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Last year @ndrewwhitehead & I were asked to submit this written testimony to the @January6thCmte on the role of white #ChristianNationalism in the #CapitolRiots. We explain how WCN had laid ideological groundwork & was shaping interpretation of events. 1/5…
Because the Jan 6 Committee ultimately decided to leave out all discussion of #ChristianNationalism in their report, we've posted testimony on @socarxiv. The document has not been substantively revised or updated. Others have cited video/photo evidence, but we felt this... 2/5
...written testimony provided a broader view of how white #ChristianNationalism is clearly linked w/many of the factors that facilitated the #CapitolRiots & have since made Americans on the right more inclined to remember the event has harmless or even good. We regret the... 3/5
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I was going through my old twitter account because i finally remembered the password and i found this video. I have been looking for it. Its where it shows @CapitolPolice waving his hands for people to come in #Jan6th
Then I totally forgot about Nathan Caraway, 32. Well know ANTIFA operative. Responsible for paying out kids to cause violence in Ohio.

Here is Nathan Caraway at #CapitolRiots Look at the amount of ANTIFA ... INSIDE THE BUILDING
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THREAD on #AamirKhan and #Bollywood - In the last few years, there has been a sudden explosion of Bollywood actors/actresses taking political stances, specifically against @narendramodi and #hinduism - Lets look. (1) is the support they are receiving from those countries. /#1
(2) Secret Superstar & Dangal - Aamir Khan as a producer - garnered 60% earned by the top 10 grossers in China. #aamirkhan and @ayushmannk have benefitted most. Andhadhun’s Chinese earnings were close to 5 times the earnings from the rest of the planet, including India! /#2
@ayushmannk became politically vocal right after Andhadhun - Supported #CAA when condoned violence by tepid response - it was an insurrection as like #CapitolRiots which he and others called "protests". Andhadhun's 75% of its total global collections were ONLY from China! /#3
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This is a fascinating new video (~2:24 pm). The active duty Marine, #YellowZipSkulker, arrested in May, was the first through the East side doors which was breached from the inside out. #SeditionHunters
Many still dont know that the East doors were actually breached from the inside out from rioters that had entered 1st from the west side around 2:12 pm. This door was then briefly secured by LEOs before it was breached a 2nd time & allowed the Oathkeeper stack in #SeditionHunters
Some of the important hashtags here in the second part of the video, many who remain unidentified #SeditionHunters
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If I had a spare $10,800 I might spend it on dinner with #PeterThiel, the man behind the data/surveillance/genomics #Palantir who are behind the unparalleled #datagrab in the UK & globally

I’ve been investigating Palantir for 18 months & have a few questions I’d like to ask him! Image
So what would I ask Peter Thiel on our dinner date?

Is it true that #Palantir taught #CambridgeAnalytica how to scrape data?

Whistleblower @chrisinsilico says Palantir showed them how to harvest data from Facebook users ahead of #Brexit vote.
Emails link #CambridgeAnalytica & #Palantir’s psychographic project in data mining Facebook for electioneering in Brexit & in US in 2016

@chrisinsilico says “senior Palantir employees that were also working on the Facebook data”

Is this true?…
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EVERYONE needs 2 read the @capitolhunters thread. If you still believe in our country & Democracy, I implore u to give 20 mins of ur time & go through their thread with ur family. Pay special attention to Officer Fanone's testimony & the pain in his voice
Watch the new 10min Youtube video in the 2nd tweet of the thread & ask yourself why would ANYONE in congress not want to get 2 the bottom of what happened on #Jan6th & wks of preparation and incitement leading up to the insurrection. #SeditionHunters
Many people & groups like @capitolhunters, @SeditionHunters, @visionsurreal & ourselves have volunteered 100's and 100's of hours archiving, reviewing & piecing together videos, events and people leading up to #jan6th. We do it for Democracy & Officers Fanone, Goodman, Dunn ect.
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We found @SenMastriano on the East Plaza AFTER the steps were breached.

Not surprisingly, he didn't leave right away, he stayed.
I wonder who did he hugged?


