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12 Jan, 17 tweets, 9 min read
@comcast WHERE was your OUTRAGE when the so called "PEACEFUL PROTESTING" AKA 2020 RIOTING, was HAPPENING?
1-) At least the Capitol Building wasn't BURNING, (like many cities in 2020...) during in the DC break-in! The LAWMAKERS, MEDIA, & others who DOWNPLAYED the massive LOSSES of...
@comcast 2-) ...PORTLAND, & other CITIES in 2020, have no idea how the INNOCENT citizens of Portland, or other destructed cities, felt! EVERYTHING was going on around the citizens of PORTLAND!!! Their BUSINESSES were BURNING, & getting LOOTED, AND PEOPLE WERE getting MURDERED!!! ...
@comcast 3-) ...MEANWHILE the Portland Riots & others, happened for MONTHS!!! DC was stopped quickly in comparison, As a result, less people died, & less were hurt. We feel bad for those injured & the 4-5 people who died, we don't take that lightly, even ONE death is too many! ...
@comcast 4-) ...One person Ashlie Babbitt, was shot by a policeman, 3 people, (it is my understanding), got sick & died--(no person's fault). Then we heard later that a policeman died also! Thats 1-2 deaths due to: (1 an officer shooting someone, (I don't know why), & the other (I ...
@comcast 5-) ...believe the officer that died), was due to someone attacking him, (but strangely, I have heard 3 different stories concerning his death. REGARDLESS, many MORE MURDERS happened in PORTLAND, than in DC!!!  Because of the differences in how things were handled, because of...
@comcast 6-) ...the amount of ANGUISH, that BLM, & apparently ANTIFA were allowed to cause for such a LENGTHY time, YES we AMERICANS blame LOCAL GOVERNMENT & we believe local government should have ASKED for the HELP Trump offered, instead of turning help AWAY!!!  THAT lengthy time...
@comcast 7-) ...allowed in the cities to create FIRES, & other DESTRUCTIVE havock, while people were also losing their lives, is why AMERICANS are ANGRY at the COMPARISON in BLM & ANTIFA RIOTS, & DC Break- Ins!!! The #CancelCulture in which you, & other business are displaying is...
@comcast 8-)...RIDICULOUS, & NEEDS to be replicated towards you #×1million. YOU & OTHERS like YOU, should be ASHAMED, ESPECIALLY when all the UPSTANDING POLITICIANS, & OTHER AMERICANS were asking for was 10 days to inspect the VOTES with a FORENSIC AUDIT!!! Why a #ForensicAudit ? ...
@comcast 9-) ...Because the methods, & the paper used, in the VOTING PROCESS could not be counted once, twice, or even three times, if they were only going to count the VOTES the EXACT SAME WAY, with the EXACT same workers, who mixed in ILLEGAL VOTES, with the legal votes, AND used...
@comcast 10-) ...other methods to cheat as well!!!
#DoubleStandards #doublestandard
It is harder for MEDIA & OTHERS to DENY what happened. There are many MORE media OUTLETS now!!! How DARE you MINIMIZE what happened in PORTLAND, & other cities while AMERICANS watched in DESPAIR...
@comcast 11-) cities, burned & MANY, MANY people died! EVEN CHILDREN DIED!!! NOW you and other MEDIA, & POLITICIANS MINIMIZE the LEGAL VOTES of AMERICANS by DOWNPLAYING the FACT that there WERE ILLEGAL VOTES mixed in, as aforementioned by myself, & the ATTORNEYS who, there is NO...
@comcast 12-) ...doubt, you are aware, attempted to present the evidence, & were refused to be heard, & then the evidence was attempted to be shown again, by the UPSTANDING POLITICIANS, on behalf of AMERICANS, who only wanted 10 days to do a FORENSIC AUDIT!!! Why a #ForensicAudit ? ...
@comcast 13-) ...Because you can't just recount the VOTES with the same ILLEGAL VOTES mixed in. You have to DIFFERENTIATE between the real LEGAL votes, & the ILLEGAL VOTES!!! If this was about RACE, we would have heard ANGUISH, & OUTRAGE!... from YOU & OTHER companies when cities were...
@comcast 15-) ... THEN?!? IT IS #NotAboutRace #ItIsAboutPolitics You, like many other companies used DC, & RACE for POLITICAL REASONS!!! 💥 MANY AMERICANS will NOT FORGET WHEN WE WISH TO PURCHASE SERVICES SIMILAR to the ones YOUR COMPANY sells!!! WE WILL FIND OTHER SOURCES!!! ...
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@yscriptwriter @professorigor @JoeBiden 1-) You are hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣 They have photo recognition evidence that it was Antifa who started breaking in! There will always be copy cats, just like when BLM was protesting!
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@beef_sea @chrystalmhall @ftmfanatic @real_American_1 @annvandersteel @edwrather @SidneyPowell1 @JoeBiden @POTUS 1-) OANN is NOT the only source for this information, and we will see what happens come by the end of this day, because it is 6th already, if not I am guessing it will be the 6th. I heard just the other day there are tons of sealed indictments waiting to be unsealed. So we all...
@beef_sea @chrystalmhall @ftmfanatic @real_American_1 @annvandersteel @edwrather @SidneyPowell1 @JoeBiden @POTUS 2-) ...just need to sit back & have patience. Not many people trust MSM because they do things like this:… They only have themselves to blame for that!
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2 Jan
@mase104 @SenSasse @JeffFortenberry 1-) Erase!?!?! HA!!! Some states didn't even follow their own laws, which they also weren't permitted to change because Congress makes the laws. Then on top of that dead people "voted." Votes were shredded, AND votes were trashed!!! Plus there is evidence that even a...
@mase104 @SenSasse @JeffFortenberry 2-) thermostat was wired in order to mess with votes. Regardless of that last one SURELY you have heard that the Dominion voting machines were not performing properly, and/or printers were printing fake ballots... this paper part can be proved by an EXPERT witness who has...
@mase104 @SenSasse @JeffFortenberry 3-) ...been in his field for 24 years!!!
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2 Jan
@gregkellyusa @LLinWood 1-) Careful there, you never know when he might drop some evidence. Maybe the 6th of Jan. Then what? You don't want to alienate viewers like Tucker Carlson, who seemed to possibly be threatened, judging by his oddly unique comment, when in comparison with his normal reporting....
@gregkellyusa @LLinWood 2-) With Lin you have to factor in that he is an attorney, & from what I heard he is an Defamation Attorney, or specializes in that area. When you factor that in what are the odds he would put his reputation in jeopardy? Just saying though. Just an observation. ...
@gregkellyusa @LLinWood 3-) I am an Independent attempting to collect truth. I normally follow you because of that
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12 Dec 20
@JustTheNews @SpeakerPelosi @NicholasBallasy 1-)Restaurants & other businesses, lose business, due to CV & RESTRICTIONS. 2-)PANDEMIC RELIEF is w/held because of a politician (Pelosi), or a group of politicians
3-)Lack of income & NO relief, then causes them to lose their businesses, subsequently others lose their jobs!
@JustTheNews @SpeakerPelosi @NicholasBallasy This chain of EVENTS is COMMON SENSE!!!
@JustTheNews @SpeakerPelosi @NicholasBallasy PORK BARRELING HAPPENED
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