1/ Listen to @brett_mcgurk (not Pompeo) on Al Qaeda
(a different mind virus the world must contend with).

Idlib (Syria) is and will be a key theater amongst many competing interests of US + "TRI" (Turkey, Russian, Iran)...
2/ To the NORTH of Idlib is border with Turkey.

And it is situated along highways running SOUTH from the Aleppo to Damascus...

HTS: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is the key formerly AQ threat.

This is COMPLEXITY cubed. Image
TURKEY wants to avoid more refugees on its border and prevent Kurds from getting territory + power

RUSSIA wants militarily strategic access to project power.
-Airbase in Latakia
-Naval base in Tartus.

IRAN wants Assad in power, Hezbollah amplified, US interests thwarted.
4/ The key ought necessarily be choosing very complex and DIPLOMATIC negotiations between Russia, Turkey, Iran, Syria and Israel, along with splintered rebels and warfighters...over MILITARY intervention.

There is + chaos AND a humanitarian crisis with ~1M people displaced/dying

• • •

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13 Jan
1/ In preview: FLORIDA is utterly + completely ABSURD.

(as every ‘Florida Man’ meme account or Carl Hiaasen novel shows).

It’s why all the eye-rolling criticism is totally justified—

—BUT misses that entrepreneurial surprise (entropy)
is nearly 100% ASSURED.

I predict...
2/ A FL-native Latinx tech-scene billionaire in the next 4 years...

The SF tech + VC scene that has moved GIVES more proximate + more frequent chance of encounters and more access to capital + fluid connections + intros—aka R&O (“randomness + optionality”)

But most importantly—
3/ All the connections in FL are fresh + NEW.

Consider this excerpt from a brilliant SFI + Princeton researcher Simon Levin.

“..Joint partnerships that are genuinely NEW”... Image
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28 Dec 20
1/ Lux family co’s @Matterport platform going truly GLOBAL

From Lebanon... bit.ly/34DbYHV
2/ To ITALY...🇮🇹

Captured in #3D with more than 1,200 scan points, the outdoor exhibition of @Orticolario "The Origin" teleports the viewer to any place in the garden so they might undertake a journey between gardening, landscape, art and design.
3/...to the heights of Tarragona, Spain🇪🇸—down the Mediterranean coast from Barcelona—to explore the hidden gem of @UNESCO World Heritage site, @ctarraconense photographer Pierre Grubius walks us through this historical place.
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22 Dec 20
1/ THIS was an email sent 9yrs ago—from an unknown scientist with entrepreneurial ambitions.

We didn’t reply

9yrs later we + others (including Bill Gates, Jim Simons , sovereign wealth funds + top biotech VCs)—have put over $250M in companies @ipeikon has helped start with Lux
2/ Here is the story of KALLYOPE—which this brilliant young scientist helped create + build with Lux’s @AGoulburn leading the way.
3/ HERE was one of the founding dinners—

where Columbia U’s Tom Maniatis (to my right) tipped off Lux me + @AGoulburn
to the enormous potential of Cryo-EM as cutting edge technology for science...
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15 Dec 20

Was telling my 10yo daughter why we both cry more easily in movies than books—empathy, emulation, mirror neurons (maybe).

Few looked at Syria (statistics, words on pages)
til powerful pic of tragic toddler washed ashore
made it too hard to look away...
2/ A few 2020 year of pictures—

all powerful with context we have
that someone from the past would not grok
nor someone in the future without knowing history.

Dallas Morning News...
3/ SF Chronicle 125 pics for 2020

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5 Dec 20
1/ As we approach the end of 2020–
a REMINDER of the power of RESILIENCE.

When things seem like total disasters—politics, poverty, pandemic—it is because of REALISM that they are...

...which gives way to conditional OPTIMISM that our globally interconnected, market-driven...
2/...highly competitive whether

-in SCIENCE via methods of conjecture + refutation

-in PRODUCTS via better, cheaper, faster, more convenient

-in INVESTORS in self-interest competing to be earlier than others, funneling funds MOST likely to be lost for slim chance of big gains
3/ Which have driven

-global communication costs to near ZERO
-processor computation + video rendering to exponentially better quality
-frictionless exchange of scientific information to model in DAYS(!) + manufacture in MONTHS(!) a vaccine
-with a system of safety + testing...
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3 Dec 20
1/ Why not cancel it all? Free everything!

Cancel construction workers + supers + electricians + painters + HVAC workers + gardeners + decorators

We can cancel taxes too (they come from people with jobs making + spending $)––then cancel politicians salaries paid for by taxes
2/ Cancel monthly bills for cable + phones + internet + gym memberships + magazines + newspapers + substack subscriptions!

And cancel restaurants too––
food + fun should be free for all!
3/ Cancel car payments + cancel airline tickets––travel should be free for everyone.

Cancel music subscription services + podcasts.
Cancel Spotify + Apple.
Cancel royalties to artists.
No 1 artist should be more popular than the 99%!
Cancel ticket sales to concerts + sports.
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