#SeditionHunters @DougMastriano @MasaSpalatin @CoryCullington @capitolhunters
@SenMastriano's journey to the Capitol started at 1:15pm on a #SeditionGolfCart with #IamJeremyOliver (whom he spent the day with)
Getty Video 1295039220

#SeditionHunters #CapitolRiots @DougMastriano @MasaSpalatin @CoryCullington @capitolhunters @SenMastriano

In @SenMastriano's #Jan6th interviews he claims he didn't see anything on the West side. Weird, how do you miss the chaos in the background of these photos taken on the NW lawn?
#SeditionHunters #CapitolRiots @DougMastriano @MasaSpalatin @CoryCullington @capitolhunters
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Republican Voters Largely Want to Move On From Jan. 6. The Rest of the Country Doesn’t… via @eyokley
GOP voters are now more likely to blame President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress for the events that led to the Capitol attack than they are Donald Trump and GOP lawmakers.
Republicans are tired of hearing about the #CapitolRiots. Six months later, 68% of GOP voters agreed with the statement that “there has been too much focus on the January 6th events at the U.S. Capitol,” while half of the electorate disagreed.
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Disturbing footage of @BBCNewsnight’s Nick Watt, being pursued by anti-lockdown protesters

@umairh wrote recently “Britain — the gentle, wise, intelligent, expansive one — was put to the torch. It became a nation afflicted by a fever dream of nationalism”
Such scenes became commonplace in America where #Trump denounced the media as “fake news” or “enemies of the people” (see @AP’s @johnminchillo at the #CapitolRiots👇)

The problem is, once the genie has been let out the bottle, it’s hard to put it back in.
The Reichstag fire in 1933 shows how quickly a modern country can be hijacked & transformed into an authoritarian regime

How they laughed at Hitler in 1923 when he marched on a Munich beer hall with his comedic moustache

Rule by Decree introduced after the fire wasn’t so funny!
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In open letter to elected officials released to @wusa9 by @DCPoliceDept Officer Mike Fanone, severely injured by angry mob in #CapitolRiots, Fanone writes "The indifference shown to my colleagues and I is disgraceful." "The time to fully recognize these Officers actions is NOW!"
Fanone took this photo showing Commander Ramey Kyle in the tunnel commanding officers to “Hold the line” as @DCPoliceDept fought back the violent crowd. Fanone writes “It was one of the most inspirational moments of my entire life. Even as I write this it brings me to tears.”
Fanone says "I struggle daily with the emotional anxiety of having survived such a traumatic event but I also struggle with the anxiety of hearing those who continue to downplay the events of that day and those who would ignore them altogether with their lack of acknowledgement."
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1/ “Happy Mushroom” founder & Syracuse NY #ProudBoy Matthew Greene, charged w/ conspiracy at #CapitolRiots said #Trump was “accelerant” who “preyed” & “incited” to assault cops w/ “incendiary” calls to “fight like hell” to thwart peaceful transition after elections 1/
2/ But govt cited #ProudBoys Greene buying “arsenal” AFTER returning to NY-1000’s of ammo rounds, war gear, gas masks, respirators, 1560 AK-47 rounds, & illegal AK-47 “Mr. Greene equipped himself for heightened violence” after the #CapitolRiots, the govt said Monday in court. 2/
3/ Greene broke NY state gun laws, bought an AR-15, fully loaded, detachable magazines, 2 unregistered handguns, a Colt semi-auto, a Smith & Wesson 9 mm semi-auto hidden in a secret drop-down shelf in a fake bookcase, $2,000 in ammo, 1,560 AK-47 rounds for a AK-47 never found 3/
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Syracuse, NY #ProudBoys Matthew Greene, arrested for conspiracy for his role at the #CapitolRiots, is a U.S. Army combat veteran & "Human Intelligence Analyst" who "led multiple combat operations" in Afghanistan involved "in the kill or capture of 10 High Valued Individuals" 1/ ImageImage
2/ #ProudBoys Matthew Greene deployed to Afghanistan w/ the 1-113 Cavalry, 2/34 Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Iowa Army National Guard in 2010/11. He also is "Chief Technical Officer at "Happy Mushroom" a "revolutionary art studio" that grows shrooms & produces gaming software Image
"Happy Mushroom LLC", founded to "produc(e) mushroom spawns", fired cofounder & #ProudBoy Matthew Green after his FBI arrest on #CapitolRiots conspiracy charges "We are extremely appalled Greene held beliefs so counter to what Happy Mushroom stands for”… ImageImageImage
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Among the tales of intrigue from Jan 6 is what was Ukrainian Serhiy Dubynin (Russian sp: Sergei Dybynyn), a member of the neo-Nazi Ukranian paramilitary 'The Right Sector', doing at the #CapitolRiots seen in a Happy Snap w/ Jake ‘The Shaman’ Angeli? #CapitolHunters See below 1/ Image
2/ Sergei Dybynyn in a 2014 photo at Russian occupied Donetsk airport. Anti-Putin pundits claim he was an "infowarrior for Inter TV, owned by fugitive oligarch Firtash but beneficially owned by Putin pal Medvedchuk," proving the dark hand of Russia was behind the #CapitolRiots 2/ Image
3/ But Putin friendly pundits contend Sergei Dybynyn (they use the Ukranian sp Serhiy Dubynin) is a Ukraine supporting Neo-Nazi who is wanted on criminal charges in the “pro-Russian” Donbas region of East Ukraine. Pictured below is his arrest wanted poster #SeditionHunters 3/ Image
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Ah oui quand même.
Elle est un peu folle cette interview de #PhilippedeVilliers dans Valeurs actuelles.
Pour aller au delà du titre, voici un petit florilège.
On commence très fort par une "découverte" de Philippe de Villiers: un exercice de préparation à une pandémie mondiale qui a eu lieu fin 2019.
Conclusion: "je ne dis pas 'ils ont inventé le virus' car je ne suis pas complotiste (... ) Ils s'y attendaient". 🙃
Alors sur cette "découverte":
1) elle était tellement cachée que le site internet qui annonçait cet exercice est toujours en ligne et présente ouvertement tous les intervenants
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I would say that society is at fault. The government was not behind Jenny McCarthy, Oprah, Dr. Oz, etc.
#vaccine #VaccinesSaveLives #VaccinesWork #MedTwitter #ScienceTwitter
What the government DID do wrong: “#security” & espionage via vaccines Frankenstein monster unleashed on Muslims

