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Can a State GST Department make assessment and levy interest, Penalties on total turnover of assessee in Multiple States?

Yes, they did in Andhra Pradesh and assessee has to run from pillar to post for justice.

The horror of over stepping the jurisdiction in this case ↘️
🚨#BreakingNews: A new #TaxJustice battle is brewing! 💼 A brave bus operator across multiple Indian states took a stand against the 1st respondent (Deputy Commissioner, ST, Special Circle, Chittoor Division). Why? Because the taxman was overstepping his bounds! #GSTHorror 🚫👮‍♂️
📜 The operator had been slapped with an Assessment, Penalty & Interest order under the SGST & CGST Acts 2017. But there was a catch! 😲 The taxman wasn't playing fair - assessing total turnover from all states instead of each state's respective turnover. #TaxDispute 🌍💸
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Why Olympic Athletes Should Take a Stand Against Russian Participation in the Paris 2024 Olympics 1/16
The Olympic Games are a symbol of international unity and peace, bringing athletes from all corners of the world together to compete in a spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship. 2/16
But what happens when politics intrude on the games, and a country with a questionable track record on human rights and fair play, a country that is waging war condemned by the UN is allowed to participate? 3/16
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#Pakistan🇵🇰 IHRF's statement regarding the current political situation in Pakistan and safety recommendations for civilians.

انٹرنیشنل ہیومن رائٹس فاؤنڈیشن کا پاکستان کی موجودہ سیاسی صورتحال اور شہریوں کے لیے حفاظتی تجاویز کے حوالے سے سرکاری بیان۔
1. We ask soldiers and police officers in Pakistan to disobey any unjust or illegal orders they receive. #HumanRights #Disobey #RuleOfLaw
1. ہم پاکستان میں فوجیوں اور پولیس افسران سے کہتے ہیں کہ وہ کسی بھی غیر منصفانہ یا غیر قانونی احکامات کی نافرمانی کریں۔
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The working week ends on an important assignment.

An invitation from the South African Institute For Drug-Free Sport to a consultation meeting on the concept of updated National Sports Integrity Legislation.

A vitally important discussion to be part of. Follow ⬇️ for updates 🤙🏾 Image
So why are we here?

The current anti-doping legislation is no longer for for purpose.

The old legislation was promulgated in 1997 and needs to be updated.

@drugfreesportZA #FairPlay Image
Lessons we have learnt over the years.

- Our legislation was replicated from other agencies
- Very little public consultation. Athletes weren't consulted either.
- Legislation should take on jurisdiction, authority and accountability

@drugfreesportZA #FairPlay
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We are hopeful that the discussion on issues around sex and gender is opening up. Such discussion is essential if we are to find solutions that meet the needs, and uphold the rights, of everyone.

#moreincommon #SexMatters #FairPlay 1/n
Since November 2017, Woman’s Place UK has organised 30 public events and nearly every one has been hosted in the face of substantial obstacles including aggressive and intimidating protests.…
The intimidation of women meeting to discuss their rights has gone largely unchallenged and so has been allowed to grow. The failure of civic and political society to facilitate this important debate demonstrates an abject failure to adhere to the Equality Act and the PSED. /3
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#TransLegea delakoaren lege-proiektuaren zirriborroa Espainiako Parlamentuan laster aurkeztuko da. Hori dela eta, Hego Euskal Herriko hainbat feministak bat egin dugu eta aliantzak ehundu ditugu, gure kaleetan gai honekiko dagoen kezka eta alarma soziala ikusarazteko. HARIA 👇
Izan ere, alderdi politiko batek ere ez du kezka hori ez jasotzen, ezta bideratzen ere, ezinbestekoa den eztabaidari ahotsa emateko. Elkarrizketa ukatzea ez da inoiz bidea izan, eta oraingo honetan ere ez da izango. #ZabalduEztabaida
Antzeko legeak abian jarri diren lekuetatik datozen albisteek eta duela gutxi zabaldutako legearen zirriborroan irakurri ahal izan denak mendeetan zehar borrokatutako emakumeen eskubideak urratzen dituen proposamena dela argi eta garbi salatzera garamatzate. #QUERF #MERF
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@comcast WHERE was your OUTRAGE when the so called "PEACEFUL PROTESTING" AKA 2020 RIOTING, was HAPPENING?
1-) At least the Capitol Building wasn't BURNING, (like many cities in 2020...) during in the DC break-in! The LAWMAKERS, MEDIA, & others who DOWNPLAYED the massive LOSSES of...
@comcast 2-) ...PORTLAND, & other CITIES in 2020, have no idea how the INNOCENT citizens of Portland, or other destructed cities, felt! EVERYTHING was going on around the citizens of PORTLAND!!! Their BUSINESSES were BURNING, & getting LOOTED, AND PEOPLE WERE getting MURDERED!!! ...
@comcast 3-) ...MEANWHILE the Portland Riots & others, happened for MONTHS!!! DC was stopped quickly in comparison, As a result, less people died, & less were hurt. We feel bad for those injured & the 4-5 people who died, we don't take that lightly, even ONE death is too many! ...
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1/ No Madam you are wrong. This goes to the heart of & undermines the very essence of what it means to be #British. Our sense of #fairplay , playing by the rules, and above all to our model of #democracy based on free & fair elections. #FBPE #CambridgeAnalytics #BrexitGate
2/ If we ignore this blatant cheating & interference by a foreign power in the British Democratic process then we throw away all that is best about Britain, our history. #FBPE #CambridgeAnalytics #BrexitGate #BrexitWhistleblower #PMQs
3/ If we ignore this election fixing & cheating we betray our ancestors, grandparents, great grandparents who sacrificed & gave so much to preserve our democracy & way of life. #FBPE #CambridgeAnalytics #BrexitGate #BrexitWhistleblower #PMQs #Brexit #EUReferendum
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The football's back, baby! It never went away! It's Stenhousemuir FC against some lower-league jobbers from India and I can't wait - Image
Fair play to Real Kashmir but they might just be the worst football team I've ever seen. Stenhousemuir are bodying them so goddamn hard.
It finished 6-0 to Stenhousemuir. The home fans have stayed behind to clap off Real Kashmir #class #respect #fairplay @Sporf @FootballFunnys
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