Sharing an incidence from early part of my career - why everyone should be given a second chance. Way back in 1993 we made our first breakthrough with an American customer. Developed a product for them which got approved and they ordered a pilot lot of 6000 nos valued 5400 USD
We committed to send him these parts in 2 months time. It took us almost 9 months to make them and every few days I will come up with some excuse. The primary mode of communication was fax those days. No emails. I faxed him the invoice for 6000 pcs even before the parts were ..
..packed. During inspection found out that 300 odd nos were out of spec. And ek pe ek itne jhoot bol chuke the ki there was no option of sending 5700 nos nor their was time, money or material to make 300 more numbers. I asked my QC guy to mix up these 300 in 5700 and ship.
As it was to eventually happen the shipment got rejected. My first sale in life. My whole capital of 5400 USD. And more than that FERA laws were stringent and not getting payment in 6 months would result in my company getting blacklisted by govt. And me going back to my hometown.
..with my third failed career opportunity. I called him and told him all facts and truth, how my foreman had found out and still I insisted and sent and why I sent. I requested to please pay and someday I will compensate him back not sure how.
I still remember his words, “Sandeep, this is my investment in your learning process. Never compromise on quality of your product” He still is my customer. We went on to make over 100000 parts per month of the same product in couple of years.
That day if he would have not paid me I would have gone back to my parents and God knows what life it would have been. My whole dream of career in manufacturing would have closed. Few lessons I learnt in this episode which helped me always in our growth
1. Never compromise on quality
2. Never lie. Trust should be basis of all relations
3. Give others also a second opportunity. I know he has earned millions with our products. Same way I can be benefited
4. Never spoil any relation.Relative role in relation keeps changing

• • •

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13 Jan
I have a growing business. Some 200 families are directly dependent on me. I have some 40 odd customers in all the continents of the world. They are dependent on me so that I supply them the right products that will help their business grow. This all adds lot of work.
Any day my to do list will be of 10-15 very important matters to attend and almost 20 emails to look and respond. And lot of meetings. And yet each and every week I spend more than 12-14 hours on my fitness, completely focussed.
I have found that over the last few years if there is a clash of schedule – a client meeting or a travel happening which means I have to skip workout, I prefer to reschedule my client meeting. I do this because I and my business can survive the consequences of rescheduling.
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10 Jan
Lets talk Fitness goals and best practises.
1. Be in it for Long Term. Fitness should be part of your life for decades to come. Realize that fitness should be a lifetime commitment with ever-changing goals and expectations, and it should help you live a longer, healthier life
2.Your exact nutrition plan will depend on your goal and health status, but have more fruits and vegetables in your diet, along with plenty of protein and complex carbohydrates. Limit your junk food.
3.Monitor your Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, sugar and Resting Heart rate. Always. These parameters are very important to monitor. Health and longevity are extremely important and should be everyone’s priority.
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9 Jan
Let me share this interesting story of this Encyclopaedia &our book shelf. A very long time back while walking in Washington with my cousin came across this garage sale and picked up this Encyclopaedia for 10 USD. It was too heavy to fly them back home and left them at my cousin.
It stayed there for couple of years and then when my cousin moved back to India it came in their container. Couple of years it stayed at their home in Pune and then I got our logistics people to get it transported home. And got this almirahs made to keep them.
No one ever opened these volumes but one day my younger son picked up one and found 5 -20 USD bills inside them. And then he opened all of them and in another he found 10 - 20 USD bills. So total 300 USD were there inside these volumes. You always gain by reading
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3 Jan
I have received a number of messages essentially saying: Sourav and Remo Dsouza had heart attack during Gyming. Does it mean exercise is bad for heart? Should we be careful during walk or run?
I would like to quote the Stanford Runners study which was done on 500 people over decades. There were runners there and also people with sedentary lifestyle. Every death or illness that happened to the group was recorded and to sum up the extensive study
The healthy non runners died at increasingly fast numbers than runners. The non runners died of heart disease twice, cancer twice, Neuro disease thrice that of runners. In fact they were ten times more likely to die of infections like pneumonia.
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2 Jan
There's a reason why for centuries exercise has been the go-to prescription for vitality. Yes, exercise improves blood flow. Yes, it improves lung and heart health. Yes, it gives us bigger, stronger muscles.
But more than any that-and indeed, what is responsible for much of that-is a simple thing that happens at a much smaller scale: the cellular scale. Those who exercise have longer Telomeres.
Those with Just half an hour of jogging five days a week have telomeres that appear to be nearly a decade younger than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.
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29 Dec 20
There is age discrimination rampant during hiring. Older people are viewed as burden. I believe it’s untrue at least for management and leadership positions. Educated older people now use technology as frequently as younger people. Every aspect of job gets better as we age.
Don’t forget this is the generation which invented supersonic jet and personal computer. Most companies retire their people in 60s. This is not a good idea. People are investment. With rising awareness on fitness people live mental and physically healthy well in their 80s.
And the more we employ the older people, the more we save on pension. One day most of the countries will become bankrupt paying pensions as life becomes longer and in few decades more than 50% people will be living for 100 yrs. Imagine paying pension for 40 years post retirement
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