In case you’re wondering how the president’s been doing this weekend……
Trump is bitching about how Democrats are hurting “the country” with their removal / second-impeachment talk, as he plots a victory-lap tour in the coming days. And Jason Miller, a top Trump aide, says the following:
“Be careful of what you wish for. Big Tech, Big Media, and their friends in the national Democratic Party have a unique ability to overreach, resulting in a strengthening of President Trump’s political base.”

White House spokespeople didn’t bother commenting.
Again, President Trump is doing this shit in the days following the pro-Trump riot and its death toll, as well as in the recent days of a coronavirus surge in the United States. He cares about making himself look good right now, his Twitter being taken away, avoiding legal hassle
What’s a few more dead people mean to him, after all
“Go to Florida and stay...Smart leaders will understand that anger on both sides is the real threat to our country. Not Trump. Escalation is not unlike what he did. We can’t afford to go any further down this road…If it’s not too late.”…

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12 Jan
i do not think it is "cancel culture” that these different prominent, famous Republicans are getting contracts or deals or their insanely stupid social media accounts taken away because of last week, it is however extremely funny
Do these people who obsess over “cancel culture” as a “new” phenomenon ever use a search engine? One out of a billion examples is they can see how Eddie Murphy was forced to apologize many years ago over his past standup about gay people… and he continued to have a big career.
Is “cancel culture” real? Of course it is, to the extent is has virtually always been a thing, and people who obsess over it as a phenomenon of EXCLUSIVELY the left are boring as shit and have no idea what they’re talking about, and have no historical memory beyond last tuesday.
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11 Jan
@jonathanvswan In all seriousness: last week, my final Daily Beast co-byline w/ @lachlan was about Trump trying to cancel democracy & fuck w/ his own VP w/ a violent mob. We started our partnership four years ago w/ a story about fucking Seb Gorka, and we ended on that...
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10 Jan
I just realized that a common threat between the anti-anti-trump twitter lefties that some of you yell about is that they are largely *reporters* who either couldn’t hack it anymore or maybe they got lazy and don’t get scoops anymore or report anything meaningful or good... obviously they had to fall back on a niche that made them feel good and able to not look at themselves in the mirror each morning with the crushing shame that their families and friends all hate them and wish they’d just self deport to Siberia
Anyway, will be interesting to see if we see any good nat sec bombshells on substack any time soon!
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9 Jan
Trump is Pierce Hawthorne from @darkestimeline, a racist, decript old man-child born of privilege who does awful things, but i can’t help but feel sorry for him, even if for miliseconds, from time to time (I will explain what i mean by “feel sorry for him” in another analogy)...
@darkestimeline There’s this episode of The Powerpuff Girls that introduces the Princess villain who is a whiny child of privilege who goes to school in a limo, looks down on everyone, and only flies “private” on daddy’s jet. But she’s always crying and miserable because she always wants more...
@darkestimeline …She’s clearly a villain, and wants to join Powerpuffs, and tries to do good with them but then clearly can’t do anything right and becomes just a straight-up villain character. Near the end of the episode, the Powerpuff Girls apprehend her, and the princess is crying...
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8 Jan
my prediction is that even with the dead bodies (not the, you know… thousands of COVID ones from yesterday) on the ground, an astounding % of GOP and conservative voters/movement will stick with Trump or come back to him. I say this because we’ve seen very similar versions...
…of this before. Access Hollywood? Charlottesville?

Hell, the GOP got back behind Roy Moore *even faster* than it took for them to get back behind Trump at end of 2016 race. Then Moore lost.
There is absolutely no reason to belive any of their “distancing” from Trump is anything other than a moment-of PR move, until time (not even that long a period of time) passes. Check the record. We’ve seen this exact play before.
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8 Jan
I’m not exaggerating, I’ve been keeping track for four years. Literally. Every. Time. No exceptions. He does scandal and chaos and disphittery, he is a coward and gets cowed into doing a few minutes of public remarks because he sees everyone is Mad at him, and then it’s back... doing things like saying the coronavirus numbers are bullshit and then retweeting that all his enemies could like go to jail for saying he never had a shot at Salma Hayek
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