For 2021, a new thread of sentences, I have found of interest/provocative/moving
Read freely, quote happily, attribute with caution. For a similar thread from 2018-20, see below:

“I’d never say this in public – I still love beautiful books and believe in them.” -Jacques Derrida
“I have sometimes been troubled by a doubt whether what is true in one case may not be true in all. Then, when I have reached that point, I am driven to retreat, for fear of tumbling into a bottomless pit of nonsense.”

– Socrates (Plato, Parmenides)
“I perceive that in Germany as well as in Italy there is a great struggle about what they call Classical and Romantic, terms which were not subjects of Classification in England – at least when I left it four or five years ago.”

— Byron, 14 August 1820
Someday, they’ll speak of us in 2020 thus, when each person has name/surname/& innumerable usernames on different platforms.

“Most Chinese surnames (xing) consist of only a single syllable (e.g., Wang, Zhang), but 2-syllable surnames are also found (e.g., Sima, Ouyang). 1/5
The surname precedes the personal name (ming), which will consist of one or two syllables. On reaching adulthood, a man also may take a style name (zi). Many literati also use one or more hao (artist’s name, pseudonym), 2/5
which in many cases has a connection to the name of their study or garden; they may also assume religious names. Chinese women may also adopt a hao alongside their personal name. In many contexts, both before and after marriage, women are designated only by their surname 3/5
(e.g., Li Shi, the woman surnamed Li: Miss Li, Madam Li, Lady Li). Manchus have a clan name (e.g., Gioro); lineages within clans are distinguished by prefixing a second term to the first (e.g., Aisin Gioro). Manchu men may have names taken from a wide range of words 4/5
(e.g., Dorgon, means badger) & are designated by their personal name without the use of their clan or lineage name. After 1644, once the Manchus moved their capital to Beijing, they increasingly came to use names made up of auspicious Chinese characters, style names & hao.” 5/5
“...Gabriel Marcel, whose The Mystery of Being attempted to distinguish between a ‘problem’, which exists independently of any individual & can be solved, & a ‘mystery’, which is one’s own, and cannot. Life for Marcel is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived.”
“History as we know it was born, not when criticism was invented -- for that happened long ago­ but on the day when the work of the critic and the work of the historian were joined in one task:“
— Paul Veyne
"You must become an ignorant man again
And see the sun again with an ignorant eye
And see it clearly in the idea of it."

-- Wallace Stevens, 'Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction'
"You can't be jealous of a coffee maker or a vacuum cleaner. A sex robot is an ordinary household appliance only resembling a human being. You can't drink coffee with it in the morning, or raise children with it and die together. As a writer put it, "A human needs a human.""
“Because he is a serious man, Kojeve has never sought to be original, and his originality has consistently been in his search for the truth in the thought of wise men of the past.”
“Nothing seems more natural than for the living to forget the dead, and nothing is as obvious as the fact that the dead haunt the living.” — Sloterdijk in an essay on Derrida

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13 Jan
Podcasts for 2021 -- a running thread:

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1. If you love cricket or have admired the writings of C. L. R. James -- a wonderful first of a three part series abt his life.

Derek Walcott on CLR James: "sentences of a great prose writer contain light, natural light...the feeling of approaching dusk."… Image
2. On the extraordinary & violent rise Chinese intelligence and counterintel capacities under Mao (& Zhou en Lai) to the present when State Security divisions try to hoover up CPU/GPUs for supercomputers on American export control lists.

Fascinating.… Image
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13 Dec 20
Farewell John le Carre, thank you for all the extraordinary books and the immortal George Smiley. It was no doubt very hard work, but you made it look so effortless, made it all so human.

[proofs of 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy']
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4 Dec 20
9. Richard Lloyd Parry narrates his deep & perceptive essay on Japan, Japanese royal family, & the greatly admirable previous Emperor Akihito & his efforts to make the monarchy & Japanese society more sensitive to harm done in his father's name. [mp3]… Image
10. An excellent long conversation with Stephen Kotkin on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of the great Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, conservative, anti-Communist, and a terrifying moral presence.… ImageImage
11. Excellently fun & insightful conversation w/ Pratap Bhanu Mehta who talks to two Pakistanis who probe what does it mean to be Indian, what is the Indian project, where does it fall short -- a great many interesting & open questions discussed.… [.mp3] Image
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22 Oct 20
if you know Malappuram in Kerala & the dynamics of its Islamist politics, 'Halal Love Story' on Amazon Prime is very interesting & good -- about two guys (from Jama'at e Islami) who set out to make a film. Image
it speaks to a deep truth: even the orthodox enjoy cinema.

how then can they go about participating in a modern art that has its own grammar of presentation & aesthetic which doesn't efface the moral ambitions of their self-consciously fashioned antimodern views?
understandably, the filmmakers argue -- religion is not the opium of the masses. cinema is.

all this is done in a light, spoofy sort of way.

plus, good to see Malabari Malayalam spoken on the screen without caricature.
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8 Oct 20
Louise Gluck: on the myths of originality versus, that ‘lesser thing’, uniqueness....
Earthworm — Louise Gluck
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8 Oct 20
wonderful use of, what sounds like, Brindabani Sarang. such joyous sketches...
In a different valence, another kind of Brindabani Sarang by Aarti Anklikar | द२स् बिना...
another version of Brindavana Saranga

excerpts from a verse composed during the Sangam era, 100 CE to 300CE, reimagined by the genius of Anil Srinivasan (piano) and Sikkil Gurucharan (vocals)

Red Earth and Pouring Rain
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