Brian Kilmeade again says Dems shouldn't pursue impeachment because Republicans are threatening mass violence

"We see what's happening around this country, how 50 state houses are being threatened on Inauguration Day, this is the last thing you want to do"
We will respond violently if Democrats use their constitutional powers, is not the great argument Kilmeade seems to think it is.

It's a confession more than anything else.
And now Trump is basically echoing Kilmeade
It’s worth noting that Kilmeade, who has been one of the most repugnant figures on Fox in the wake of the Capitol attack, will be the first Fox personality hosting Fox’s new opinion show at 7 pm.

Basically he’s in line for a promotion, and it’s *because* he acts like this.
Lindsey Graham adds his name to the growing list of Republicans who say we shouldn't impeach Trump because Republicans might get violent (again) if we do

Absolutely pathetic, this is literally caving to mob rule.

• • •

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22 Apr 20
Anderson Cooper: You're talking about encouraging hundreds of thousands of people to come to Las Vegas ... smoking, drinking, touching slot machines, breathing circulated air, doesn't that sound like a virus petri dish?!

Las Vegas Mayor: It sounds like you're being an alarmist!
Cooper: Chinese researchers have shown how this virus spreads

Mayor: You are tough. This isn't China, this is Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cooper: Wow, OK, that's really ignorant. That's an ignorant, ignorant statement. That's a restaurant, yes in China, but they are human beings too.
Live shot of Anderson Cooper during this interview (h/t @snackbardan )
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21 Apr 20
Fox News heavily promoted the use of this drug — nearly 300 times in a two week period…

You can find a comprehensive guide of how Fox News hyped this drug and brought it to Trump’s attention here:…
Just 5 days ago, Dr. Oz was on Fox News soliciting Fox viewers to join an unsupervised, at home hydroxycloroquine study, "Be part of the solution," Oz said.…
There’s been a sharp decrease in the network’s mentions of hydroxychloroquine ...

A serious question: Did they know trials were showing questionable results, and instead of noting that after weeks of hyping it, they chose to just stop talking about it?
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16 Jan 20
Asked *repeatedly* whether Lev Parnas was lying about Trump knowing "exactly" what was going on, Kellyanne Conway doesn't give a straight answer

Hemmer: Are you saying flat out, 100%, what he alleges is not true? Yes or no?

Conway: He's not under oath ... objection, hearsay!
I can't get over how damning this interview is

Conway was AGAIN asked explicitly "yes or no, Trump knew exactly what was going on, we're asking is that statement true or false?' and she AGAIN deflected

Conway: "Trump knew what was going on how? What is Parnas actually saying?"
Kellyanne lies about everything! So it's legitimately weird she wouldn't just say, "of course Lev Parnas was lying about the president" whether or not that's actually the case
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17 Jun 19
Fox News polls that completely obliterate Fox News arguments is my favorite genre of polls
Fox News was very sad when they found out that Americans are all for taxing the rich more
Fox News will tell you it's never the right time to address gun violence, Fox News polls will tell you that's absolute bullshit
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30 May 19
A tale of two chyrons

Fox -- Trump: Russia would rather have Clinton as president than Trump

MSNBC -- Trump claims "Russia would rather have Hillary Clinton as president"
(Putin said he wanted Trump)
Fox -- President Trump: Russia did not help me get elected

CNN -- Trump says Russia didn't help get him elected after tweeting "I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected."
Houston, we have a chyron problem

(and it's not just Fox ... though, they're the worst)
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17 May 19
I honestly can't tell who the bigger sycophant is in this Fox News interview with Barr.

Hemmer giving Barr the easiest imaginable interview and not challenging him on anything ... or Barr's sycophancy towards Trump.

Very obvious why Barr went to the safe space of Fox News
Some examples of just how ridiculously soft this interview was:

Hemmer: Dems are criticizing you, they say you lied under oath. What say you?

Barr: It's laughable [conspiracy mongering]

H: Dems say you're spinning for the WH. Were you?

B: No [attacks Dems]

[interview cuts]
Hemmer: Democrats think you weren't being upfront, were you?

Barr: Absolutely.

Hemmer: So there was no contradiction in your view.

[interview cuts out]
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