1. Can there be any doubt now that Trump has launched a major natl campaign to overturn the election results, which includes the sustained use of force/violence, to stay in power?

There just can't be any question abt this any longer, any attempt to find an innocent explanation..
2. Here's Fiona Hill in @Politico on why of course what we are witnessing has been an attempted coup.....politico.com/news/magazine/…
3. Lack of preparedness for Jan 6th, the clear lying coming from DOD/DOJ/Capitol Police, lack of any kind of public briefing by the govt since, resignation of DHS Sec all suggest the conspiracy to overturn the election went way beyond the White House....
4. We know the conspiracy to overturn the election included police officers, vets, Republican Attorneys General, hundreds of Members of Congress, orgs all over the country - why wouldn't it include senior members of the Trump Admin, Capitol Police?
5. A reminder from @BrandyZadrozny that at the core of the Trump-aligned QAnon narrative is a judgement day, where Members of Congress/other govt leaders would be executed....."storming" the Capitol, killings Members core to this part of Trumpworld.

6. Just spitballing here but think Congress, FBI should be questioning Stephen Miller about the attempted coup, the insurrection like as soon as possible.

Someone had to organize everything we are seeing. As this video shows, he was clearly involved...

7. Here's @maggieNYT describing Trump watching the riot unfold, being pleased, doing nothing. This is very much worth listening too.

8. Chad Wolf. He was out of the country on Jan 6th, and now is unwilling to do his job to ensure the safety of the leaders of Congress, the new government next week.

Even in the Trump era this a truly low moment.

Agree w/@FranTownsend here.
9. More on why Chad Wolf is an historic coward - the threat to the homeland next week isn't just in Washington, it is in all 50 states, and it requires a coordinated national response.
10. It's pretty clear McConnell, McCarthy and GOP Chair McDaniel should hold a joint press conference accepting the results of the election and asking their supporters to stand down. Absent this basic step, entire party is complicit in violence to come.
11. Time now for GOP leaders to step up, denounce the lie, accept the election results, put an end to the uprising. This has gone on long enough.

Good stuff here from @joshscampbell

12. Very good thread from Senator @TinaSmithMN.

Republicans have a binary choice - they either accept the election as legitimate and tell people to go home next week, or they are aiding an insurrection against the US.

It's that simple.
13. There is going to be video like this for everyone who voted with Trump last week. How do they walk it back?

My hope is they do it now - declare the election valid, ask people to go home. If they don't there are officially part of the insurrection.

• • •

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9 Jan
Some morning thoughts on Jan 6th, the aftermath....

First, the idea that the govt didn't know the Trump rally could turn violent, attack Congress is simply bullshit, and raises worrisome questions about whether DOJ/DHS/DOD were told to stand down (1/x).

NDN has called on Congress to bring AG Rosen, DHS Sec Wolf in to testify under oath either in their current jobs, or as private citizens - ndn.org/blog/2021/01/d…

The House appears to be moving in that direction now (2/x).

The success of Trump and his extremists in taking over a heavily fortified govt building has created true domestic security crisis in US.

These groups will be emboldened; defeating them will be extraordinary new challenge for Biden-Harris team (3/x).

Read 10 tweets
8 Jan
Lots of big challenges for Biden-Harris and the new Congress to tackle in coming months.

But one of their biggest challenges will be to counter, effectively, a domestic right wing extremist movement that had a huge win this week, and will be emboldened.

When the new team gets in there and starts sharing details on just how much Trump coddled, encouraged, stoked, covered up for domestic extremists it will become a deeply dark chapter in our history.

A reminder Trump pardoned domestic terrorists (2/x):
Reminder that right wing extremists assassinated two cops last spring (3/x). nbcbayarea.com/news/local/bay…
Read 12 tweets
7 Jan
On Jan 6th Trump extremists not only broke into the Capitol while the VP was there/both Houses in session, but appeared in capitols in at least 20 states.

Not plausible FBI/DHS didn't understand enormity of what was happening, threat level. (1/x)

Current heads of DOJ, DHS, DOD all acting, hacks.

DOJ, DOD heads active enforcers of "violent left wing" fictions of the summer/fall, very clued into domestic threat environment.

DHS Acting Sec Wolf OUT OF THE COUNTRY for a domestic event of this magnitude. (2/x)
Just not possible Trump's DHS/FBI didn't know the possibility of an attack on the Congress yesterday. It's not possible. They choose to allow Congress and the VP to be exposed; it was by design. There is no other explanation here. (3/x)
Read 16 tweets
7 Jan
Are we really supposed to believe, given the level of organization evident across the country by Trump extremists, that US security services were unprepared for what happened in Washington/other capitols on Jan 6th?

DHS Sec out of the country, DC Nat’l Guard held back....
We know the acting AG is very focused on the concept of sedition and insurrection.

Are we going to see a DOJ led task force established today to ID, pursue and prosecute the criminals who broke into the Capitol? wsj.com/articles/top-j…
2 men who made it in the Senate chamber yesterday had zip ties, meaning they were planning on taking hostages. Like in MI wit Gov. Whitmer.

Read 6 tweets
6 Jan
Degree of difficulty of what Dems did in GA cannot be overstated.

Rs had incumbency/money advantage, and a rigged runoff process which has made it historically impossible for Dems to win.

Despite all that Dems outperformed Biden - powerful repudiation of Trump/McConnell/GOP.
And today what's left of the GOP is going to beclown themselves, further reinforcing the righteousness of the rejection of Trump's politics we've seen.

Opening up of the New South/Hispanic SW by Dems in recent years - around new electorates - has allowed Democrats to strategically gain a degree of political power to match their ongoing popular vote advantage.

Read 5 tweets
4 Jan
Precedent here of sending criminal referrals to FBI/DOJ is important. It's a vital tool at Congress' disposal that may need to get employed a great deal over next few yrs as we learn more about the misdeeds of the Trump era.

Important leadership from @tedlieu @RepKathleenRice.
There are at least three live criminal investigations into Trump which can begin the afternoon of Jan 20th - the Stormy affair, CIA referral from Ukraine fiasco, and now Georgia.

Repeated pattern makes prosecution more likely.
Documenting potential crimes by Trump, his family and his staff helps create a record for any future prosecution or court activity. The more evidence of wrongdoing the more likely prosecution and conviction are.

Read 7 tweets

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