@feitclub when it comes to some of the rats that scurried off to youtube, it's plausible that a big % of their zillion supporters are ignorant to their conduct, so I can understand how they're able to persist in the industry despite ppls' best efforts, but when it comes to ppl like Judd...
@feitclub ...they're clearly being abetted by a very small circle of people for whom there is absolutely no excuse—literally, in a lot of cases, they just show up again after a while with the ridiculous expectation that everyone else just has to accept it or "move on" or whatever
@feitclub fwiw I suspect, with absolutely no proof, that he was working behind the scenes on the Wonderful 101 kickstarter

• • •

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More from @gosokkyu

13 Jan
reminder: while there's overlap, Sega's regional branches each have their own purview & there's a ton of stuff you're just not going to see announced by Sega EU

reminder #2: there's a Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 update due that same day, so that may very well be all they're teasing
their stream announcement didn't even strike me as worth mentioning but I see a lot of sites, including a couple JP ones, writing it up as if they're teasing something major and I just don't see it
re: Puyotet 2, their update roadmap is five items deep & they've already stated, implied or leaked things like:

the co-op boss fight mode from Chronicle
a certain character
PS4/5 crossplay
"accessibility features" which presumably means colorblind settings, spectator mode, etc
Read 6 tweets
11 Jan
this might not be news to DQ fans but it's new to me—apparently Akira Toriyama's overbearing former editor Kazuhiko Torishima told some completely untrue story to Yuji Horii about how Toriyama was hooked on Portopia in order to initiate their collaboration dot.asahi.com/dot/2021010600…
it's not from this interview, but here's another Torishima/Toriyama tidbit for Dragon Ball fans: the android/Cell saga's constant changing protags were due to Torishima (who wasn't even editor by then!) being like "really, that's what you're going with?" after every new reveal
...so if it weren't for Torishima's brow-beating, that whole saga may have begun and ended, somehow, with Gero and that weird clown robot
Read 4 tweets
9 Jan
I deleted my earlier warning about the Business Journal Sakura Revolution article bc I figured nobody outside of my feed was going to see anyway, but I see people talking about it, so PSA: that site's renowned for posting misleading tabloid garbage, don't take it as gospel
they've already had to edit their article a few times, and the site they've been citing for sales figures has come out and said their numbers are extrapolated from app store rankings, are not necessarily accurate & shouldn't be passed around as hard data
what's more, it seems their article is primarily based around a video essay by some JP youtube dude, and he's been taking heat for all the slop they packed in around his words as if it had anything to do with him
Read 4 tweets
6 Jan
I'm not too fussed about the designation, but I really do think it's time for another Fever-style refresh, and maybe even one made overseas

mechanics-wise, hell if I know—I don't think the genre's been tapped out, necessarily, but how do you even match Tsu, let alone top it?
like, think about just how many different rules Puyo has messed with, let alone all the clones and ripoffs and fan games and whatever else, and the only alternatives that ppl have ever seriously entertained are Fever (which took a minute to catch on) & PPT Swap (if that counts)
coming up with new stuff is hard & it can be hard to gauge just how much demand there is for something original to begin with

the other more pragmatic issue is that, aside from Tetris, Puyo's the only game in this genre that can still maintain traditional full-price games, but…
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5 Jan
Nintendo's in the works to buy Next Level Games, the Canadian studio behind Luigi's Mansion 2 & 3, Mario Strikers, Punch-Out!! Wii, etc—if all goes well, Nintendo will attain complete ownership by March 2021 post.tokyoipo.com/tdnet/20210105…🇯🇵
basically, it seems like one of the owners wanted to sell his stake in the company and so Nintendo decided to buy the company outright so as to secure their working relationship, facilitate more direct personnel/resource exchange, etc
Next Level Games has gone on record about how they tried being a multi-line studio that simultaneously handled Nintendo & non-Nintendo games and how they ultimately didn't enjoy it, but I hope they can try that approach again because I want more games from the both of them
Read 4 tweets
3 Jan
come to think of it, someone recently asked about this and I forgot to answer, and bc I'm in a reflective mood I figure I'll answer here: I ended up not going ahead with the idea of a formalised STG news resource, for three reasons (>)
one, doing it the way I think it ought to be done would mean covering euroshmups (which, like them or not, do occasionally and quietly find success, aspects of which are worth analysing) and so many other games/events that I just don't have the necessary time to keep up on
two, it's thankless work, and seeing the tiresome horseshit that gets thrown at shmups twitter dude, various youtubers, etc by jaded old dudes for having the temerity to ask for attribution or share their content with ppl with their intended audience makes me not want to bother
Read 5 tweets

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