How to foment radicalisation online.

"Watch Mike Pompeo" is the code to Anerican Patriots

It is about creating a heightened sense of excitement about a major event to change the outcome.

Similar method to the Jan 6th march
The clearly now re-radicalised Maajid Nawaz is on message, tweeting "every 30 minutes"

This is what all the QAnon and pro-Trump networks have been asked to do.

We really must see @lbc & @QuilliamOrg finally stage some intervention after 2 months of increasing reradicalisation
Few of the contributors to the China conspiracy letter have any Covid Covid credentials. Most have championed the Trump fraud claims. The glossy video suggest the letter's timing may be coordinated rather than coincidental
Why is the director of the *counterextremism* @QuilliamOrg and an @lbc broadcaster consciously taking an active role in formenting online radicalisation and conspiracies on behalf of a radicalised anti-democratic movement that launched a violent insurrection a week ago?
This Simon Parkes website had disseminate the message to Trump supporters who want to know what the plan is…
The re-radicalisation of Mr Majid Nawaz, who once found the personal resilience to deradicalise, is now hiding in plain sight.
"Darkness before dawn"

"Lice". "Rotten". And the responses.
Spalding's full tweet
We do not know whether Pompeo's social media activity is actually connected to this theory

I do think we can be 100% confident that Mr Nawaz would not tweet "every 30 minutes" without being entirely aware of the theory on tweet timing that "this is code to all US patriots".
The Simon Parkes website appears to be down. It is a pro-Trump site. I do not know much about it beyond that.
Someone who knows much more about the history and nature of conspiracies @DAaronovitch observed that being in a group that has privileged knowledge of future events is the type of conspiracy that seems to have a special appeal to Mr Nawaz
More on flavour of this "Pompeo countdown" theory being grasped by the radicalised (hoping to "trust the plan") + anxiety about whether there is still a Trump plan. Mr Nawaz participation in this extremist meme goes so far beyond debating Pence's powers or Electoral College rules
It seems likely that the State Department have scheduled SoS Pompeo's tweets about the administration's record. On forums, each tweet is eagerly awaited then greeted excitedly as a signal to stand by. This is one prediction about the Trump administration taking office.
Useful context on Simon Parkes, a major source of spreading the Pompeo countdown. (Perhaps the originator, I do not know)
Another example of the "Pompeo Countdown" online meme as a source of heightened excitement by those who have been radicalised by misinformation and conspiracies.
Some of the imagery being used by those caught up in this 'Pompeo Countdown' extremist conspiracy meme, seeking to heighten excitement among the radicalised that there is a secret plan for Trump to retain power.
MN did 3 of the '30 minutes' Pompeo countdown tweets. Its clear that he and those responding know the code & the online theory about it

"Right on cue. 30 minutes"
'Another one. Every 30 minutes'
Some responses. Though one user does tell him the 30 minutes countdown theory has "no connection to reality"
Pompeo's mentions are full of the countdown theory
- some are very excited
- some are worried it might not mean anything
- some suggest its a ploy to stop people rising up (!)
Thread capturing how some users are finding secret signals everywhere to show that something massive is about to happen…
I am not familiar with this image, a Punisher skull. (I did tweet yesterday that this was among the alarming imagery being tweeted by QAnon advocates of the Pompeo countdown). Mr Nawaz today posted it to Facebook, without comment/context. (So I do not know what he means by that).
This piece is about its adoption as a QAnon symbol. (It has had other meanings too, as a Marvel comics icon).
Maajid Nawaz says "Lol!" at people "freaking out". He was "reclaiming a Marvel comic book symbol" and will not let the woke cancel yet another childhood memory & rearrange history
Could he be "reclaiming" the slogan WWG1WGA too? This is a QAnon slogan, where we go one, we go all, which is posted in reply to him, and which he 'likes'
I am not familiar with "BQQM" but it is used by QAnon supporters, perhaps to mix-up "Q" and "Boom". Mr Nawaz 'likes' BQQM!! as a reply on his Facebook page.

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13 Jan
This is certainly arguable. (A lot of people argue it).

Different types of claim - principled/ethical ones, and consequential ones (about impact of various courses of action or inaction). It would be interesting to look seriously at what we might predict about the latter.
Mostly people say "this is right - and it will work" or "this feels wrong - and it won't work" which means those two debates get conflated.

Though there are contexts when there is an explicit sense of, for example, a Peace versus Justice trade-off (eg after civil wars).
The most plausible intuition against impeachment is "just 13 days" & also that the current heightened atmosphere could do with defusing.

But that might make a good case for a slower impeachment (or other process). Indictment in office, and trial beyond it.
Read 7 tweets
13 Jan
A tweeter called magalawbrian who claims to be an associate of Powell and Wood sees Trump using the Jan 20th inauguration as a Stop the Steal sting operation, using Space Force. (A revival of the "SCIF" conspiracy theory, where Trump exposes the plot in Scooby Doo style). ImageImageImage
It would be interesting to see polling on support for fraud claims (35%) and/or Jan 6th insurrection (which has been 10-20%) segmented by
- have or have not heard/seen claims that Trump has a plan
- believe Trump can emerge President by Jan 20th (or eg March 5th).
Read 5 tweets
12 Jan
How do we solve a problem like Maajid Nawaz, given what now appears to have become a journey to re-radicalisation?

Your advice please - on how some dangers may be averted.

I've been chronicling this but want to step back, by late Jan. So a few ideas on how others might help.
"Don't feed the trolls" is often good advice. There are limits to how much anyone can worry about online misinformation.

I see these 3 reasons why Mr Nawaz is a different case to AN Other tweeters

They may suggest some 'horses for courses' approaches to who could address what. Image
In November, I thought this was a knockabout online politics debate: was saying Trump could win the Presidency, after Nov 4th, just clutching at straws?

The content in last 3 days & since Jan 5th has been much worse. Hitting a dangerous new low today
Read 26 tweets
12 Jan
As the director of @QuilliamOrg @maajidnawaz should today disassociate from this toxicly anti-Muslim coauthor of his China's Covid Conspiracy open letter to the FBI and MI5. Could @davidtoube & others please apply their principles to this v clear case?
It is a small group of 10 people who coauthored or consigned the letter
This is Sabhlok, one of the group of 10 with Nawaz (director of Quilliam) and Dolan (of KBF). He has a full house of strange and cranky views and no boundaries against overt anti-Muslim prejudice
Read 5 tweets
12 Jan
Another good & well argued piece about the need for vigilance about the corrosive danger of political and other conspiracy theories.
It's good to see pro-Leave voices making this accurate distinction. The conflation of Trump fraud claims and violence/Remain campaigns is mainly childish knockabout politics for clicks that therefore fails to take the foundations of democracy seriously
Its legit to make arguments like: the Leave campaign made promises they couldn't keep. Or second referendum campaign deserved to suffer because democratic case for implementing first vote before rejoin debate.

But have to accept outcomes of process
Read 13 tweets
12 Jan
Having tweeted Americans should "arm themselves to defend rights" so as to "end any politician or lobbyist" who are "collaborators", Brian O'Shea says its a typo (?). 'Stalkers' lost their minds" by imagining any openness to violence in literal call to arms against collaborators
I am left unclear as to how the priority given to procuring guns (as well as to using cash) would help in what is now (thankfully) an entirely non-violent advocacy of how to defend rights and save the free world from any politician or any lobbyist identified as a "collaborator"
Read 11 tweets

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