🚨 Think about the last dire warning from @AlexandraChalup you ignored.

Stop underestimating him. He is willing to go much lower than you expect.
On Telegram, Trump or someone close to him is using the right-wing media icons to get his most rabid followers into his channel. It's going viral in their circles.
Putin's biggest dream is fracturing the US, cause us the pain he felt when the USSR split up.

@sarahkendzior and @ruthbenghiat have been warning about this intent for a while now.
The extremist movement Timothy McVeigh was a part of never really went away.

Three months after his execution, 9/11 happened and everyone shifted focus.
The FBI sent out warnings of planned attacks.

We already know the terrorists from Jan 6 had intensions to do live executions.

They are radicalized online, immersed in a world of distortions, and unleashed to use violence to intimidate government officials.

Sound familiar?
This is the powder keg dangerous extremists have been waiting for.

Putin uses these groups to cause discord. White Nationalist groups like The Base have leaders operating out of Moscow. This is in the open.
On Jan 6 people didn't just show up at the Capitol.

Statehouses all over had over 100 armed individuals show up so they evacuated.

They got confirmation of numbers. Who are the diehards, what areas can they count on.
Things have already gotten ugly. The most dangerous among these extremists have been planning for this moment FOR DECADES.
The US is a giant powder keg right now, and Putin loves throwing matches.

Irreversible damage has already been done. The rest of the world is watching aghast.

There are so many possible flashpoints for this to escalate.
What can we do? Firstly #InaugurationDay must go virtual. The official transition needs to go smoothly, there's immense risk to anyone attending at a disclosed location.

This poll is ongoing, but so far most agree.
Secondly, we need to get serious about the threat of American White Nationalists. They didn't go away, people just focused on terrorism abroad instead.

This can get so much worse. We already know of many terrifying plans that didn't work out.

What if one squeaks by?
Lastly, people in positions to fight this thing of need to start listening.

All of the experts on authoritarianism and fascism are sounding the alarm bells.

All of them agree that the current approach isn't treating this threat with the urgency this deserves.

All of them.
Here's some examples from those who have dedicated years to studying these movements.

• • •

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13 Jan
There are many indications that inside actors played a part in the attack on the Capitol.

Not just rhetoric, but actions that put lives of Members of Congress and Senators at increased risk.

Thread collecting these reports.
1/ Val Demings - "there was some inside assistance"
2/ Ayanna Pressley's Chief of Staff - Staff noticed all of the panic buttons in Pressley's office were torn out BEFORE the attack while they were barricading the room.
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11 Jan
Something a lot of people get wrong about Trump: he actually has a very strong belief structure.

He's not "religious" in the ways most people recognize, but he believes in Norman Vincent Peale's "Power of Positive Thinking". 1/
In her book, @MaryLTrump confirmed that Donald and Fred (his father) truly believe that they can control outcomes if they think about them in a certain way.

It's not just wishful thinking, it's a Toxic Positivity ritual. 2/
That's why he's surrounded by sychophants and boot-lickers.

Anyone expressing negativity gets purged because he thinks their doubt sabotages his will.

Think about how dangerous that viewpoint is for someone becoming increasingly divorced from reality. 3/
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10 Jan
The coup was not one location.

The coup was not one day.

The coup is ongoing.

Jan 6 - Everyone knows the Capital was attacked, but multiple statehouses were also evacuated.

New Mexico - Staff were evacuated from the building that houses the governor and secretary of state's office after hundreds of Trump supporters arrived. 1/
Jan 6 - (con't)
Georgia - "Georgia's secretary of state and his staff evacuated their offices at the Capitol as about 100 protesters gathered outside, some armed with long guns." 2/
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9 Jan
I wasn't engaged in these things at the time, but I imagine that Timothy McVeigh's execution led many to claim that domestic terrorism was no longer a concern in the US.

It happened in 2001, three months before the Sept 11 attacks. 1/
After 9/11, the War on Terror led to the Patriot Act and increased "awareness" of terrorism and radicalization.

However, all of this was xenophobic and focused on the extremists from abroad.

Meanwhile the danger posed by extremists from within grew unabated. 2/
A 2006 Threat Assessment by the FBI warned of “self-initiated efforts by individuals, particularly among those already within law enforcement ranks, to volunteer their professional resources to white supremacist causes with which they sympathize.” 3/
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4 Jan
1/ Trump doesn't care about legacy, family, or duty. He sure as fuck doesn't care about the law, or even money (he knows the illusion of money is just as good).

Trump only cares about himself, and his only motivation is power. An illegitimate "win" is a win to him.
2/ Imagine Trump playing a video game.

He'd try for 30 seconds, get destroyed, and quickly resort to cheat codes to get by.

After celebrating his ill-gotten victory, he'd quickly realize that he's empty inside. There would be no sense of accomplishment.
3/ From here it could go in two directions. He gets bored of the game and does something else, or he plays again.

Because he has no interest in developing any skills, he would continue to cheat using more elaborate codes.

He'll never be satisfied, so he'll continue to escalate.
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3 Jan
1/ I was thinking about the differences between the Dems and GOP and something clicked, bringing the failures of this era into focus:

The Democratic Party is absolutely terrified of power. They're perennial permission seekers and incapable of acting in their own self interest.
2/ In contrast, the GOP gets off on power and abuses it relentlessly. They don't even feign asking for forgiveness anymore.

Both parties have unhealthy relationships with power and this dynamic won't change until the Dems stop asking for permission before using their power.
3/ Permission seeking is the opposite of taking charge. There are several simultaneous crisises and action is needed to save lives.

When power isn't used humans become hesitant and tentative. The Dems are scared to flex, which begs the GOP to take the power back next cycle.
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