“detroit’s outsized influence”
can’t totally disenfranchise black voters so the next best thing is to nullify their influence by gerrymandering them into a few districts and then distributing electoral votes on the basis of that gerrymander
the obvious complaint isn’t that candidates aren’t campaigning throughout the state, it’s that this guy doesn’t think his vote should count the same as a black person in a city he hates. it’s just outright opposition to political equality.
the irony of course is that if the midwest is trending toward republicans (and the sunbelt + georgia/north carolina toward democrats) then this kind of split, which would give democrats some share of the EC vote each time, would end up harming republican presidential candidates
also one way to preemptively cut this shit out is to just double the size of the House

• • •

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14 Jan
Yes. Think of it this way: How many people voted for Donald Trump the Republican politician, and how many voted for Donald Trump, star of The Apprentice, who plays the most successful businessman in America?
One reason I am a little skeptical that anyone currently within the GOP can rebuild the Trump coalition is that no one else has a lifelong celebrity brand that valorizes entrepreneurship and business success.
Yes! I was just about to make a similar point, which is if you break down the constituent parts of Trump's pre-political celebrity, it's not just "successful businessman" but "charming rogue" and "affable vulgarian."
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14 Jan
my favorite part of this is how shapiro speaks as if this is simply something happening in the air and not a sense of siege that he’s dedicated his life to stoking and cultivating
ben shapiro is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS and he’s using politico to launder his reputation as if he isn’t one of the most toxic figures in the conservative media landscape ImageImage
also you just moved to the south dude chill out Image
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9 Jan
Have been thinking about the reasons *why* right-wing protesters get so much leeway from law enforcement and other authorities and came back to this piece I wrote last January, about the big gun rights demonstration in Richmond. nytimes.com/2020/01/22/opi…
the crucial insight of “some of those who work forces are the same who burn crosses” is that “working forces” and “burning crosses” are understood by “some” as existing on the same continuum of action.
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9 Jan
rewatching THE DEAD ZONE and one thing to say about this movie is that everyone is wearing the most comfortable looking sweaters
that shit looks cozy as hell!
a movie where a corrupt, power-hungry politician gets his comeuppance before he can plunge the world into chaos? now that’s a fantasy
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8 Jan
This is so smart. Our political leaders are absolutely terrified by the prospect of backlash — the chance that someone, somewhere, will get mad about the "undeserving" — and reverse-engineer everything they do to avoid it. newrepublic.com/article/160810…
The result, of course, are byzantine, incomprehensible rules and policies that fail and an angry public that then, yes, doesn't trust that the government can do anything.
and at the end of the day, everyone is undeserving to someone, and a government that is preoccupied with rooting out aid to the undeserving eventually becomes a government that abandons aid altogether, and only has the capacity to deal out death and exposure to death
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7 Jan
i guess we’re now just waiting on the next time this happens
even if this is a play to avoid having to deal with a challenge should Pence and the Cabinet invoke the 25th, the Congress still has a responsibility to deal with the fact that the president incited a riot against it.
i’m not one for “this is unprecedented” hyperbole, but it is actually unprecedented for the president of the united states to openly encourage an insurrection against the nation’s elected representatives for the sake of overturning the results of an election.
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