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11 Jan
this is what has not sunk in for the alt-realitists who like to imagine themselves overthrowing the government with a bunch of haphazardly assembled mentally defective radicalized internet goons. they are now very much The Enemy of a thing they cannot conceive. good luck.

that is assuredly *not* what you wanted
if the feds had been interested in following along with the deluded ramblings of people who think JFK jr is secretly controlling the white hat deep state to combat a globalist illuminati cabal of child trafficking brain fluid chemists the events of 1/6 would not have occurred
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11 Jan
this is the optimum dynamic for impeachment because the fake intellectual MAGA punditry was just hoping to run out the clock & get onto slagging president biden but now they’re stuck deciding between defending a terrorist coup or just sitting this one out
you can tell they’re taking a half-assed run at trying to thread the needle but they get wrecked every time they do by not just the usual subjects but by friendly fire from some of their own team who’ve already decided to cut bait and let trump sink
this is one of the main reasons I think trump actually does get removed: the inexhaustible punditry mill actually is exhausted, getting it from all sides, and it’s just easier to step aside and let it happen
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9 Jan
check out the big big thirst on these two drama queens
naturally, ben’s best buddy at his uhlein-funded fascist recruitment website is posting as if he’s been possessed by the ghost of the oklahoma city bomber
it takes a special kind of willingness to self-humiliate to take millions of dollars from a billionaire to post corporate fascist propaganda while simultaneously raging against corporate fascist billionaires
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9 Jan
nobody is happier about trump & friends getting deplatformed than the anti-anti-trump fake intellectual wing of the GOP, who are more than thrilled to have something else to put on their monacles and cluck at, rather than awkwardly hide their roles in enabling a coup
remember: it’s all an act. they don’t give a shit about “free speech” or “tech monopolies” or any of the lofty nonsense they rage on about, they just pick up whatever convenient shield happens to be lying around and bait you into arguing it with them
don’t waste your bandwidth. they enabled a violent attack on *literally* american representative governance and desperately want to move on by sucking everyone into an endless swirling toilet of “is this censorship REALLY good for us hmmm?”
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9 Jan
gotta think all these platforms got some calls from the fbi about what they were watching going on for insurrection act II
not hard to imagine them mentioning there’s a new DOJ coming to town in two weeks and if you choose to enable the terrorists after we’ve warned you what they’re doing on your platform you may not like being reminded of this discussion after another attack
because these platforms have been eating shit for years over this and never cared before. a thing that moves the needle for them is someone telling them in very plain language what their new risk portfolio looks like. whether it’s their own lawyers or the feds is a fair question
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8 Jan
check out the huge brains on the MAGA loons, committing violent sedition in the most public & collective method imaginable just a few days before losing power
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