a sausage-maker of news, and in a way still am, I really don’t care to watch the sausage-making of news of NSW public health orders. I’ll just read the one-page summary when it’s posted without having wasted an hour of my life watching arsehats ask arsehat questions.
Also, I’ll avoid the waves of sookage that follow every damn announcement from people who don’t like the rules, or think they know better, or think that anyone gives a flying fuck about what they think. The order has been made, and there it is. Deal with it. #howlintothevoid
Far more efficient: Wait to read the usual short list of new or changed rules. Flip through the new locations list. If any of that changes your plans for the day, make those changes. Get on with your life.
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31 Dec 20
NYE Media Suggestion #1: It has to be my own stupidly long podcast from Tuesday. Maybe listening tomorrow is more convenient.
If you want to skip my monologues and just listen to the guests, here’s some direct links.




@markhumphries pca.st/t4uygtob#t=1h3…
NYE Media Suggestion #2: “War on 2020” from @chaser and @TheShovel. Excellent sketches.
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24 Dec 20
And now a happy-making Christmas story. “Alan Jones settles defamation lawsuit with SBS.” smh.com.au/national/nsw/a…

“SBS filed a defence of truth to the imputations that Jones was a racist, a misogynist, a liar and a disgraceful high school teacher.”
“SBS also denied the meanings claimed by Jones, pleaded the defence of honest opinion, and asserted that Jones’ reputation was already so bad it could not be damaged by the broadcast.”
This relates to a tribute segment on “the Feed” by Alex Lee which said Jones "made a career out of bullying people", "gleefully used racial slurs" and "spread lies and fake news".
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