With the #JobsReport being released today, here is how every President in the last 55 years has done in terms of the number of jobs added to the US economy during the first 47 full months of their term.

Trump's term ranks last out of these 14 Presidential terms.
This data comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov) and was calculated by adding all the monthly jobs report for each month of every Presidential term, from February of the year of inauguration until December of the year of the next election. 47 months.
Here are the numbers:
1) Clinton (02/1993-12/96) - 11.349 million jobs added.
2) Clinton (02/1997-12/00) - 11.346 million jobs added.
3) Reagan (02/1985-12/88) - 10.526 million jobs added.
4) Carter (02/1977-12/80) - 10.253 million jobs added.
5) Obama (02/2013-12/16) - 10.179 million jobs added.
6) Johnson (02/1965-12/68) - 9.666 million jobs added.
7) Nixon (02/1969-12/72) - 5.829 million jobs added.
8) Reagan (02/1981-12/84) - 5.074 million jobs added.
9) Nixon/Ford (02/1973-12/76) - 4.831 million jobs added.
10) Bush (02/1989-12/92) - 2.334 million jobs added.
11) Bush (02/2005-12/08) - 2.065 million jobs added.
12) Obama (02/2009-12/12) - 1.017 million jobs added.
13) Bush (02/2001-12/04) - 0.074 million jobs lost.
14) Trump (02/2017-12/20) - 3.003 million jobs lost.
So far, a net 3.003 million jobs have been lost from US payrolls since Trump's first monthly jobs report in February, 2017.
The only other President during this period to have lost jobs at the 47 month mark was George W. Bush, who had lost 74,000 jobs in his first term.

But the US economy added 150,000 jobs in January, 2005, allowing Bush to close out his first term with a small net gain of jobs.
Unless the US economy somehow gains over three million jobs this month (extraordinarily unlikely), Trump will become the first President since Herbert Hoover to have a net loss of jobs during the span of a four year Presidential term.

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I don’t know that any politician in US history has lost as much influence and political capital in a six day time span than Trump has.

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If a lot of my white friends get mad and raise their voices in anger when in public, people are like “that guy really should calm down.”

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Without exception, the consensus between all of us is that we'd be shot. Quickly.
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Call me naive, but I am not one of the folks who thinks that Trump is going to personally exert long-term influence over the GOP.

1) A lot of his allure came from the idea that he's a "winner." He's now been repeatedly proven to be a loser.
2) We're going to hear more phone calls, tapes, etc. and other evidence showing some of the terrible things Trump has done that we haven't even thought of yet. This is NOT going to add to his political capital.
3) Trump is almost undoubtedly going to face charges. And could be convicted. He could even face prison time. None of which will help his clout or reputation. Especially not when any evidence strong enough to warrant such a prosecution comes out.
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