BH skk wedding vows 🥺
Dazai ends his speech with “you were not my first love, but you are my last” DONT TOUCH MD
Also dazai is dramatic and sweeps Chuuya into a very low dip for their first kiss 🥰
Kouyou, whispering; why weren’t you that romantic when we get married

Oda: you held the minister at gunpoint until he agreed to marry us. I didn’t know how to top that
Kouyou; I’m the only romantic one in this relationship:/

Oda, gesturing to the minister: want me to hold him at gunpoint until he marries us again?

K: 🤔

Kyouka, behind them: Chuuya will actually kill you two and none of us will stop him

• • •

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2 Jan
wait a min..... BH skk sparring sessions 👁👁
Dazai being all cocky because he’s bigger and more experienced but he quickly learns that Chuuya is no one to take lightly when he gets caught and flipped over Chuuya’s hip 🥰🥰
Cut to dazai on his back on the floor winded and staring dazedly up at Chuuya, while Chuuya stands over him with a smug grin like “you know? I thought you’d be a /challenge/, but I guess I was wrong” and then Dazai grins and it’s /on/
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2 Jan
No thots head empty just BH Dazai and Oda in a bar fight 🥰
Like someone bumping into Dazai and causing a problem and he just reaches up and slams their head into the bar counter? Hi 😳
Some kid getting mouthy with Oda and is like “what are you gonna do about it old man” while shoving him and Oda elbows him in the face and breaks his nose 🥰🥰

Oda: I’m not OLD I’m finely-aged

Dazai: doesn’t that mean the same thing

Oda; whose side are you on.
Read 4 tweets
28 Dec 20
BH Chuuya makes a tiktok and his first video is one of those “why me and Shuuji will never fight over guys; Shuuji’s type: me (pictures of Chuuya). My type: his dad (pictures of Dazai)”
Chuuya also makes Dazai do one of those dances

Dazai: I’m not doing the stupid dance.
Chuuya, offscreen: do it or I won’t kiss you at all for 12 hours
C: 16 hours
D: tou know they outlawed cruel and unusual punishment—
C: 24 hours
Chuuya also makes one of those glo up videos with Yoko as a floppy, fluffy puppy and the best drops and it turns into a video of her taking down oda in full bite training gear
Read 8 tweets
25 Dec 20
Dazai teaches him a few more commands and hand gestures, guiding him through making the dogs sit, lay down, stay, guard.

Basic commands, ones that Chuuya would expect from any decently trained dog. To be honest, while if /does/ feel good, it’s not very /exciting/.

When you +
think of guard dogs, you think of giving them a command to attack and watching someone get tackled. You don’t really think of ‘sit, stay, release’.

But then—

Dazai teaches him something /cool/.

He’s taken Kozo away for this, leashing him to a post on the other side of the+
yard. That leaves Yoko at his feet, alert and ready.

“I want you to remember that these dogs are /dangerous/. Kozo alone will take down someone my size. And Yoko—,” he pauses there, a smile growing sharp and fierce in his face, “I have her to find anything she can’t defeat, +
Read 1359 tweets
18 Dec 20
"You have a nice house," Chuuya starts, trying to break the slightly awkward tension.

Maybe he's the only one that's feeling it, because Shuuji looks up at him and speaks through a mouthful of sandwich. "Thanks. Wanna see it?"

Before Chuuya can give an answer, he's grabbing+
him by the wrist, fingers carelessly tight, and drags him out of the kitchen.

"That's the backyard. I have parties there sometimes, when my dad isn't home. You can come to the next one," Shuuji winks at him, pointing to the big green yard outside a pair of glass doors.

"The +
living room you've already seen, and here's the library--"

Shuuji whisks him away before he can properly look, but the room looks /massive/, filled with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and Chuuya is silently drooling over all the books that must be in there.

"The stairs..."
Read 1672 tweets
18 Nov 20
Wary, almost.

Then the guy's face melts into a slightly-manic grin as he bounces up on his toes, like an excited child. "Hi! I'm Nikolai Gogol!"

Chuuya lets out a breath, unaware that'd he'd been holding it. He moves further into the room, heading for the unoccupied bed. A few+
things have crossed the line into 'his' side of the room, but he's not that worried about it for now. He's left a lot of his stuff at home, anyways. "Hey, I'm Nakahara Chuuya. Just call me Chuuya."

"Okay! Did you need any help moving your stuff in? Do you have more boxes?" +
/That/ makes Chuuya feel a bit insecure, like he's some /freak/ that doesn't own anything, but he manages to shrug it off. "Nope, this is it."

One medium sized box,and a big backpack stuffed with most of his clothes. That's all he brought with him, to live hours away from home.+
Read 1910 tweets

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