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12 Jan, 10 tweets, 2 min read
Fascism being on the opposite end of socialism is ahistorical considering Fascism (according to its godfathers) was specifically built to be anti-individual and pro-collectivist.. which virtually every socialist would agree they are and individualists/classical liberalism.
1. Appealing to the fact that fascists have killed other socialists is a nonpoint, as basically every socialist environment ended up in the death of other socialists. They have almost always fought each other and it happened during the Russian revolution.
2. Marxists does not have monopoly on "socialism" nor does Socialism = statelessness. State socialism dates back just as far back as non-state socialism (I'd argue that's oxymoronic). Louis Blanc for example pre-dates Marx and he was a State-socialists.
Even the "anarchist" socialists were at odds as with each other as Dejacque and Proudhon were critical of each other and Benjamin Tucker. Hell, Marx wrote an entire book critical of Proudhon. Benjamin Tucker flatout called Marx and Authoritarian and the father of State-Socialism.
3. Mussolini roots were in Marxism. As in, he was actually a Marxist. He later rejected Marxism but never rejected the socialism. As documented in he and Gentile's own Doctrine of Fascism, Fascism represented the collective and was anti-individualism.
4. Both Mussolini and Hitler were national socialists. This myth of "privatization" is just that: a myth. Nothing was outside the State and all of their doctrines read like socialist manifestos. The State decided what you can sell, for how much and under what rules.
Such as with Nazi Germany if you were not bringing in enough money, you were abolished. Hitting a certain capitalization mark was banned. The Reich Economic Chamber effectively nationalized entire industries. The Nazi Slogan was literally "the common before self."
This regulation and nationalization was right along the lines of what Louis Blanc and Ferdinand Lassalle. It was just deadly and they attached race to it. It was not privatization in even the classical liberal sense. These historic anecdotes are not my opinions. They are facts.
What IS my opinion is that Academics have attempted to place fascism on the opposite side of socialism because they don't want to be associated with having to see their anti-individualist efforts be conflated with mass human suffering. So they attempt to rewrite history.
But it won't change the fact that there is no "individualist" equivalent to the democide facilitated by followers of socialism. USSR, Nazi Germany, China (mainly Mao), Pol Pot's Cambodia, North Korea, etc. Nearly ALL of these were admitted Socialist/Communists/Marxists

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6 Jan
Here's the harsh reality (a thread):
The game was rigged from the start and much of the Republican voters have long been the useful idiots of the Republican politicians. Every election cycle it has been "we must support them because the Dems are worse." You've been gettin' fucked
99% of Republicans, especially at the Federal level, only pretend to value liberty. This country has become more and more of a socialist shithole and the Republicans have been either complicit or useless in preventing it. There has been zero net-gain towards freedom for decades.
And any time there was a Republican that actual valued liberty (like Ron Paul) you deemed him as unrealistic. Fast Forward to 2020 and now the cops you've been worshiping are whooping your asses over masks, lockdowns and protests as antifa and BLM burned your shit down.
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20 Jul 20
A lot of twitter crackheads don’t know what libertarianism is.. which is why you see a lot of “where are the libertarians!?” and other dumb shit. So let me help you weirdos out with a thread.
Libertarianism is not merely “anti government.” We are anti-government because of our principles of private property rights and non aggression. We understand that the State violates our principles in a multitude of different ways.
Extreme libertarians like myself reject the State in its entirety because it can’t exist without violating said rights. It is predicated on it. So you make a critical error my assuming just being against the government is the starting point. That’s not how it works.
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31 May 20
#BlackLivesMatter (in movement and slogan/ not organization) is for losers. It is centered around begging to be acknowledged or accepted by the world they feel despises them. Precisely, it is centered around begging whites to treat them like they feel whites treat other whites.
It is of no surprise that this movement is highjacked or the lines blurred with pencil-neck antifa whites, "POCs," and pronoun-in-the-bio weirdos that group their struggle with yours. I'm not at all worried about convincing people that I think hate me to value my life.
I don't need to project and I certainly ain't begging white people to accept me. I'm not begging to be included in their affairs and I have no desire to get access to their resources if I feel they are actively keeping them from me. Again, this is what losers do.
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30 May 20
You're probably stupid (a thread):
Justification of destroying property and/or looting businesses that had nothing to do with anything is by far the highest for of illogical dumbassery. It makes no sense and you're ol Uncle Eric is here to tell you why.
"This has to happen because JUSTICE"
No it doesn't dipshit. Justice deals with the aggressor facing repercussions. You watched a black man get murdered by with the assistance of 3 cops, one watching. It's on tape. We know who did it. They are agents of the State
The only thing that makes sense is directing your frustration towards the State. So the precincts, the politicians and their institutions. Not the fuckin wig store or the sports bar. You do not have to destroy everything on your way to the actual aggressors.
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10 Mar 20
The term "economic inequality" is repeatedly tossed around by mainstream leftists and I'm going to tell you why it's stupid.

Inequality is natural. In order to make beings equal in any way from an economic standpoint, requires force and acts of aggression.
Despite what they taught you at your indoctrination camp, humans are not "equal." They aren't even equal to themselves on different days. So naturally, they are not going to be equal if they are even remotely economically free. This is easily explainable.
People differ in action, preference, and ethic. In a market, considering this, VALUE is going to differ among different industries and other people. That in itself is going to create people of differences among people economically.
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12 May 19
“libertarians”: Rand Paul? Are you kidding me!? He’s not a full libertarian so he gets no support from me.

Also “libertarians”: yaaaas Tulsi Gabbard.
Thus why I don’t take y’all or your politics seriously.
Let me go to this even further. This is Tulsi

1. Further regulation and bans on "assault weapons." Sponsored The Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 and the Automatic Gunfire Prevention Act. Wants to prohibit anything that increases rate of fire of even Semiautomatic weapons.
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