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Just like yesterday, remember former president Buhari's first tenure in 2015 his #InaugurationDay

We were told Chadian Soldiers are already in Damasak waiting for us to come retake the ground before leaving.

We massed up to go and recollect Damasak which was a blood bath back then.

The GOC came talked to us and told us about the task, now gentlemen, the Chadians are already in Damasak and we are to go take over from them so they can focus on other operations.

I raised my hand /1
To ask question ❓

Then there was no Theater command.

The Officer Commanding called me immediately and say, Die hard please no question, I know what you want to ask.

He was so good to all the SFs then that I had to obey him and climbed my gun #EagleEye.

I respect /2
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500K Americans died of #Covid! On #InaugurationDay it was 420K so they put one light on the #ReflectingPool at the #LincolnMemorial for each thousand deaths. It looked like this, but this isn't what 400K people look like! Doesn't look as shocking as 400K!…
In 1969 I went up to Max Yasgur's farm to sleep in the mud and sit on a hill overlooking a stage where #JanisJoplin, #JimiHendrix, and #JoanBaez played. So I know what 500 thousand people look like. They look like a sea of swaying humanity. There was no crime in #WoodstockNation
500 thousand Americans have died, and I think the number is just too incomprehensible, it's so big, it has lost it's meaning. I've found when I say, "500 thousand people have died!" somebody always asks, how many were supposed to die this year? Because they honestly do not know.
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1. In case you slept through #InaugurationDay  here’s a rundown of everything you missed!
2. Former President Donald Trump had his final farewell ceremony where both he and former first lady, Melania Trump, gave remarks. Although the former President wished the Biden and his administration “great luck”, he did not mention him by name.
3. Let’s get started with Amanda Gorman, the United States first ever youth poet laureate! She recited a poem at the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, stating that she wanted to not only “provide hope” but to also “show the power of words.
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Cpt Hall's #PledgeofAllegiance in #AmericanSignLanguage on #InaugurationDay has rightfully seized our attention. In this thread, I want to analyse where this came from, what we can learn from it, and what we should NOT learn from it. Read more on this longish THREAD 1/20
When Cpt Hall starting signing, social media exploded with deaf people seeing fluency in her signs and wondering, as @NeilMcD did with his CODA son, if she was also a CODA. And she is! CODAs may grow up with a national sign language as one of their family languages @codaintl /2
Cpt Hall seemed to decide on her own to use #ASL (remember, sign languages are not universal- they are as distinct as spoken languages. The @WFDeaf_org estimates 200+ signed languages around the world. And only 50+ have been legally recognized.… /3
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1/1: President Joe Biden’s Inauguration was the beginning of a fresh start for America. This day had many key moments from Herstory being made, the fashion, celebrity appearances, to President Biden’s inauguration speech! Let’s review some key moments, shall we! #Inauguration
2/2: Now that Trump is out of office celebrities are beginning to embrace the White House again. The inaugural concert had a star-studded line-up including performances by Katy Perry, Jon Bon Jovi, John Legend, and other famous artists. #Inauguration2021
3/3: Not only were celebrities invited to perform for the inaugural concert, but they were also invited to be presenters for the “Celebrating America” special, such as actresses, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington. Photo Credit: Biden Inaugural Committee via AP.
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(1/7) Wednesday was Inauguration Day in America where they made @KamalaHarris and @JoeBiden our official VP and President of the United States 🥳 #Inauguration2021 ! Here are some key moments:
(2/7) Before the Inauguration started @MichelleObama stole the show! @BuzzFeed listed her outfit and hair as one of her “21 moments she stole the show”
(3/7) She wasn’t the only one who served looks however! The Biden’s and VP Harris’s nephew didn’t hesitate to show us their fashion sense! Featuring monochromatic looks and $2000 Dior kicks! Was this an Inauguration or DC Fashion Week? 😍
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It appears that I have been banned from Facebook—again!
I confess this time I am utterly at a loss. Was it hosting @RosenJeffrey to talk about peaceful transitions of power?
Or was it hosting @Timodc and @SarahLongwell25 to celebrate #InaugurationDay?
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Vice-president under Barack #Obama and a senator for 36 years, #JoeBiden is a political figure familiar to most Americans🇺🇸

To many, he lacks the aura of the last Democratic president, but after a period of turmoil in US politics, is he the steady pair of hands the nation needs?
#US 🇺🇸 President Joe #Biden moved swiftly to dismantle Donald #Trump’s legacy on his first day in office.