If the US government does do things like this it’s not a “#conspiracy

...all while what led to #CapitolRiots was brewing 🤦🏻‍♀️

If Prius-driving Whole Foods-consuming suburbanites would STOP #misinformation #disinformation to #trauma ridden #refugee populations


the jobs of minority & Muslim doctors would not be so hard

This is lack of *societal* control
of the most privileged
who HARM
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#BeanieGiant is ID'd as #ProudBoy Gregory Kevin Mullin of Roscoe, NY, who assaulted police barricades at #CapitolRiots & vowed to kill Biden "You won’t be laughing when We the People hang Biden & Harris in the streets...then we will come for Soros and the media" #SeditionHunters
2/ "January 6 is our D-Day...we can clean house...all federal politicians massive hangings and heads on pikes" Mullin, who also has ties to #OathKeepers, wrote on Dec 15 on his Parler account #SeditionHunters #ProudBoys #BeanieGiant 2/
Mullins has many social media accounts & doesn't hold back on his #ProudBoy & extremist affiliations. "Join! Go to ProudBoys page on Parler & find your local chapter. Either join or stay out of the way!" His FB page has PB logo as his avatar #SeditionHunters #BeanieGiant
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Why were entries in this Dept of Defense timeline not included in the DoD timeline presented to public and to Congress?


"previously undisclosed document prepared by the Pentagon for internal use"

(@LisaMascaro @benfoxatap @lbaldor report)…

"By 3:37 p.m., the Pentagon sent its own security forces to guard the homes of defense leaders. No troops had yet reached the Capitol."

At 4:08 p.m. Pence places urgent phone call to acting SecDef Miller, demanding answers.

Associated Press: “Pence said the Capitol was not secure and he asked military leaders for a deadline for securing the building.”

