Let me stop this argument now. Clearly, too many people never took a civics course and have no idea what Freedom of Speech means.

No Constitutional rights were violated when Trump was suspended from Twitter, GOP cucks lost followers, or Parler was removed from Amazon.
The First Amendment guarantees you the right to speak without fear or repercussions from the GOVERNMENT.

The First Amendment does NOT guarantee you an audience, or a platform.
A private company (Facebook/Twitter/Amazon) denying you the use of their service (suspension) because what you are doing/have done violates the terms of service YOU agreed to when YOU signed up for their service is NOT denying you your right to free speech.
What it IS doing, is holding you accountable for your words and actions and telling you to go somewhere else to do or say it.

You can say and do whatever you want, but actions/words have consequences.
Let me give you a few examples.

You yelled the length of NY that the NFL could stop players from exercising their Constitutional right to protest because a private company is not bound by the Constitution. You wanted players FIRED for it because "it's not the place to protest."
It was made clear when a bakery refused service to a gay couple that a private company can refuse service to anyone for any reason. For Christ sake, the Supreme Court even backed up that claim.
So, guess what, snowflakes?

Twitter/Facebook/Amazon is not the place for your fuckery, and a private company can deny service to anyone for any reason.

Don't cry about it now because it's biting YOU in the ass.

• • •

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10 Jan
How am I?

I’m tired. I’m angry. I’m worried.

This is the second time in my life that I’ve had to watch one of my children suffer and have been helpless to stop it. The only difference is that this time it was preventable.

This time, it didn’t have to happen.
My son, who rarely went out, but never left the house without a mask, got Covid.

Why? Because idiots who only care about themselves decided wearing a mask was too much to ask.

You wear a mask to protect OTHERS from whatever YOU may be carrying. It’s not a difficult concept.
If everyone wears a mask, the transmission rate drops exponentially, but noooo, you just couldn’t. The same people who relish in dictating what others do with their bodies, don’t want anyone telling them what to do with theirs.
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17 Dec 20
Let me get this right, sweetcheeks.

You would go apeshit if I disparaged Melania Trump of posing nude and said that wasn’t tasteful, classy, or befitting a First Lady, but you are ok with people disparaging the impending FLOTUS her title that she damn well earned?
BTW, @MichelleVaitkus, the term “doctor” derives from the Latin word for "teacher" and originally referred to a small group of theologians who had approval from the Church to speak on religious matters, and later being used to refer to qualified academic professionals.
And even later that THAT became popular to describe medical professionals.

So, @MichelleVaitkus, you can sit down and shut up. Perhaps stick to things you know, like frying your man some chicken in your double wide.
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17 Dec 20
I don't know who needs to hear this today, but...

Lincoln wasn't the "beacon of hope" people think he was. He was a blatant racist.

Emancipation was a military measure. Many slaves had fled to the Union, and they didn't have a plan of how to deal with them.
Emancipation, would undermine the Confederacy while also providing the Union with a new source of manpower to defeat the South.

Emancipation was to be gradual, it also didn’t apply to border slave states like Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri.
It also exempted selected areas of the Confederacy under Union control as to gain the loyalty of white people in those states.

It didn’t immediately free a single enslaved person. The only places it applied to were Southern areas where the federal government had no control.
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8 Dec 20
I laugh when someone says they prefer Trump over Obama in regards to jobs and economy.

Annual economic output under Trump was 2.5%, compared to 2.4% under Obama.

Economic growth under Trump was barely above both Obama and Bush before the pandemic.
The last three years of President Obama’s administration saw an increase of 8.1 million jobs and a 2 percentage-point drop in the overall unemployment rate.

Under Trump, the number of jobs increased by 6.55 million in his first three years, and unemployment dropped by 0.7%
Unemployment reached a half-century low earlier in 2020, but it spiked to historic levels during the pandemic. It has fallen, but it is still almost as high as when Obama took office.

Trump's unemployment percentages would've been similar to Obama's without the pandemic.
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15 Sep 20
Really? Because @JoeBiden has actually had one of the most consistent records in Washington, from his time as a Senator through his time as VP. I challenge you to come up with something to challenge these points other than a catchy phrase.
Biden agrees with Trump that China is breaking international trade rules, unfairly subsidizing Chinese companies, and discriminating against U.S. firms and stealing intellectual property.

Tell me why you think that's wrong.
While we all know China is a problem, Trump's tariffs erratic and self-defeating, we need targeted retaliation against China using existing trade laws and building a united front of allies.

Give me one good, unbiased reason this is a bad thing in your opinion.
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6 Sep 20

To understand a military veteran you must know:

We left home as teenagers, or in our early twenties, for an unknown adventure.

We loved our country enough to defend and protect it with our lives.

We said goodbye to friends, family, and everything we knew.
We were taught the basics and then we were scattered into the wind, to every corner of the world.

We found new friends who became family.

We became brothers and sisters, regardless of race, color, or creed.

We had plenty of good times, and plenty of bad times.
We never got enough sleep. Some of us smoked and drank too much.

We picked up both good, and bad, habits.

We worked hard and we played harder.

We didn’t earn a great wage.

We experienced the happiness of mail call and the sadness of missing family events.
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