The inauguration needs to be done quickly and efficiently with the minimum number of people at a secure, undisclosed location.
There are people within government who supported insurrection, which led to the security failure at the Capitol. Since there is not time to adequately secure even a curtailed COVID-modified ceremony given the current situation, we must limit the attack surface.
The way to project American strength right now is by swiftly proceeding with a peaceful transfer of power and securing our government and institutions — not by pretending everything is fine.
It’s not fine, and we should not put the peaceful transition of power, or the security of the President and Vice President, at unnecessary risk at an obviously dangerous moment.

PS: we can have a public event later, when it’s safer to travel + we can secure government. Also it should be widely televised. Location need not be fully “secret” but it should be fully secured and unadvertised in advance to defeat any efforts at advance planning by bad actors.
Security is strength, and American democracy will not be intimidated or manipulated by force!

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10 Jan
THREAD: Now that @amazon @awscloud has announced they will no longer host @parler_app, many have speculated that they will just “find another host.”

Here is why that’s not so simple and what it will likely mean for the app’s future. First, let’s look at where things are...
2/ Google and Apple have removed the app from their app stores, effectively terminating growth on mobile devices. People can still access the (not good) web UI until Amazon terminates them today. CEO Matze has said they may be down “up to a week” while they find new hosting.
3/ Translated to English, that’s code for “we have no idea what’s going to happen next.” No US cloud provider (Microsoft, Google, IBM, Digital Ocean) is likely to touch this, as it could be seen as providing material support for sedition. No CEO or counsel wants to get near this.
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24 Nov 20
There is massive overlap between the people identified here (Diamond + Silk, Presler, Straka, Bongino) and the “Charter Class” of Parler users from Oct-Dec 2018.

We need to stop taking these people at face value and look at their funding and origins.…
These are the accounts that joined Parler prior to February 2019; just a few thousand, but note you see these same people in this cohort.

Who pays someone like Scott Presler to stir things up? How about “Jim Jones Lite” Brandon Straka and his silly WalkAway campaign?
Here is Straka at his lightly attended rally in Baltimore in July. Who paid for all this? Who paid for Joy Villa to fly in from Los Angeles so she could wear a vinyl Trump dress in the 100 degree heat? Straka is a former hairdresser, from Nebraska.
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22 Nov 20
Regarding coverage of Parler, let’s talk American history. Alger Hiss was found to be:
I will be adding illustrative commentary here around our current media moment once this poll closes, so please check back tomorrow for some discussion. Thanks!
Ok, so a lot of people don’t know who Alger Hiss was, which means they also aren’t very familiar with the history of espionage in America.

The technically correct answer to the question is that Hiss was found guilty of perjury, for lying under oath.
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17 Nov 20
It would be harder to understand what #StupidCoup was about if they weren’t telegraphing their moves.

Here’s a quick look at who’s involved, and what they are telling us their intentions are (thread)...
Helpfully, the propaganda film released a few weeks ago “The Plot Against The President” by Amanda Milius rounded up most of the participants into one place. Here is a list of who was included in the film...
Devin Nunes has top billing; Ezra Cohen-Watnick is a key character but not included in interviews (good move E; keep it spooky), Kash Patel is “intel bro,” Rudy Giuliani, Sebastian Gorka, Jack Posobiec, Mike Cernovich, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Don Trump Jr., Sidney Powell...
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16 Nov 20
For those new to it, the #StupidCoup is being contemplated by a network of Flynn and Nunes loyalists. Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Anthony Tata, Richard Grenell, Kash Patel — and amplified by a network of disgruntled outsiders: Flynn, Robert David Steele, Bill Binney, Ray McGovern. #RIPQ
Here is a good backgrounder on last week’s batch of #StupidCoup contestants. This week’s agenda is of course to fire Gina Haspel, so they can pursue their hack-and-dump from the inside at CIA. Guys, we see you. Stahp. #RIPQ…
And here is Hannity pushing the #StupidCoup “fire Haspel” line just a couple hours after Sputnik. How did I know yesterday they would lead with this today? #RIPQ
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15 Nov 20
Things to look for tomorrow: Johnny McEntee will push to fire Chad Wolf, saying he was illegally appointed. This will be in pursuit of firing @CISAKrebs, whom they tried to fire last week, but were blocked by Wolf...…
Next, look for Gina Haspel to come under increasing pressure. The chatter in DC is that she will be replaced by ADNI Richard Grenell. This would be disastrous and must not happen. They want to do a hack + dump from the inside at CIA, with omissions and forgeries.
And keep a VERY sharp eye on Ezra Cohen Watnick, now undersecretary for intelligence at Pentagon. He thinks he is orchestrating this stuff on behalf of people loyal to Flynn. This is an IC Coup driven by Flynn cultists.
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