The president signed a series of executive actions to reverse course on immigration, climate change, racial equity and handling of the pandemic ✍️

@WassimCornet reports ⤵️
@WassimCornet 🇺🇸 Meanwhile, Donald #Trump has a long way to go to rebuild an image left in tatters by his presidency, particularly the final months.

France 24's @ketgorjestani said that the Republican left the White House "with the lowest rating of his presidency" ⤵️
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Before #InaugurationDay closes out, have to say I thought a lot about how happy Sen. Hagan would be today. Biden visited her after she fell sick.
This was pre-pandemic (she died in late 2019).

They didn’t get her seat back but not her fault NC is becoming FL.
Strike the FL comparison — I meant as in seemingly slightly R for everything.

I knew I shouldn’t have gone there.
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It’s a new chapter, a new day in America’s history 🇺🇸 #InaugurationDay

Welcome to a CNN Philippines Special Presentation, 'America United: The Inauguration of Joe Biden' | LIVE
LA-based journalist Camille Requiestas says the Filipinos in the United States generally have a mixed reaction on the transition to Biden presidency
Requiestas on Biden-Harris inauguration: Some Filipinos are feeling proud and hopeful for America’s future.
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Kamala Harris chose Black designers for her historical #InaugurationDay

At the Capitol, Harris wore a mid-length purple coat and matching dress by New York-based designer Christopher John Rogers. Tonight, she is set to wear an outfit by Los Angeles-based Sergio Hudson. 1/5
First lady Jill Biden wore an ocean blue dress and overcoat embellished with Swarovski pearls and crystals by Alexandra O’Neill from New York label Markarian. Her outfit included a matching silk face mask. 2/5
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former first lady Michelle Obama also wore purple - a color of the American women’s suffrage movement, but also one that many interpreted as a symbol of unity between the ‘blue states’ and ‘red states’ of the country. 3/5
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Philippine Ambassador to the United States Babe Romualdez on Biden-Harris #InaugurationDay: It was very well organized, especially for diplomats. Health protocols were done, we had social distancing, we had to wear masks
PH Ambassador to US on Biden-Harris #InaugurationDay: There were 1,000 people all around. Security measures taken were unprecedented. Washington, DC was closed down. Security measures were an offshoot of what happened two weeks ago
PH Ambassador to US: US President Biden has been a good friend of the Philippines, even when he was a senator
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Biden’s decision to quote St. Augustine in his inauguration speech today is really *very* significant - much more so than you might think.

A short thread... [1/n]

It all goes back to Cicero.

According to Cicero, a society was a multitude united by a shared sense of what is just and the common good (e.g. Rep. 1.25.39; 3.31.43)

Sounds sensible, right?


The problem is: not everyone agrees about what is just.

What you think is “just” might not be what I think is “just”. As Augustine argued, even thieves have a sort of “justice” - but it isn’t the same as for everyone else.

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This Federal Statute identifies the current system as Totalitarianism. #Delaware State House has been occupied by USURPERS since 1868!  All political parties are part of Totalitarian Party United States Code Title 8 § 1101(37)(a)(b).
What is a Usurper?

USURPATION government. The tyrannical assumption of the government by force contrary to and in violation of the #constitution of the country. ~ Bouvier's Law Dictionary, 1856.
Under the 14th Amendment political system every state governor are insurgents as defined in Title 18 United States Code § 11 (Foreign government).
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THREAD: My photos/videos from around Washington, D.C. today.
This is David Wood and he still thinks Donald Trump will be president.

