I'm working to track the losses the GOP has had all-up, including in state legislatures, from the time Trump was elected in 2016 until now. And it's horrific so far for the GOP (I'm only partially done).
I've gone from Alabama to Georgia so far and I'm about to stop for the night. But so far there are three states where the GOP has lost seats in both chambers of both the Federal and State legislatures since Trump got elected:

(Stopped here for the night)
What's the significance here?

Obviously, Trump narrowly lost Arizona and Georgia, states where the GOP saw losses in both the US House and Senate and the State House and Senate since Trump took office.

And in Colorado, the GOP lost a US Senate seat this year.
The more I study the results, the more I realize that all these various pieces of data confirm each other.

Trump did badly in places where his whole party did badly since he stepped on the scene.
Will pick up Hawaii through Wyoming sometime tomorrow, will check my work and then will update with the full picture.

• • •

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12 Jan
People don't seem to understand how bad the Trump years for the GOP in terms of raw electoral losses.

Here's a set of maps to illustrate how bad it was, and also to reiterate why Trump lost the election.

Map 1: States where the GOP lost seats in State Houses since 2017. Image
Map 2: States where the GOP lost seats in State Senates since 2017. Image
Map 3: States where the GOP lost Governorships since 2017. Image
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11 Jan
While Trump lost the election in November, the fact that he choose to lie, try to overturn a popular election and ultimately incite a violent mob instead of conceding, he lost a lot more since then:

- He's suffered the further humiliation of losing 61 out of 62 lawsuits.
- He was humiliated by having the Supreme Court which is comprised of three Justices that he himself nominated rejecting his false claims twice in a single week.

- His already low approval rating according to Gallup has fallen even lower. He was at 46% on Election Day. 39% now.
- He's lost many of his most loyal allies. Mike Pence. Mitch McConnell. Lindsey Graham. The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board. The National Association of Manufacturers.

- He's lost business. The PGA has pulled the plug on Bedminster. His brand is more toxic than ever.
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11 Jan
One of America’s greatest dangers, in addition to racism and extremism is a toxic belief system that underlies it.

Some people believe that because their ancestors immigrated to this country before mine were kidnapped and brought here makes them “more American” than me.

Others (case in point, the Trump family), came later than my family but believe they’re superior anyway.
Some people make it a point to scream out in public that Washington DC is “MY Capitol” and that “Congress works for ME!”

But it goes over their heads that it’s everybody else’s Capitol too and that Congress is supposed to work for all of us.
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10 Jan
People ask things like “why doesn’t Trump lower the flags half-staff” or “why doesn’t Trump talk about COVID victims.”

You know why.
Trump doesn’t care that one cop was murdered, another died of suicide and dozens were injured.

He doesn’t care that 4,000 Americans are dying a day from COVID.
He doesn’t care that America’s image is tarnished severely around the world and that we look like a developing nation.

He doesn’t even care about Mike Pence, the guy who abased himself for years in order to protect and defend him. Or his family.
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9 Jan
I don’t know that any politician in US history has lost as much influence and political capital in a six day time span than Trump has.

Sunday: We hear audio of Trump threatening Georgia’s Secretary of State if he didn’t cheat to help him overthrow the election.
Monday: Trump visits Georgia to try to help the Republican candidates Perdue and Loeffler win their run-offs.

Tuesday: Perdue and Loeffler both lose.

Wednesday: Trump incites his supporters to storm the US Capitol. Five people are killed including a US Capitol Police officer.
Thursday: Congress formally ratifies Joe Biden’s defeat of Donald Trump in the Electoral College.

Multiple aides resign, including two of his few remaining original Cabinet members.

Friday: Congress readies for impeaching him a second time. Trump is kicked off of Twitter.
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8 Jan
Many people do not realize that they carry this bias within them, but ...

When black people and white people do the exact same things, they view them as more harsh when blacks do it. And have more sympathy and leniency when whites do it.
And, on the other side, when the exact same things happen to blacks and whites, they’re seen as less severe when they happen to blacks. And more concerning when it happens to whites.

Obviously, to various extents, this can go both ways. But I see this part of the societal bias.
If a lot of my white friends get mad and raise their voices in anger when in public, people are like “that guy really should calm down.”

If I lose my cool, somebody’s gonna think “OH MY GOD ... IT’S HAPPENING! MY DAD WARNED ME ABOUT THIS. IS IT TIME TO CALL 911??”
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