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11 Jan, 9 tweets, 2 min read
Never stop flirting

- He gets some followers

Then loses his charisma, puts in less effort, switches to a weird know it all tone

- He gets into a relationship

Then charm goes away, puts in low effort

His positive gains are temporary, because his positive actions are temporary
I've heard people say "the universe will test you"

it'll test to see if you really about that life

ultimately seeing DO YOU BELONG:

does a result make you change your behavior? is this unfamiliar to you?

if yes, you don't belong

you will be kicked out & will lose the result
if you freak out making $100,000, then go flexing on IG like 'you made it'

Clearly $100,000 is a big deal to you
You don't belong

You'll get kicked out

You'll lose it & go right back to where you belong

We ALWAYS find a way back to what we THINK we deserve
^ this is why 70% of lottery winners go broke within 3 years

WE ALWAYS return to the familiar

People pursue THINGS that reflect an IDENTITY

The relationship, the money, the followers, etc

Things are a reflection of the IDENTITY

Change the identity & the things will change
"easy come easy go"

This phrase (in my opinion) is because of identity

If you make $900/month for 5 years
Then make $70,000 in 1 month

Your habits, beliefs, routines, mind, and identity are still at $900/month

You'll go right back down to that
(my own personal experience)
compare that to

$900/month gradually progressing

Month 1 of new venture: $1700/month
Month 2: $2400/month
Month 3: $2900
Month 4: $3300
Month 5: $3700
Month 6: $4100
Month 7: $3900
Month 8: $5000
Month 9: $5400
Month 10: $6000
Month 11: $6500
Month 12: $8100
Because progress is subtle, there is no contrast or major difference feeling unfamiliar

Gradually raising the baseline

Like increasing your bench
You can't handle 350 with a max of 250

Gradual progression is how to become familiar with 350

250, 260, 275, 285, 295...
Just like a max bench of 350 can't handle & doesn't belong benching 250

A max income of $1000/month

Can't handle & doesn't belong making $10,000/month

If by fluke & force it's achieved in a fast way

It'll likely vanish & return back to the familiar of around $1000/month
some exceptions we sell ourselves short

exposure reveals you're totally capable & belong there

ex - was sluggish in gym for a few weeks

last time friend saw me I was repping 315
I hadn't ATTEMPTED more than 275 in weeks

He said try 315
I was expecting 0-1 reps

Got 6 reps

• • •

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13 Jan
*Thread* - Manipulation & Toxicity

EVERYONE is manipulative
Most manipulation = coping mechanisms done unconsciously

Very few people can consciously manipulate

To consciously manipulate would require:

- Strategic thinking
- Solid acting
- Understanding of social dynamics
- Overcoming social conditioning to remove fear of doing 'bad'
Everyone manipulates


It's human

Just because you're not consciously aware of it doesn't mean it's not happening

Ultra light example:
- Intentionally not texting back or delaying a few hours

This is manipulating the perception to appear busy/less invested
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12 Jan
Darkness is the absence of light

Darkness can’t be removed, adding more light is the solution

There is faith in bad things happening & faith in good things happening

Fear of bad things can’t be removed

Adding more focus & faith in good things happening is the solution
Where attention goes energy flows

If you spent a month researching ice cream

You’d know A LOT about ice cream

Spend a month focusing on bad you’ll get more of it

Spend a month focusing on good you’ll get more of it

📜 “be not to overcome evil, but overcome evil with good”

Is not the absence of fear

It is when fear is lessened

more faith in good outcomes than faith in bad outcomes

being fearless is not the removal or resolution of fear, it’s a tipping of the scales to contain less fear
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10 Jan
*Thread* - (e)motion

Manipulate Energy, leverage emotions, & defeat low energy
Emotion = energy in motion

You don't own feelings, they are not who you are

Just like you don't own radio stations you tune into

Feelings are signals of the amount of energy around you & flowing through you
If you are feeling low energy it means high energy is unfamiliar to you

Depression = Repression

It's a lack of expression - cells, brain, body

Energy is not flowing

If you were to:
- Exercise intensely
- Do something creatively stimulating (socializing, writing, producing)
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10 Jan
The "loud struggler" publicizes their pain for gain

Can be for money, guilt tripping for entry to something exclusive, etc

Even communicating struggle in private with peers

They typically won't have a solution & will lose respect for you
It is unnatural to publicly cry of struggle

It is best in private, often with a stranger

Someone who directly offers clarity & solutions

Talking with a stranger (paid advisor or a community)

Who has overcome what you are now facing will provide the most clarity & resolution
The more problems someone has
The less solutions they have

The less capable they appear of solving problems

This is interpreted unconsciously as low value

Talking to your homies, a girl, even your parents

Respect is lost for you the more problems & less solutions you have
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9 Jan
*Thread* - Discipline is bull****

There's only 2 things which GUARANTEE you get things done 👇🏼 Image
Fear can push you forward or push you back

It depends where you place it

Place it behind you & the fear pushes you forward

This is when non-negotiable commitment is made externally

- Job
- Clients expecting work
- Followers awaiting a launch/set schedule of content
When the fear is in front of you it pushes you back

Discipline is stronger reactive vs proactive

Proactive is when despite no immediate rewards/consequences you force yourself to do something with willpower

Putting the fear behind you adds consequences for not getting it done
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8 Jan
Converting "should do" to "must do" resolves discipline

Discipline is stronger reactive than proactive

I had PT clients, already paid a premium

It was never a choice to make. It took no willpower or discipline to show up

It was a must
Not doing it was never a consideration
Consequences motivate more than incentives

Fear can be leveraged to work for you via responsibility

When something is a 'should' it means there is only upside

When something is a 'must' not doing it means pain & downside

Get biology on your side, commit & leverage fear
Procrastination can carry on for infinity without deadlines

If I had a client at 8AM
I would always get there & get it done

Because there was consequences, fear, responsibility, my word, my integrity, my reputation, reciprocity to earn what I was paid to do

Skin in the game
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