It's sort of interesting to see the same people tweet that tech folks should take a humanities class and also that platform governance is easy and answers are trivially available to people who have no relevant expertise or experience in platform governance.
"It's simple. Your platform should just have about 1/4 as many intelligence analysts as the NSA, making close-to-real time supportability decisions about every human utterance or transaction. And also, they should never have to see child porn or beheading videos. Labor laws duh."
"And then, you put an algorithm in it to make it scale. The algorithm never disadvantages $LONG_LIST_OF_ADVANTAGED_GROUPS. This will allow you to do predictable governance to rules, not suiting overlords whims, except we both know you're not stupid enough to enforce it on Power."
In many ways, tech is asked to make hard decisions for the same reason tech is asked to solve hard problems: it has capacity but isn't constrained by accountability mechanisms.

We would prefer not to have this power. Consider carefully whether you will like the outcome if we do.

• • •

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12 Jan
It's always a bit of whiplash from me when I code switch between the speed at which replies/decisions/etc happen from senior people in high-performance institutions and the speed at which acknowledgements happen from other institutions.
T+6 weeks: We have received your application. We will tell you whether it was well-formatted within 12-18 weeks, depending on our processing backlog.


T+2 minutes: "Yes lets do it. CC: Alice and Bob, you're DRIs for this, make it happen."
"Patrick why do you keep throwing the government under the bus."

Oh believe me there are some for-profit firms I can name where 6 weeks would be a land speed record for them responding to me, including ones where I should be an obviously incentive-compatible client.
Read 4 tweets
12 Jan
Jeff Lawson (@jeffiel) has a book coming out tomorrow.

Ask Your Developer is two stories: one of businesses getting value out of devs being in "the rooms where it happens", and one about devs taking their rightful place in the economy they're building. #AskYourDeveloper
I'm enormously bullish on this thesis, and some Stripe Atlas' work is featured in the book.

Importantly, the key to a lot of our success was a cross-functional dynamite-all-the-silos approach to building the Atlas product. Many of our best ideas came from User Ops.
This harkens back to a phrase that I flagrantly steal from Jeff all the time: "software people." I think that there is an emerging mindset, almost a tribe, of people who truly Get It with respect to the capabilities of software.

Not all software people write it directly.
Read 8 tweets
11 Jan
*checks calendar*

Yep it has been a while since I mentioned it last: we are still hiring, all the time, and will this year hire a number of people who might not consider themselves obviously employable (plus many in more traditional roles).
And I have a new job starting in a week or so (at Stripe).

Still searching for an answer to the question “So what do we call... whatever it is that you do?”
(I view it less as a tradeoff versus being a founder and more “Does punching one company out on your lifetime total of companies founded advance your impact faster or slower than spending that slot on founding another company?”, which is a very non-trivial question to answer!)
Read 5 tweets
11 Jan
Far be it to me to tell public health officials how to do their jobs, but as a professional in the field of conversion rate optimization, let me point out that this could be improved upon.
Was strongly debating adding "to kill less people" to the last tweet, which would be entirely accurate in highlighting the stakes of this policy decision, but be broadly considered impolite.
"How would you improve upon this?"

Start out by requiring no data entry, at all, and assuming the base case is "If you are over $AGE and show up at a location which has a shot in inventory, you get a shot." Broadcast the list of places and addresses as widely as possible.
Read 12 tweets
8 Jan
In a scene the financial markets have seen many times before, at some point many claims will chase few actual dollars while the pipes connecting claims to dollars collapse under the strain, are frozen, or begin exploding due to being engineered to expect parity.
“Is he subtweeting Tether?”

I mean, not the only claim dubiously representing a dollar in the world, but yeah I do expect that to be the primary mechanism of contagion when crypto melts down.
I’ve heard a lot about block chains scaling up to commanding *checks notes* tens of TPS the last few years, and if I had money in e.g. Ethereum, I’d want to have a ballpark estimate of how many TPS it would take DeFi to unwind in unrestrained panic mode.
Read 4 tweets
8 Jan
Checklists. They work.

(I am avoiding a direct retweet to avoid unpleasant Twitter interactions for a professional reporting a near miss.)
If you get nothing out of Japanese engineering culture via me but this, steal this verbal ritual:

A: “I intend to drop the database on prod.”
B: “You intend to drop the database on prod, and have selected prod.”
A: “I am dropping the database on prod.”
B: “You are...”
“Kinda weird you can just do that for prod.”

Yes by all means implement the technical controls, too, but people are your first and last line of defense, so make sure they are in there and empowered to say “Disengage disengage disengage.”
Read 4 tweets

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