“The guy who got the most legal votes is going to be president. I believe Donald Trump got the most legal votes... I don’t know how God is going to do it... but Donald Trump is gonna serve four more years.”
“The Egyptians, which was a Communist regime, was chasing the Israelites and Moses... they came right to the edge of the Red Sea and they had nowhere to go... then God said ‘Stick out your staff’... and the Red Sea parted... so that’s exactly what’s going to happen here.”
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Hey Champ & Major! Your furry friends at LifeLine Animal Project congratulate you on your new home! As shelter pups, we’re always (trying to be) on our best behavior so we wanted to share a few tips about living in your new place, The White House.
#InaugurationDay #FirstDogs
It’s a pretty special building and a lot of animals have lived there. There is a lot going on, hopefully this will help you both settle in a little faster. So, here’s what you need to know…
You’re going to hear the word “wing” a lot. Sadly this means West Wing, not chicken wing. But if you follow the person who said it, they will probably take you to your dad for a quick belly scratch.
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President Joe Biden with First Lady Jill Biden arrive at the White House for the first time in office. #InaugurationDay Image
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“Today, the work begins.” @WhiteHouse

“On the shore, I watched the sails unfurl, flap then billow, & felt my heart billow too. ‘May the wind always be at your back’ I said, & my soft words were carried away on the salty, sea breeze.” (Emerson Warner).
2/. “When day comes we ask ourselves where can we find light in this never-ending shade?”

@TheAmandaGorman’s powerful #InaugurationDay  poem captioned in 3 parts by @janesamikim

Part 1/3 #BidenHarrisInauguration #Inauguration2021  #Inauguration  #Biden
3/. “The loss we carry a sea we must wade. We’ve braved the belly of the beast. We’ve learned that quiet isn’t always peace. In the norms and notions of what just is isn’t always justice. And yet, the dawn is ours before we knew it. Somehow we do it.”
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Follow the latest updates as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris officially become president and VP #InaugurationDay…
Biden and Harris were joined by George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to represent the peaceful transfer of power from Donald Trump #InaugurationDay…
Earlier, Trump left the White House to arrive at Joint Base Andrews, in Maryland for a farewell event he threw for himself…
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From the Pledge of Allegiance being signed & spoken simultaneously to the presence of the powerful Amanda Gorman to the President himself, both people with speech disabilities, disability was represented as a part of American culture & politics during #InaugurationDay Thread 1/7 Andrea Hall a black fire captain stands in front of a podiumAmanda Gorman, a black woman wearing a yellow coat and a redPresident Joe Biden a white man with white hair holds his ha
Andrea Hall was the 1st Black woman hired and assigned to a station at the City of Albany Fire Department, & then the 1st Black woman to serve as fire captain at Fulton County Fire Rescue. She presented the Pledge of Allegiance in ASL & spoken English… 2/7
Jennifer Lopez, who sung an amazing mashup of “This Land is Your Land,” “Let’s Get Loud,” and “America the Beautiful” has a history of anxiety and depression.… #Inauguration2021 3/7
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ICYMI: Today on #InaugurationDay, Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States

Read here:…
All photo credits: Getty Images Image
At 78, Biden becomes the nation’s oldest president upon swearing-in.

President Biden perhaps has the most exhaustive resume of any incoming commander-in-chief, having represented Delaware for 36 years and serving as VP for eight. #InaugurationDay…
“The people,” Biden said in his inaugural speech, “the will of the people, has been heard, and the will of the people has been heeded.” #InaugurationDay… Image
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1/On #InaugurationDay  we are here to demand profound changes to the racist, xenophobic, evil immigration system.

We will except nothing less.


2/Save Pro Se.
3/Right to council.
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There’s an Amanda Gorman at every HS you call underperforming, inner city, and/or the G word.

Honor. Black. Students. Art.

This tweet is doing numbers. So #CiteASista.

After that, donate to orgs/ groups like Urban Word who help young Black & brown spoken word poets today so you can help fund the next Amanda Gorman of tomorrow.

Since somma y’all new & lacking reading comprehension, let me help:

Amanda’s Black elite access underscores my larger point—there are Black youth artists this country WILL NEVER see with equal+ talent BECAUSE of their schools. We are NOT the talented 10th alone.

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If the timeline is any indication, we are all willing to die to protect Amanda Gorman. #InaugurationDay
Black Harvard poets.
I might be a tiny bit biased.
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