“'Clear the Capitol,'” Pence said.
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It’s important for us Americans to understand that this same tactic is being deployed here in the US. This is a war. But in the US, they are not using guns and bombs. The armament of choice is #disinformation. It’s happening on all social media platforms.
How do you avoid being tricked by it? Read a variety of news sources, because the way disinformation campaigns often work is to appeal to an emotional theme and once the reader is drawn in, the demand to isolate yourself from other narratives and people begins.
That’s how QAnon drew in so many Americans ahead of the #CapitolRiots. People lost their homes, families & jobs because they followed baseless conspiracy theories. They were radicalized, just like #terrorists are. @threadreaderapp unroll @john_sipher @GenMhayden @mvhaydencenter
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NEW: Feds defend use of '68 anti-riot law critics say is racist. Justice Dept boasts of charging 80+ cases in response to last year's #BLM protests & #CapitolRiots Earlier:… New doc:…
Note: Unlike a similar filing in Oregon a couple weeks ago, this new one has sign-off of DOJ HQ's National Security Division. DOJ wouldn't say if it signed off on the earlier one.
The new Main-Justice-approved brief appears to omit the provocative claim that prosecutors' use of the statute, which has an interference-with-commerce provision, was appropriate because many #BLM demonstrations included paid protesters.
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1/ A resources "table of contents" thread
linking threads about Jan 5 & 6 events & VIP speakers.

Further on: threads on Save America March, StopTheSteal WildProtest, Freedom Rally, 1/5 Freedom Plaza rally; permits, maps & rally videos ImageImage
#CapitolHunters #CapitolRiots
#DCRallies #CapitolBadge

2/ This NYT team investigation is an in-depth view of the way the events of January 5th and 6th came together and the many people involved.

3/ This thread covers VIPs, those with event access badges or providing event security, a Capitol grounds map showing 1st Amendment demonstrations areas, #IAmAlexJones, WildProtest, Roger Stone, & state & local politicians at the insurrection.

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#CapitolRiots According to multiple law enforcement sources federal investigators have narrowed down the retail chain where the two 60-minute kitchen timers were bought as well as the end caps used to assemble the two viable pipe bombs placed outside the RNC + DNC. A forensic Image
review of the 2 viable devices obtained Thursday @CBSNews shows the kitchen timer was the sole method for detonation, no evidence of secondary or remote detonation. NOTE: If planted on January 5th, as the FBI bureau has suggested, + the 60-minute timer set, the sources said ImageImage
then the devices were designed to explode the day before the riots. CONTEXT: CBS understands there is still internal debate among investigators about when the devices planted January 5 vs. January 6 (day of riots.)
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One week ago #AZ04 Rep. Paul Gosar validated & emboldened white supremacists when he took the same stage as Steve King & Nick Fuentes at AFPAC.

This reprehensible behavior generated a lot of media attention <THREAD>

#RemovePaulGosar #DemCastAZ #ONEV1 Image
Sadly, it has not generated condemnation from either the GOP or Gosar supporter @AmerDentalAssn.

Are you seriously cool with this ADA? Silence is complicity.

Call (312) 440-2500 & ask the ADA why they continue to fund Paul Gosar. #RemovePaulGosar #CallYourDentist #DemCast Image
Let's start with our conservative leaning hometown paper @TheDailyCourier.

'Gosar skips in-person vote on House stimulus bill to attend white nationalist AFPAC conference'

#RemovePaulGosar #AZ04 #DemCastAZ #ONEV1…
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NEW: State Dept Trump appointee Frederico Klein's arrest for assault on a cop at #CapitolRiots has a ten page rap sheet of previous arrests: assault 2 x's; theft 2 x's; robbery; & other charges in NC, VA, & MD. Here they are: #seditionHunters #CapitolHunters ImageImageImageImage
2/ Here are more criminal charges & arrests of Trump State Dept appointee Freddie Klein #seditionHunters #CapitolHunters @InsurgentHunter /2 ImageImageImageImage
Klein is a former U.S. Marine & republican operative for VA & National campaigns & worked for SPLC designated hate group Family Research Council, Free Cuba Committee, & top Trump appointee Ken Cuccinelli & issued Top Secret clearance by DoD in 2014, renewed by State Dept in 2019 ImageImage
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