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7 Jan, 8 tweets, 2 min read
@AliVelshi @JoeNBC @KatyTurNBC
Questions about consequences and accountability

1. What do we want to accomplish with it?
- prevention of future occurances?
- punishment?
-,public shame?
- suffering?
- clear the path for unity?
2. Who are we talking about?
- Trump
- GOP members of Cong
- Trump staff, cabinet?
- media?
To achieve rhe goals we have to analyze the options to see if they will achieve the goals. The analysis also has to consider possible negative consequences that may make it harder to achieve all of the goals ?
I'm suggesting a particular approach or restricting the options.what follows are examples of the analysi
1. What is the goal and the order of priorities
- prevention of future danger
-impeachment - restricts Trump's future political activity
- l
3 Who - with impeachment only Trump it prevents future activities
-will not hold anyone accountable
-punishment? At this point impeach has limited punishment

Factors to consider;
- if he is acquitted again does it send the message he is untouchable?
- if the focus is only on Trump will it make him the center of media coverage, taking attention from the Biden admin
- will it create sympathy
- are there other options?
- does the importance of this goal outweigh potential damage?
I don't have answers. I am concerned that we talk about accountability without defining it or considering whether the solutions achieve the goals?
No matter what we do it will be hard. With the pandemic raging and a new administration we have to make sure we don't sacrifice the good for the immediate feeling of being powerless and relief of the very real pain and anger.

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8 Jan
@FPWellman When will the CEOs that have been paying to play at Trump's properties realize that Trump will be investigated and the investigation will include deep dives at his clubs. That's where he made phone calls, met with people behind the walls, and possibly accepted foreign money.
@FPWellman They will be asked if they talked to Trump or knew about his plans. The RNC will also be asked about using lies and incitement to violence as fundraising. The longer Trump resists, the more likely they get swept in.
@FPWellman They might want to start thinking like the political class who are trying to separate themselves. A phone call to the RNC, a few CEOs, and Bill Barr could have Trump out of the office today. The message is easy - to the RNC, get him out or we rethink our strategy.
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6 Jan
@NormOrnstein Don't discount the grip the extremists have on the Senate and House. McConnell is the only leader who can't control his caucus. Every time one of the Rs criticized the plan to object more Senators joined Hawley.
@NormOrnstein You have the president pro tem of the Pa Senate doing what Trump is asking Pence to do. He refused to swear in or even call the name of a Democratic Senator even though his win was certified. The police escorted the Dem Lt. Gov out of the chamber.
@NormOrnstein The courts will deal with it, but this is the GOP. Voter suppression is priority 1. Raffensberger is already talking about ending no-excuse vote by mail. He launched an investigation into the New Georgia Project.
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6 Jan
@BradMossEsq Every pundit talking about the Senate starts with the automatic statement that the GOP will block Biden. Right now McConnell is the weakest leader in Congress. He was unable to stop the kamikaze mission by 12 Senators
@BradMossEsq The GOP are in the grip of the extremists. The new Colorado member of the House announced she is going to carry her Glock around Washington even though it's illegal. Trump used the extremists to primary the candidates he didn't like. .
@BradMossEsq They are going to disrupt. They don't care about the rules or leadership. The Pa. President pro tem of the Senate refused to seat a Democrat whose win was certified He wouldn't even call his name. This is what Trump wants Pence to do.
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1 Jan
@emily_fri @chrissyfarr Finally. America is so intent on pretending we're close to turning back the clock that the country isn't preparing for the future. I spent many years working on disability and health law and policy. As a dual citizen, living in Canada I know how bad things are about to get.
@emily_fri @chrissyfarr All if my family live in the US, 4 working as health professionals. Living this pandemic in 2 countries is a challenge. The to do list for Congress is long
- start now to provide support for mental health which will affect almost every American.
@emily_fri @chrissyfarr SARS 2003 left was relatively short compared to Covid-19. Most of the transmission was in the hospital, with even the lead infectious disease physician becoming ill. PTSD hit hard and lasted a long time, even with support. This time the impact will be broader and deeper.
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29 Dec 20
@wendellpotter @tfgyem @JoeBiden I'm with you. I've been following this for 40 years. I happened to be finishing university in Ontario when I was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition. I was preparing to return home to the US for law school and changed my mind. I was lucky to be dual citizen. That was 1978.
@wendellpotter @tfgyem @JoeBiden I found a letter Rick Santorum sent me in 1992 (I lived in Pgh before moving). He explained why he wouldn't support then-First Lady Clinton's plan. The GOP has excelled at saying no. The Dems give them too many openings by running on slogans.
@wendellpotter @tfgyem @JoeBiden I have spent my time in Canada working on disability and health law and policy in govt, the not for profit, community, and legal settings. I had a front-row seat as it made the last transformation and developments since then.
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23 Nov 20
@davidlitt @david4potus2020 @txelectionlaw Along with Rona McDaniel who took less than 24 hours to quell doubt that she was not 100% behind Trump's legal team by announcing they were going to do what the courts wouldn't do - disenfranchise voters sin Mi Ga and Pa who voted for Biden.
@davidlitt @david4potus2020 @txelectionlaw She timed to for the biggest impact on world stage.she coincided the start of the off the wall claims just as she G20 was assembling virtually to talk about the pandemic. Trump made sure the world wouldn't miss the show by speaking a few lies and skipping off to golf.
@davidlitt @david4potus2020 @txelectionlaw We should be grateful to them for finally showing that McConnell, McDaniel, the legal team and the close followers has no limit to how far they would go to sell out the Constitution and attack the election.
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