We must protect Donald J. Trump. The most damage Putin can cause in the U.S. is to have him murdered. They’ll blame everyone but Russia. The Kremlin’s goal is to fuel civil war, destroy, and own the U.S. Same playbook as in Ukraine. Weaken and run the government.
While most platforms banned him, Trump is organizing his insane secession using Telegram. As Olga Lautman pointed out, he’s building his FSB army of Americans via direct recruitment using the app.

He thinks he’s going to take over Texas. It doesn’t get more nuts than this.
Despite how insane Trump’s plan is to try to make himself King of Texas, he should not be permitted to wage war against the U.S. It’s that simple. He’s trying to destroy our Constitution, our nation’s North Star. It is absolutely unacceptable for this behavior to be tolerated.
When Trump shows the world he cannot use Texas to spark a nationwide, 50-state strategy to launch a civil war, he will be worth more to Putin dead than alive. Putin is capable of killing Trump before Biden is inaugurated, an inside job.

Donald Trump should be given extra security and kept at a distance from even Melania.
.@FLOTUS is a traitor, as trustworthy as an FSB operative.

This is a code red situation.
Donald J. Trump never belonged on the ballot. It was like letting a foreign terrorist run for POTUS. The election and its legal aftermath was all for Putin to buy time to wage the war of chaos that’s coming.

They stole 2016 and should never have been allowed to try for 2020.
The damage caused by this pandemic of political corruption that almost cost us our country will be exposed and cleaned up. Accountability is key. First, we need to put out the fire that’s trying to burn us down.

.@VP must invoke the 25th and be given full protection for life.

• • •

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10 Jan
Why is Kremlin agent Telizhenko posting photos of himself traveling through the US when our government banned him? He claims to have been in FL, TN, DC, MO, was at rally with Flynn and riot. If true, it’s a national security threat.
We have an infestation of Kremlin agents in the U.S. and they need to be prosecuted when Putin falls. Russians must work with their U.S. counter parts to prosecute Putin and his entire global network of corruption. Accountability from top down and globally, especially in U.S.
The U.S. should expel all Russian diplomats and shut down its spy fortress embassy and confiscate all Russian government and Putin oligarch properties in US. The fortress should be replaced by a new building museum honoring victims of Russia’s atrocities and warfare techniques.
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7 Jan
Where there is darkness, there is light. Death is followed by rebirth.

This is the U.S.’s last opportunity to demonstrate to the world we will pull together and take down Vladimir Putin. Traitors will be exposed and held accountable or it’s game over. Truth matters.
The U.S. Capitol building was treated like Crimea’s government buildings were in 2014 when Putin’s army of “little green men” invaded. The Kremlin’s weapon of mass destruction in the Oval Office and his top political warfare generals were all involved in this operation.
Flynn, Giuliani, Stone, Bannon, and Manafort work for Putin. They’re his political warfare terrorist. Manafort was involved in the 2006 attack against NATO and U.S. Marines conducting exercises in Crimea.

The U.S. military was attacked by Moscow’s operation of militia rioters.
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4 Jan
America can resurrect pardons and the highest civilian award by President @JoeBiden pardoning and awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Reality Winner. She risked her life to warn about Putin’s attack on the United States to install Trump.
Our government has been violating the human rights of Reality Winner because she had evidence the public needed to understand in order to protect our national security interests. They made her an example in order to silence others and bury the truth of a war against Americans.
We need stronger and more inclusive whistle blower protections.

Truth is the enemy of corruption. Speaking truth to power is the only way humanity and the planet will survive. There can be no unity without accountability. No accountability without truth exposed and understood.
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19 Nov 20
Thankful Donald J. Trump doesn’t have a high IQ like Adolph Hitler; we would be in much more serious trouble if he did. Instead, we’re being held hostage by a floundering fascist clown show, a treasonous circus. Time to change the channel and turn off this horror reality show.
The 2020 election is America’s victory. After four years of hybrid warfare launched at Americans and our allies from within our own government and at the direction of the Kremlin mafia, despite Trump’s best efforts to steal more power, Americans voted to fire him.
Trump’s coup was 2016. Now, he has his accomplices, chaos agents, and Putin. Biden has the backing of the world, U.S. military, 17 intel agencies, and well more than the majority of voters. Voters stopped Trump from stealing the election, but he also didn’t belong on the ballot.
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18 Nov 20
Americans need to wake up and realize we are at war and the enemy continues to operate from within. There will be no coverup of this war; treasonous Americans must stand trial so that justice can be served or crimes repeat.
Too many Americans with powerful reach have been bought off or compromised by a hostile foreign enemy. Donald Trump does not lack company when it comes to criminal accomplices across the country and around the world. A giant RICO case in the making. Jeffrey Epstein knew.
Mitch McConnell has absolutely no business serving in the Senate. He’s one of the greatest traitors our nation has ever faced - a painfully deadly killing machine of corruption that’s jeopardized America’s interests every opportunity provided and at the expense of American lives.
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7 Oct 20
Steve Bannon has been using the White House as his personal political warfare machine to try to take down world leaders while propping up fascist dictators and building an army of brainwashed people who act cultish and have potential to be as threatening as Nazis calling for war.
A friend once told me he heard Bannon, in person, tell a group of people, while overseas, that Hitler should never have betrayed Stalin. He said they were the perfect partnership.

Do not underestimate Bannon’s work to help Putin and Trump steal power. He should be in prison.
Bannon tried to overthrow the government of China while on the payroll of a Chinese oligarch mobster. He freely ran an international and domestic operation to build an army of support for fascists and cause chaos, all of which benefits Putin, and that Trump promoted.
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