The Pence Meeting?

Let me read some tea leaves.. (Thread warning!)

What do we know?

Pelosi gave Pence (=Mitch) till end of Sunday to use 25A to remove Trump. Now Pelosi gave Mitch (=Pence) a 24 hour extension. It tells me Mitch believes he can do this
The Pence Meeting 2/

The Trump #Magaterrorists in the #CapitolRiots were chanting to kill Pelosi - and to HANG PENCE

The Y'all Qaeda Domestic Terrorist Vanilla ISIS #magathugs are also threatening Pence & his family now. He GETS NO SECRET SERVICE PROTECTION as ex VP past Jan 20
The Pence Meeting 3/

We know Trump & Pence suddenly met Monday. BUT before that meeting, Trump had met with.. WTF? Bill Barr?

Trump is BROKE. He can't afford lawyers. Giuliani is a national security threat. The White House lawyers are on the verge of resigning. So Barr?
Pence Meeting 4/

The ONLY thing Trump cares about, to have a meeting - is HIS OWN Pardon. And we've learned, Trump is now FUMING that he's been told he CANNOT pardon himself. And Trump vengefully says, if he can't pardon himself, he will pardon nobody else either.
Pence Meeting 5/

It explains why so many close Trump associates suddenly abandoning him. They learned Trump will not be signing the pardon they had been promised... :-)

BUT that means, Trump DESPERATELY needs Pence to give Trump a Pardon
Pence Pardon 6/

We should not fear a Pardon of Trump by Pence. It is ONLY a Federal pardon. Trump has 200 years of prison time coming from STATE CRIMES. But with a pardon, he'd have to TESTIFY against others in his crime spree.

9 more days. We MAY see 25A take out Trump sooner
PS to Pence Pardon thread

Pence as an ex POTUS could get Secret Service protection rest of his life (or negotiate that deal - Mitch is promising it)

Trump can be Impeached & forbidden from running for office - AND HAVE HIS Secret Service protections REVOKED by the Senate :-)

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11 Jan
The political calculation of Second Impeachment

Pelosi announced it. We will have an Impeachment vote this week. Do not waste ANY time considering whether that is good or bad (it is brilliant) - it is a fact. It is happening. And we have the bipartisan votes to win the vote
This is why 2nd Impeachment is a DEATH NAIL to Republican Party

The House (and later, Senate) will be forced to choose - either vote for Trump, or vote for the Constitution. It is an absolute choice: either-or. Because of GERRYMANDERING, GOP is now screwed either way
Because of GERRYMANDERING of Congressional districts in about half of GOP's seats they hold in the House - those are EXCEPTIONALLY red districts. They are 'Trump country' Not the STATES. I mean the Gerrymandered DISTRICTS inside those states
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11 Jan
We will see the Impeachment play in these last days and into first days of new Senate

Republicans are DESPERATELY trying to prevent this, appealing to 'unity' and the early agenda of Biden (suggesting they would be cooperative - when it is not needed). It tells you how bad it is
The Impeachment is NOT pointless

One, the HOUSE part of Impeachment is necessary record into history, to make Trump only President impeached twice - clearly worst POTUS in history.

It is certain to win House & certain to have bipartisan support (already 2 House GOP said yes)
After Impeachment vote passes House it is sent to Senate

That will be on or after 20 January, when Chuck Schumer controls Senate. And we have 50 votes to start with (last Impeachment 47). Already 4 votes from GOP Senators have joined to call for Trump to be impeached or removed.
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10 Jan
Ok Tweeps.. ANOTHER thread

The GOP calculation on Trump, Pence and the 25th Amendment.

Trump will HATE it. But suddenly Trump is nearly silent, he can't yell about it on Twitter, FB etc... Even Parler is rapidly reducing his reach...

Pence ABSOLUTELY doesn't want to do 25A
25A Thread 2/

So Pence? HATES the very idea of 25A. Why? Because Pence wants to be Potus one day (it is actually impossible, he is utterly politically toxic) - and if he were to take Trump out, about half of Republican voters will hate his guts forever, making Pence the villain
25A Thread 3/

But Speaker Pelosi (da Boss of DC) has just set a deadline for Pence. Sunday eve or else DEMs will impeach Trump. As we know, Impeaching won't remove Trump, it goes to the Senate for the trial. So far 4 GOP Senators have said they'd convict (last time only Romney)
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10 Jan
Ok a few words from our Tech guru

It seems like there is some relevant news happenin' around social media and smartphones.. I wonder if we could find an author who wrote 12 bestselling books about those topics?
Modern terrorists groups coordinate simultaneous attacks. Their 'walkie-talkie' is their cellphone, typically a smartphone. Coordination of the movement of vast groups has become possible using social media. This was seen from the Arabic Spring revolutions to Hong Kong protests
The vast glorious Second Civil War with the rebirth of the Confederacy has been a crackpot idea for the Y'all Qaeda Proud Boys Vanilla ISIS Domestic Terrorists. They had been organizing on Facebook & in particular... Parler.

Now Trump is off Facebook & Parler is being shut down
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10 Jan
DC Coup What-If Thread 1/

This is part 2 in a series of Threads that discuss the Trump attempted Coup of America, the deliberately directed mob riot, Domestic Terrorism violence and death at Capitol Hill on 6 Jan 2021. When an American President attacked his own Congress...
DC Coup What-If Thread 2/

Because this thread BUILDS on my first thread, you should read the first thread, first. Else some things in this second thread will not make proper sense. You will find the first thread here:

DC Coup What-If Thread 3/

Donald Trump, American President, attempted a coup, to seize control of America like a Dictator in a Banana Republic, on 1.6.2021. He failed. I showed you what happened in the first thread. We NEED to examine the INTENT and POTENTIAL in this thread
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10 Jan
DC Coup Analysis Thread 1/

I am doing my 'first thoughts' review & analysis of the Trump attempt of a Dictatorial Coup of America we just witnessed in DC over the past few days. This is the first in a SERIES of THREADS. This looks at 'what happened'. This sets the stage
DC Coup Analysis Thread 2/

Before Wednesday 1.6.2021 Trump had been PLANNING and organizing that event. Trump knew it was date when Congress certifies Biden's victory to become next President. Trump is dumb enough, gullible enough & delusional enough to think it could be undone
DC Coup Analysis Thread 3/

Trump KNEW he had lost the actual popular vote. He had sent Giuliani to try to overturn several State elections which failed. Trump had come to believe, that on 1.6.2021 Congress COULD overturn the popular vote, and make Trump the President.
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